1. Dave says

    You have to marvel at the gall of anti-gay trans activists trying to fund their web series with gay money. I’d sooner burn my wallet before donating to trans activists.

  2. Eddie says

    Why are we bombarded with this crap every day? This is nasty and has nothing to do with gay people. If Towleroad is now a trans**#$@%^ blog and is no longer a gay blog, pls let me know so i can stop coming here!

  3. Thedrdonna says

    This site is owned and operated by Andy Towle. If you don’t like his editorial decisions, you are completely free to not read his site.

  4. says

    Eddie and Dave and the other trolls: so skip the story.

    MANY of us regular readers and contributors are happy both to read these stories and to support our trans brothers and sisters.

    Those of us with a brain and a knowledge of history also realize that the T belongs in LGBT.

  5. DavidAz says

    @Dave & Eddie. “anti-gay trans activists?”, “nasty?” Are you kidding me? These guys are as much a part of our “family” as either of you clowns. You both come off like a couple of pretentious buttwipes who need to grow up and get a more tolerant life. And that’s another GAY man talkin’ to you, dudes.

  6. says

    @Eddie & Co: Let you know? If you haven’t figured out by now that TR is a trans-inclusive blog, you’re kinda slow. You’re only bombarded if you let yourself be bombarded. If you don’t like T posts, if you don’t like TR’s editorial choices (which clearly embrace trans-related posts), you have the power to avoid them, really you do! No need to be a victim of material you loathe. Plenty of other blogs in the sea … sometimes one wonders if anti-trans people enjoy punishing themselves.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Yeah, the anti-Transgender folk on this blog are mostly one person. His main posting name begins with an “R,” but he has a bunch of posting names.

    He’s a nut…or a bunch of nuts–not the tasty kind that most men have.

  8. Tyler says

    KevInVt, why are only transfolk your brothers and sisters? Why don’t you embrace all people? BTW, do you know how trans activists refer to most of humanity? They call them “cishet.” That is meant to sound like the word for feces. That is the mentality you are supporting.

  9. Thedrdonna says

    It’s generally pronounced “siz-hett”, so unless you’ve got a severe speech impediment then that’s quite a stretch. I mean, seriously, it sounds more like “sizzle” than “sh*t”.

  10. Sharon says

    Alex you jack*ss, they don’t support you. They are antigay and anti-lesbian. They support violence against us to keep us in line and oppose our rights unless they are used as a vehicle to enact transgender demands.

    You are just a clueless victim, embracing people who hold you in contempt.

  11. Tyler says

    You folks are so utterly despicable. Do you think this is a joke? Do you seriously believe that people can’t see that you created a word that reads like sh*t to refer to heterosexuals? If that wasn’t your intent, why not refer to them as hetcis?

    You are talking about my family, BTW. Do you think that LGBs wouldn’t take offense?

    Trans activists may think they are being clever, but you and they won’t get away with it. We will make known your hatred and contempt for 99.9% of humanity, including LGBs. And then that hatred and contempt will come right back to Ts. Then we’ll see who is laughing.

  12. says

    The anti-trans troll in here is one sad little man, using different names, because he has no life and nobody loves him and he hasn’t a spine or a pair of testicles of his own. That’s why he comments, hatefully and anonymously under various screen names that he often borrows from other users.

    My point? That his anonymity and cowardice proves him wrong – and everyone else right. Kudos to this series shedding light on a valued and worthy part of our diverse community.

    Transpeople face the wordl every day with a strength and resilience that, frankly, we could all be inspired and empowered by.

    It’s pride month, folks. So naturally our resident troll is angrier than usual – all around him are celebrations of diversity and he’s never known love or acceptance.

    ANDY TOWLE – change this site’s commenting system. its time. kill the troll.

  13. Homo Genius says

    “Gay cis man here, 100% support the T in our LGBT”

    I must have been absent the day we voted on the BTLG thing because one day we were gay and then suddenly we were Lesbian, Gay, bi and THEM

  14. Helene says

    Tyler, these trans activists passed despicable a long time ago. They are better described as evil at this point. Why would trans activists equate non-transgender heterosexuals with human waste? Because that is what fascists and thugs need to do to dehumanize people before they attack them.

    “Cishet” is just part of a broader spiraling downward by trans activists into thuggery, violence and dysfunction. We need to stand with their victims, the “cishet” people that they are dehumanizing, not with them.

  15. says

    You were absent, TROLL. you were in the closet, where you’re destined to die alone. because unlike these brave transguys, you’re not a person of worth. you’re the coward your family always knew you to be. you’re going to be left out forever. and thank GOD. die in there. seriously.

