1. says

    so many young people were kicked out of their homes, and took their own lives because of Anita Bryant. She’s lucky the pie was just a pie – I’d have slammed a plate of broken class, covered in whipped cream, into her face. And I’m hardly even being satirical at this point. Does my 32 year old canadian self need to inform Nancy Grace about the “historical context” – the role this woman played in American History????

  2. Mikey M says

    No one is as actively ignorant and stupid as Nancy Grave. I mean, she really works at it.

  3. Vint says

    Neither Nancy Grace nor her guest Bethany Marshall seem to have any knowledge of history, or a clue as to why Bryant so richly deserved to be “pied”. Worse, they seem to have no curiosity to learn that that which they do not know. Instead they harp on the fact that Bryant was pretty, as if beauty were an issue of relevance here.

    A society in which Grace and Marshall are the ones “informing” the public is a society unmoored from historical context. The ignorant can’t be teachers.

    The charming Bryant, who is so like Grace’s mother, made this response to the incident: “At least it was a fruit pie.” She was a hateful, hate-filled woman. Her beauty, if any, was strictly superficial.

  4. Frank says

    I THANK Anita Bryant! It is because of her and her bigotry I was always out to my parents. Once they found out I was gay I think they expected me to just sweep it under the rug but thanks to Anita Bryant I learned to stand up for myself and engage my parents in a continuing dialogue from the time I was a teenager. I was one of the lucky ones. Both of my parents are gone now but they knew exactly who I was and loved me unconditionally.

  5. pc says

    nobody was stalking anita bryant. apples and oranges here (no pun intended). nancy grace is a fool.

  6. Clayton says

    I’ve recently been doing some research into Anita Bryant’s campaign. In at least one interview, she is quoted as saying, “I’d rather my child be dead than homosexual.” I’d say that, compared to a death wish, a pie in the face is pretty minor.

  7. Kyle says

    It’s Nancy Grace. She should have had the decency to take her own life years ago.

  8. Richard says

    Nancy Grace isn’t that stupid. Her comments displayed not historical ignorance, but homophobia.

  9. Chris says

    So we’re taking Nancy Grace seriously now? That’s cool. I mean, if you want to. It’s dumb, but go for it.

  10. Mike says

    A “SWEET LADY” my left hoof! Anita Bryant is not a “was” anything. Do not recall anyone singing “the bad old witch is dead” lately. (PLEASE oblige them.) You should know her, she probably lives under the same slimy rock as you. She remains a MONSTER and a monument to HATE. As usual get your fact straight Nancy Grace. I suppose you are America’s darling . . .

  11. says

    I totally agree that Anita Bryant was a despicable figure & caused great harm by giving voice to haters.

    However, the pie-in-the face tactic was a dark day for gay equality. Nothing made her appear more sympathetic to middle America or more of a martyr than this attack. Making a woman cry, especially one who is a young mother & has a carefully crafted image as a wholesome Christian, never works.

    A far better response to the press conference would have been to turn-the-other-cheek (like that Jesus fellow taught) & show the world real examples (of which there were many) of the tragedies brought on by gay-bashing.

    True, there is a time to fight back. ACT-UP comes to mind as an imperfect, but effective way to challenge the status quo & demand our rights. Picking on a woman, no matter how misguided her point of view, is not like standing up to an institution,

    Much of our progress since 1977 comes from winning hearts & minds. We shouldn’t take actions that are counter-productive just because it eases our frustrations. We’re better than that.

  12. woodroad34 says

    Nancy Grace is a Pseudonym for Mephistopheles Goodheart. Her last name is quite the oxymoron…And she dances badly.

  13. says

    Jonny – call your bluff on that load of nonsense. If you always take on the chin, nothing will change.

    yeah. she cried. just as she drove far too many young LGBT people to commit suicide. just as she encouraged so many families to turn their backs on their own children.

    thank GOD for those of you from Back In The Day who had the spines to defy hatred, and not ‘turn the other cheek’ like a f***ing coward.

  14. jexerer says

    She’s white trash and a bigot. Clearly she’s begging for someone to pie her in the face so she can milk it for ratings.

  15. Michael says

    Nancy Grace. . . hmmmm. Well consider the source of the comments. Nancy has had her 15 minutes. Time to give it up and pass it on to someone else. Never considered her particularly bright in the first place.

  16. GEB says

    Imagine if Brad Pitt wound up like John Lennon?

    How many “took their lives” over Anita Bryant? Any figures? I lived in Miami at the time. She was hated. More were contracting AIDS at that time. Nancy Grace is camp.

  17. says

    “GEB” – go drive yourself into a lake. Anita’s hate pre-dates the introduction of the AIDS virus. even a thirty something would know that. no matter what screen name you choose, it’s always a load of stupid coming outta you.

  18. Rory says

    Totally lost any respect for Nancy Grace after her extremely misinformed comments. Anita Bryant was an antigay activist not a banal movie star on the red carpet. Her comments are outrageous and shocking.

  19. GEB says

    Kiwi: You represent the worst of gay. The marriage generation. Go find yourself a nice man and live the heterosexual lifestyle. Find one who won’t mind your daily rants on the computer.

