1. Jon says

    He’s lucky that he was all the way in the elevator before it started moving. The door close safety was turned off, which normally can only happen when the elevator is being serviced. Looks like someone who was servicing the elevator either forgot to re-engage the safety systems, which is hard to do, or the elevator was installed by people who didn’t know what they were doing. Something like this happened here in NYC a few years ago, except a passenger was stepping into the elevator when it started moving, killing her in an extremely horrific way. I’m glad this guy lived.

  2. mike85 says

    The elevator started moving up fast as the outside doors closed. Imagine if someone had put their foot or hand between the closing doors as it went up, thing of nightmares.

  3. NY2.0 says

    This not comforting to watch given that I use the elevator everyday. It’s a way of life for millions in NYC and there was a gruesome incident similar to this several years ago.

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