  16. Hmmm says

    Trans issues are not gay issues

    As a male i do not want to cut off my cock and declare myself heterosexual

    If I was a woman I wouldn’t want to cut off my breasts , invert my vagina, and then declare myself heterosexual

    Human decency issues covers all and I would support such for anyone, but trans issues are not gay issues

  17. Helene says

    LK, obviously there are many people who disagree with you. You may imagine all opposition to trans activism and to LGBT comes in the form of one satanic being, but it is a legitimate resistance shared by many Ls, Gs, Bs and yes, Ts. In fact, there are T blogs which come out very forcefully against transgender activists, whom they don’t feel represent them, and to the concept of LGBT.

    You won’t win the argument by bullying and silencing the voices of others.

  18. says

    Troll – I call your motherf***ing bluff. Meh. Wont’ matter – you’ll just keep switching screen names, posting your name nonsense.

    I show who I am, because I have a spine. You don’t. You have anonymous hate. You are not “many people”. You are one worthless sack of crap.

    You think *this* is bullying? You better stay closeted for life, because if we ever met face to face I’d show you what real bullying looks like.

    Every day you come here and spew your same sh*t. Father’s Day is coming up – give your dad the gift he always wanted from you: off yourself.

  19. Helene says

    “You think *this* is bullying? You better stay closeted for life, because if we ever met face to face I’d show you what real bullying looks like.”

    What do you mean by that? What would you show me?

  20. says

    Troll – i call your bluff. Show yourself. These trans people stand up to be counted to change the world to make it a better place. You switch screen names and spew hatred from a place of anonymity. I call your bluff. You’re a real person? Prove it you hack.

  21. Zlick says

    The trans post comments on this board are very disturbing, and I don’t believe they are all made by one person whose online name starts with the letter “R.” Rather, as long as it doesn’t (typically) descend into a flame fest, I think the debate about the often uneasy relationship between gays/lesbians/bisexuals and trans folk is one worth having.

    I’m a trans ally. I’m a Native American ally. I’m everyone’s ally, but I’m coming more and more to the conclusion that trans and LGB people share little beyond oppression, which is something shared by many people whom I believe should all be allies and supporters of each other.

    But just as judges have wisely rejected the canard that marriage inequality is sex discrimination as well as sexual orientation discrimination, I am bordering on personal rejection of the reasoning I’ve been presented for the similarities between LGB and T, namely, that we all share oppression due to non-compliance with gender expectations. Sure, that’s a part of it, but we all know that’s NOT the majority of it. It’s a tiny side effect of the discrimination both groups experience, just as sex discrimination is a tiny side effect of sexual orientation discrimination in the marriage equality context.

    I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but I’d have no problem if we formally separated the T from the LGB. That’s not going to happen, and I’m fine with that, too. When in doubt, coming down on the side of compassion and empathy is rarely a bad thing.

    Lastly, I’ve never known trans activists to be anti-gay, but then again, I don’t think I know any trans activists. I certainly don’t like the “cis” label or the faux offense taken at “tranny,” which I’ve known plenty of trans people to take as an affectionate term from those friendly to them. I certainly understand a bit of defensiveness from people who are oppressed and hassled to a level I’ve thankfully never experienced. But on the whole, I wish they’d lighten up.

  22. Tyler says

    The Tyler posting above is not me, the real Tyler.

    Rick likes to post transphobic comments under my name. I’m sorry he’s trolling. There’s nothing I can do about it. And Andy refuses to switch to a comment system that would eliminate the ability for commenters to impersonate others.

    I wish would quit using my name to do spread his nasty rhetoric and stick to his other dozen usernames he uses.

  23. Robert says

    I have absolutely no problem with being described as cis. I happen to be entirely comfortable with being the gender matching my biological presentation, which is all that it means. I am NOT comfortable with the relentless efforts to decry, deny or degrade trans people. If you don’t like what the blog owner puts on this blog, you are entirely free to disagree – but first, check your privilege. And second, be civil about it. Please.

  24. Helene says


    What did you mean when you said “if we ever met face to face I’d show you what real bullying looks like”? What are you going to show me?

  25. oncemorewithfeeling says

    The only thing more boring than the trolls on Trollroad are the calls for the trolls to not be “anonymous”.

    This is the Internet. We’re all anonymous.

    If you’re not talking face-to-face, then you have no guarantee of who you’re talking to, no matter what identity they’re claiming to own.

    I’d sign this post with somebody else’s name just to make that point clearer, but that’s apparently already been done a few times in this thread alone and it was boring the first time it happened.

  26. MichaelJ says

    I too want to know the answer to what Tre and Camelitta asked: What specifically does “trans-masculine men” mean? How does it differ from simply “transsexual men”?

  27. Rick says

    @ZLICK That was a sensible comment, but here is the gist of the problem.

    Gay people fought for decades against the notion that we were simply “gender-confused” individuals and, therefore, suffering from mental illness.

    It took an enormous effort to convince society that we were not, that, no, we were pretty much just like Joe and Betty next door except for our sexual orientation.