  20. says

    I’ve been polyamorously involved since 2008. I’m sorry you’ve got nothing of worth to share and are choosing instead to focus your crazy on a 32 year old. Here’s the deal, loser – Bryant was around before the AIDS crisis. Everyone who isn’t a complete f***ing idiot knows this. Now switch screen names and continue your dumbfu**ery.

  21. gregorybrown says

    I have fairly good historicla knowledge so the truth about AB is part of my tool kit. But I draw a total blank on Nancy Grace. ho is she and why is she exposing herself on TV?

  22. Robert M. says

    Nancy Grace is an idiot and Anita Bryant was a spiteful, bitter hag who has only venom in her veins and hatred towards all that she doesn’t understand or fears…

  23. GEB says

    Were you sitting in a doctors office in 1981 hearing about the new mysterious deadly virus? Would your gay boss and well known city official later die of it?

    Your rage would have been useful then. Today you are the idiot.

  24. GEB says

    How can you be capable of any relationship? You are so full of rage.
    If I never had to read your name again it would be fine with me. Stay in Canada please.

  25. clint says

    Anita Bryant can roast in hell.

    Nancy Grace is giving Baby Jane realness with that idiotic barette and garish makeup.

  26. Hey Darlin' says

    Isn’t Nancy Grace a champion of victim’s rights? I’m not sure even a career prosecutor as herself could find enough evidence to paint Anita Bryant as a “victim”. Quite the opposite, in fact.

  27. t.rhea says

    What Nancy Grace does not mention is what Anita Bryant’s cause was. Yes, she may have not felt strongly about her beliefs, but she was spreading a hateful message that was filled with lies. Should feel lucky that a pie is all she got in the face.

  28. says

    GEB – the coward. 1981? you mean four years after this Pie incident? stop making an even bigger fool of yourself. grow a pair.

  29. gregorybrown says

    OK: I’ve done my home work. The despicable woman is a blank because I have never watched the tv shows she was on, and paid damned little attention to the cases she slobbered over. I have better ways to use my time.

  30. anon says

    Nancy Grace is on my personal “do not watch” list. There’s no point in watching her.

  31. GEB says

    I know it’s difficult leaving that precocious Kiwi character behind at 32, but I suspect I know where the “little” comes from.

  32. bobbyjoe says

    Pretending that you don’t know the context of gay activism and acting outraged at the gays rather than the homophobe? Funny– Bill Maher is sounding a lot like Nancy Grace these days. He must be so proud.

  33. GEB says

    My gay doctor in Miami was taken with my big balls, as I recall. I’d already grown a pair.

  34. NE1 says

    That was pretty sh*tty of both of them and obviously pre planned. Guess they’ll see what their ratings look like without the gays pretty soon.

  35. aki says

    Nancy Grace seems to be the kind of person who would hide exculpatory evidence from the defense to get a conviction

  36. codyj says

    gee, Nancy, looks like your NOT using your membership at the Vic Tanny salon, lol.

  37. Jere says

    Nancy Grace is a twit. Her postulating always consists of “What if…..” and then veers off into imagined events. As such I never pay her any attention.

  38. Rick says

    Yet another example of a career-oriented woman with a feminist agenda putting her true cards on the table when it comes to gay men.

    As women become increasingly threatened by the acceptance of male homosexuality by men and the increasing social and emotional independence that that affords men (and freedom from dependence on women), you will see more and more direct–or, in this case, indirect–attacks on gay men coming from them.

    The whole gender “tradition” when it comes to attitudes towards male homosexuality is shifting and that will completely change the entire social and political dynamic as it does.


  39. Tyler says

    Rick/Geb: we get it – you hate gay people and women. There’s no need to post under a dozen names to get that point across.psycho.

  40. Tyler says

    I know we shouldn’t hate an entire population, but I hate the country of fools that exist in Rick’s mind and keyboard. All of his aliases are nasty transphobic, misogynist, racist homophobic bigots with an inferiority complex. That whole group is awful.

  41. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “I know we shouldn’t hate an entire population, but I hate the country of fools that exist in Rick’s mind and keyboard. All of his aliases are nasty transphobic, misogynist, racist homophobic bigots with an inferiority complex. That whole group is awful. ”

    LOL. Well, I’m glad I stayed at work late enough to read that comment, TYLER. It’s honest, and it’s funny.

    LOL. Yes, Rick is right out of the New Testament. His demons (aliases)are LEGION. LOL

    “…the country of fools that exist in Rick’s mind…”

    Oh, my, I can’t stop laughing. He did kill off David Hearne though–a few months ago. His creation “Enchantra” is still around. Maybe that b1tch will be gone soon.

  42. Tyler says

    I guess when David dropped dead Enchantra, his blushing bride, dropped the last name. Or at least that’s the crazy backstory I imagine Rick creates for his aliases.

    And you’re welcome.

  43. ludovico says

    Nancy Grace. Is she an idiot, or does she just play one on TV? Asked and answered.

