Mayor of Rome Promises Civil Union Registry, Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages Performed Abroad

Rome pride

At the 20th anniversary of the first Rome Gay Parade over the weekend, Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino [pictured above with green, red, and white sash] promised the approval of a Civil Union Register for same-sex couples and registration of same-sex marriages performed abroad.

Ignazio marinoThe AFP reports that although polls find that a majority of Italians are in favour of civil unions for gay couples, Italy has lagged behind its European neighbours in part because of the influence of the powerful Catholic Church.

"We need to put pressure on parliament so Italy can overcome the shame of lagging behind the rest of the European Union," Marino said.

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  1. john patrick says

    If they can pass a civil unions bill, that will strike right at the heart of the antigay Vatican power. And if they pass a civil unions bill, it’s only a matter of time before Italy has marriage equality.

  2. simon says

    Sometimes it is hard to understand why the Church is so anti-gay. The animus is all based on some vague passages of the Bible. It is a losing battle of their choice. Actually for two thousand years, they have been anti-semitic, again because of what is contained in that collection of fairy tales.
    One may even think they had more reasons to be anti-semitic. That book clearly described how the Jews murdered their non-existent “Christ”. Perhaps they never learned the important lesson that they may be wrong. With Italy gone to the other side, they really have to think hard what has gone wrong with themselves.

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