    In the last decade or so, however, the gay Far Left has deserted the idea that gay people should simply be what most of us are–pretty much like everybody else and wanting to be accepted into the mainstream……they have rejected that idea in favor of the idea of social anarchy, the idea that any and all standards of behavior should be thrown out, that gay people who simply behave naturally like other people are being “hetero-normative” rather than just being themselves, and that “gender non-conformity” is what defines same-sex attraction.

    It is this small group of Far Left fringe activists who have embraced the mentally ill people who DO suffer from gender confusion…….and by embracing them, they have begun to undermine the very narrative that the entire gay movement was based on, namely that we are NOT gender-confused.

    Thay are doing damage and need to be stopped and gay people need to reject them and the T’s they represent….and do so in a very public way.

  28. crispy says

    “The only thing more boring than the trolls on Trollroad are…” blah blah.

    The incessant comments about how many trolls there are here are every bit as boring and worthless as the trolls themselves.

  29. Mike says

    OMG, Rick’s last comment was cogent, sensible and mostly persuasive. Miracles do happen. Someone note the date and time.

    BTW, Little Kiwi should be banned from this site permanently as he very clearly threatened violence on another commenter. As nutty as Rick can get some times, he never once threatened violence on anyone.

  30. Zlick says

    Ok, I don’t know any trans-activists, so I can’t comment on their reputed absurd militancy. But it’s so rich that, per another story linked to on this site, one such trans-activist whose preferred referential pronoun is, I kid you not, “it” – made a HUGE stink, apparently without any sense of irony, about Dan Savage using the word “tranny” in the context of reclaiming offensive slurs as terms of empowerment. Sheesh.

  31. says


    Unlike the anti-trans commenters in here, i actually have friends who are transgender. The person accusing Dan Savage of “hate crime” wants to be called “IT” – like you said. IT. THAT is something every single one of my trans friends would object to. they’re not ITs. they’re not objects. they’re human beings.

    and, Savage was there using the word in CONTEXT OF TALKING ABOUT HE USE OF THE WORD.

    And “RICK”, who’s been commenting in here all day under different names, didn’t say a single intelligent thing. I’m a proud gay man. I identify as gay, and i also identify as QUEER.

    and….i don’t make my comments from a place of cowardly anonymity. i proudly stand with my trans brothers and sisters. they’ve been there for me, since i came out as a TEENAGER, and i will always be there for them.

    You show me an anti-trans gay man with the orbs to show himself and comment from a place of visibility and I’ll show you a unitorn.

    my trans friends go out into the world every day with strength and courage, – facing a culture of ignorance, hatred and prejudice. their strength is remarkable. this site’s cowardly troll wouldn’t know strength if it kicked his teeth in.

    if “Cowardly Troll Rick” – under any of his names – believed a word he ever wrote he’d be more visible and vocal than i am. alas, he is not. and he never will be. coward for life.

    some pathetic gay men want nothing more to be seen as “normal” – i’m not one of them, nor will i ever be. nobody should have to “”blend in” to be treated with dignity, grace and understanding. and, i’m flesh-and-blood proof that you command more respect when you stand up to be counted as the person you want to be, and are proud to be. this site’s trolls can’t say that. and never will be able to.

  32. Jake says

    What I meant to say is, “A man with orbs doesn’t post on here every day under various aliases, including a few female ones, because he’s not man enough to actually say a single intelligent thing from a place of visibility and integrity”

    After all, Jake is just one of the many names I used in this thread. Because I fail at life.

  33. Jake says

    Does anyone else buy that Helene is a real woman and not just me using various screen names to stir the pot? No? Nobody? Crap. My life as a troll turns up empty…..

    I mean, sure. “Helene” only shows up to say bigoted things on post about Trans people. But I was hoping you people wouldn’t have caught on that it’s all just me typing hate with various names. No wonder my own family want nothing to do with me. I spend my time saying hateful things under different names online. I have nothing to show for the life I’ve barely lived. :( Sad Troll.

  34. Jake says

    Men don’t pretend to be women online, to threaten and demean transpeople. Especially men who, when they’re not pretending to be women, use their other aliases to promote hate against women. I’m Jake. Sort of. It’s the name I’m choosing to use right now. But I’ll use others. Because I’m not a man. I’m not a woman. I’m a troll.

  35. Helene says

    LK, why won’t you answer my question. What did you mean when you said “if we ever met face to face I’d show you what real bullying looks like”? What are you going to show me?

    For the record, I am very much a woman. I am 31 years old. I am a lesbian. I have been reading Towleroad for about 9 months and I have only commented under one name, which is my actual first name.

    Now I don’t know or care if you believe that or not. But remember that *you* have said that “nobody should have to “”blend in” to be treated with dignity, grace and understanding.” Well if that’s true, then please stop bullying people here. Whether they are male or female, stop threatening them with violence. And stop encouraging them to commit suicide. It is horrible and it isn’t consistent with your own philosophy and ethics.

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