  44. GEB says

    Tyler: I prefer Mary “Tyler” Moore. Boo hoo…. You have a persecution complex. Take your act out on the road and see how it plays…can’t handle a comment? Better toughen up Ty.

  45. woodroad34 says

    Let’s see, who has Anita Bryant hurt….back at that time, I had just moved out to Los Angeles. I worked for a small little employment agency in the heart of Hollywood; the owner was a member of the ACLU and apparently had a big file at the LAPD. My boss and some compatriots would do routine patrols down to Las Palmas and Hollywood, which was a cruising area, and take notes on the LAPD arresting and hitting gays on the head with their flashlights, assaulting them, and pushing them to the ground– my boss’s compatriots would take pictures. The police would arrest my boss and the compatriots (if they caught them) because they “were interfering with an ‘arrest'”–Ed Davies was the police chief (a notoriously anti-gay one); bars were also raided. At this time was Anita Bryant who stumped for our State Senator, John Briggs’ The Brigs Initiative. That initiative was a cousin to what Russia just recently passed. As I recall, during that period of time (as happens when a voice of hate gets loud enough), gay bashings were on the rise–Harvey Milk and George Moscone were killed. She was a vile and pretentious woman.

  46. Tylerick says

    I think Towle is Tyler. How else could he attempt to make this thread interesting? I doubt Nancy’s childhood memory of a cream pie will end her career.

  47. Tyler says

    Geb/Rick is just butthurt I called him out. I must be getting to him. Poor, damaged thing.

  48. imsixftsix says

    Poor Nancy, she doesn’t have a “tot mom” to talk about? What is Nancy without a murdered child to rant on and on about, world with end? I mean look at her…She has bought the fat farm!

  49. John says

    Ditto Jack M. She has to be one of the most annoying & ignorant TV personalities out there…right up there with Bill O’Riley.

  50. Just_a_guy says

    I usually give Nancy Grace more credit than this. But here Nancy Grace is an idiot. Anita Bryant was no “lady”; Anita Bryant was as close to a living demon as the 70s produced, and she was lucky to have only garnered a pie in her face, considering all the lies about gay people she put into the world.

    Nancy Grace embarrasses lawyers sometimes…

  51. Just_a_guy says

    @caligula…not sure that she ended her career entirely, but she veered to the most backwards far-right in existence today.

    I’m done with her. I can’t imagine ever allowing myself to even here a moment or two of her supposed analysis before flipping the channel from now on. Nancy Grace ruins any semblance of objectivity for me with this. She has lost me completely, not that I ever followed her too much…but that from this day forward, I will not allow her to be playing in a room I sit in.

    Nancy Grace and Maggien of NOM should eat a cake together. Just cake and more cake for those two, please.

  52. Bill says

    @woodroad34 : George Moscone was straight and the reason that both he and Harvey Milk were killed is not 100% certain – Dan White had resigned from the Board of Supervisors due to personal financial issues, and when he sort of resolved those, he asked Moscone to reinstate him. Moscone decided against it, and White felt betrayed. The murders might have been revenge for that (he blamed Harvey Milk as well, although the reasons are a little vague and might have existed only in White’s twisted mind). Whatever went on hardly justifies killing someone over it, but homophobia might not be the primary reason for the murders or even a significant contributing factor.

  53. L G. says

    OMG this COW is still on her whining rampages? Age does not help her one little bit

  54. Jim says

    Nancy Grace is clearly PANDERING for ratings from the bigoted homophobes from Fox News. Sad.

  55. JimH says

    I remember being in Provincetown when the whole Anita Bryant issue hit the fan. Orange juice ran down the gutters of Commercial St.. Most of the resident drag queens performed their versions of Anita Bryant from the porch and on the street in front of the Crown & Anchor. There was a lot of news coverage from that day in Ptown. I wonder if any of that news film is still extant.

  56. Chris says

    Anyone here watch her on-air response to the criticism this evening? No apology… just a statement that when she was a prosecutor she often prosecuted cases where LGBT people were the victims and found herself the victim of harassment as a result, and a statement that “To all my detractors, your comments have been extremely hurtful to me and my staff.” Instead of apologizing for a comment that obviously offended so many people, she turns herself into the victim and tries the guilt trip route – not to mention a variant of “I’m not a racist, I have black friends.” Way to go NG, if your aim was to make yourself look even more stupid, you succeeded.

  57. Bill says

    To put Anita Bryant being “sweet” in perspective, after they sort of won an election, the Nazis sent Hitler around “kissing babies” (maybe not literally, but he was one of their best public speakers and a lot of effort went into polishing his public image).

  58. John says

    I find it difficult to believe that anyone could be as willfully ignorant and ill informed as Nancy Grace is about Anita Bryant.
    Bryant espoused sick, blind and warped hatred which reverberated around the world. To top it off the other talking head says about Bryant
    ‘she is a beautiful lady’ ughhhhhhh

  59. TM in LBC says

    Anita Bryant was no better than a klansman. The KKK had issues close to their hearts, too.

    On the plus side, I was in the 6th grade when her hate hit the airwaves and it was good to hear my ex-Marine father call her a nosey idiot who should mind her own business.