1. Gigi says

    @MATZI — Right. How “annoying” that they spoke out against police brutality. I bet you liked them better (girls that it) when they were seen but not heard.

  2. Will says

    I’d love to see Muslims outside of a large church gathering at Easter or Christmas to preach against Christianity. It’s the same thing as these idiots are doing but I wonder how long the police would ‘protect’ them for

  3. Matzi says

    @GIGI Did you watch the longer video? Their arguments against the anti-gay protesters were about as dumb as the protesters’ themselves. Throw the misogynist shade elsewhere—I wasn’t commenting on their attitude against the violence.

  4. says


    while it’s usually best to ignore those street preachers (trust – have you ever seen a positive one? some dude on the side of the street just saying “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR! GOD WANTS US ALL TO TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER! BE GOOD TO YOUR FRIENDS! HUG YOUR BUDDIES! LOVE IS A REALLY NICE THING!”??) I’m just so bloody sick of them. i LOVED that video clip from a few months back – those guys who crossed the police blockade and advanced on the westboro baptists. who then fled. i’d like to see some more of that.

    am i saying violence is the answer? …
    i am saying that this people preach hate because they’re not scared of us…. …take from that what you will.

    as for the cop – i don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say it was excessive.

  5. AJ says

    I wanted to scream at those street preachers when I was 19. And my logic and arguments would have been just as poor as hers. I think the cop probably went too far. And I don’t think it was a homophobic thing. He got caught up in the moment.

  6. St.Eve says

    I can understand why these girls reacted to the bs dished out by that megaphone moron, I’d be very tempted too but this turned into a heated argument that escalated into something avoidable. A counter protest would be an idea, have a gay friendly church pastor with his own megaphone or hand out pamphlets like ‘god is love’ just to counter balance the bigots hatred or mock them with stuff like ‘god hates pork’ … anyways, I guess there would still be some confrontation…probably always will be. In the end, I hope that cop gets what’s coming to him!

  7. Kevin Dillon says

    You all have to understand many 19 year olds are in phase known as a “pride stage” of their lives, check out this link here:

    While they may not have been saying the the most intelligent things there is no reason that cop should have beat her as brutally as he did, I am tired of police becoming over aggressive, and over trigger happy. Based on the long video it looks like the cop was at fault.

  8. Rich says

    My boyfriend and I attended Pittsburgh Pride this weekend. While we completely missed this incident, I was impressed with the huge portion of the parade and festival that consisted of religious organizations. It seemed like at least a third of the 90-minute parade, and many of the festival booths. There were plenty of “God Hates Figs” signs, etc. So for anyone upset about the protesters, rest assured that they were FAR outnumbered by people (religious and otherwise) preaching love and acceptance.

  9. marco says

    @ BILL

    Pittsburgh police have been wearing those hats for a long time – it comes from William Pitt’s coat of arms (same colours) – and they’re police shield is the garter from King George III’s coat of arms. I’m a nerd.

  10. JackFknTwist says

    Yes, looks like Browne to me, aiding and abetting a malicious arrest.
    this cop needs to be charged; so does Browne.

    I still am totally unaware of the grounds for the arrest, other than ear-splitting high pitched shouting at the provocateurs.

  11. Fenrox says

    Um, she was resisting arrest and got a couple of punches. I’m no cop but how are you supposed to arrest a loud girl who is going to resist and fight back? He didn’t hit her with a baton or in the face, he took the fight out of her and arrested her.

    Nothing seemed too bad. As a general rule of thumb all cops should be able to manage their anger, of course a ton don’t, but I can’t say this guy is in that camp. If I was a cop and punching people in the stomach for resisting was permitted then I would have done it too. Tazers are unfortunately not 100% safe, I would hate to do way more damage with a tazer or something. All that said, one punch would have done it, he should be better disciplined obviously.

  12. MORE says

    So the police are there to protect the anti-gay bigots, correct?

    And according to some of the commenters, cops don’t need to follow protocols, and they don’t need to be in control of themselves and their prejudices while working. They’re basically soccer hooligans with guns, tazers, batons, and cuffs, and they’re out to suppress gay people.

    And beating on somebody AFTER you cuff them is A OK.


  13. SpaceCadet says

    This video totally does not support that cop’s story. Not once prior to his hitting the girl was the crowd in any way threatening or attacking the cop. In fact, no one seemed to be paying any attention to him at all.

  14. SpaceCadet says

    This video totally does not support that cop’s story. Not once prior to his hitting the girl was the crowd in any way threatening or attacking the cop. In fact, no one seemed to be paying any attention to him at all.

  15. NOTICE says

    I think the only way we could lose the battle now is to have stupid people like this representing us.

    The kids yelling at the religious nuts were were obnoxious and angry and stupid. The cop was cowardly and should have kept his cool. In spite of screaming and being annoying, those kids were sort of showing respect for the cop – it looked like the only thing keeping them from attacking the religious nut was his presence. And it was hardly like that crowd was on the verge of attacking any cop. Even after the cop beat the girl the crowd protested but didn’t become physical.

    What a bunch of rotten people. Bad cop, Anti-gay wingnuts, and angry stupid kids. Maybe God will smite them all?

    And, as people have said above, there’s really little sense in trying to win an argument using logic against faith anyway. So either try to connect with them on a human level and show them that we’re all essentially the same, or ignore them entirely.

  16. M2 says

    Do you need a permit to stand on a city street with mega-phone spewing ignorance and hate? Seems to me to be the larger offense at this peaceful event.

    I was hoping those ladies was going to kick his ass and stuck his billy club where he probably already likes it.

    Sometimes it pays to walk away.

    oh and btw nice uniform. don knots wore it first.

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