1. simon says

    Some day: after he went to heaven.
    Somewhere: the Vatican if it is still there. The canonization of Saint Brown.
    As for history, probably not. I mean REAL history. Too bad the Bible can’t be re-written.

  2. TampaZeke says

    It’s no coincidence that George Wallace said the very same thing about Jim Crow and segregation; and five decades later? NOPE, we still remember them as bigots who were on the wrong side of history.

  3. Burt says

    The bible has been rewritten hundreds of times. Verses that weren’t in the original (or as close to original as we can get) texts began appearing and proliferating over the centuries as scribes and clergy strove to make it clearer on certain points, or to make it read easier, and most are still in there.

  4. Squidification says

    What this cements is the fact that people like Brian Brown aren’t unaware of our side and what we are saying; he must be paying attention because he keeps appropriating our semantics and appropriating our syntax.

    People like this know exactly what they are doing. He knows he is wrong. They are so uncreative that they have to wait for pro-gay people to say inspiring things so they can lift them for their own anti-gay agenda.

  5. simon says

    Can’t be re-written of course is the teaching of the “Mother Church”, the one and only one Church which is the only “true” church, a direct descendant of “St Peter”. That happens to be Saint Brian’s church. Duck Dynasty kind of bible is heresy according to them. Of course that won’t stop me from rewriting it myself because they can’t burn me anymore.
    There were different versions of the Bible because there have been copies and recopies. That doesn’t mean the Catholic Church will allow you to modify their “official history”.

  6. simon says

    The Catholic Church has never admitted that the Bible has ever been rewritten after they have pronounced what they had was the official history. The reason is very simple. They are supposed to be God’s words. How can God made any mistake? Of course the reality was very different. Passages have been inserted or deleted by scribes and bishops. They are simply called pious frauds. All these things were swept under the carpet to avoid embarrassment.

  7. Tigernan says

    Twenty years from now? Babe, in twenty years people will remember you as the weird homophobe who’s now parked in a rest home, muttering about equality. Those kids aren’t going to care at all.

  8. Bill says

    The real question, of course, is whether Brian Brown actually believes what he is spouting – there is a certain class of “sales types” who will spout anything shamelessly to push what they are paid to promote. So what’s the scoop on Brian Brown?

    As an example, take the Nazi criminal J. Mengele – he kept records of all his letters and (after the war) those were sorted into two sets of boxes – one for the stuff useful in prosecuting him and the other for things like letters to his mother. The personal stuff was misplaced and didn’t surface for several decades. Historically it is useful – aside from his gruesome medical “experiments”, he was a notorious back-stabber and would spout what his bosses wanted to hear. As his world collapsed around him, he wrote a letter to his mom saying that they had always followed the highest ideas and made derogatory statements about various ethnic groups in those letters. That’s an indication that he really believed it – even in Nazi Germany, it would have been acceptable in a letter to one’s mother to simply ask about her health and other relatives. You couldn’t trust anything he said in any official document regarding his actual beliefs as he was a liar and would say or do anything to get promoted.

  9. Brian says

    Oddly, it saddens me that these people are choosing to go down in history as spreaders of hate and fear. One would think they would have a more productive use for their time, like actually making the world a better place by helping the poor; aiding the sick or comforting the grieving. You know… like Jesus. Asshats hypocrites, every single one of them.

  10. His Story says

    I think what Brian Brown meant to say was: “We stand on the Far Right side of History.”

    He has never really understood the difference between Right and Wrong.

  11. Gay Guy says

    This era will be remembered like the civil right’s era of the 1960’s and 1970’s is remembered. There are those on the right side and those on the wrong side.

    There are also those who were very wrong but have repented, Such as the late Governor George Wallace of Alabama.

  12. Sean says

    Those against ending slavery, who were equally anti-gay, thought the same thing. Those against integration and voting right for blacks , who were equally anti-gay, though the same thing. Those against women’s rights, who were equally anti-gay, thought the same thing. Those against interracial marriage, who were also equally anti-gay, thought the same thing. Those anti-freedom savages all thought that they were on the right side of history as the violated the constitutional rights of other Americans illegally interfering in and controlling the lives of other American against those American free will. History ha snot been kind to them and history will not me kind to blood thirsty Nazi savage Brian Brown who supports laws that legalize and/or encourage imprisonment and murder of LGBT human beings. He IS on the wrong side of history and will be remembered as such by all civilized human beings.

  13. WW says

    My problem with the National Organization for Marriage is that it does nothing to ”protect” the institution. The greatest threat to marriage isn’t from gays (whose marriages probably count for such a teeny percentage); it’s from the tons of straight couples who are divorcing. Why doesn’t NOM address that? Because it only exists to ”prevent” gays from marrying. Brown’s a homophobic bigot, plain and simple, and we don’t even know if he genuinely believes it, or is just in this for the paycheck.

  14. mike/ says

    “History (from Greek ἱστορία, historia, meaning “inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation”) is the study of the past, specifically how it relates to humans.”

    i don’t think history can have a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ side. it’s one of the few things that just “is”……..

  15. BrokebackBob says

    Brian, you stand on the edge of a toliet and world just gave you a little push. Now everybody push down on the handle so that he will go back to where he came from.

  16. woodroad34 says

    It’s interesting to watch delusional people in action. He needs more exercise to exorcise those bad feelings and perhaps to lower his cholesterol that’s affecting the blood flow to his brain.

  17. Anon says


    Yes, yes, it’s all only matter in motion. What a trivially true thing to point out.

    Now if you’re comfortable with dissolving your humanity and just existing as a collection of atoms, good for you. Just please butt-out while the rest of us try to live lives of conscience.

    ‘There is no wrong side of history’? Then what’s the point of you even speaking and pointing it out? I wholeheartedly encourage you to contemplate your existential standpoint and DISAPPEAR!

  18. Phluidik says

    Well, he is right. We’ll remember them the same way we look back today and remember all the other notable segregationists of yesterstupid.

  19. simon says

    Anon and Mike:
    You are both right or both wrong. From the standpoint of a historian, he/she was just recording “what is” and not “what should be” without value judgement. That was what a reliable and respected historian did. That automatically excludes the category of “church historians”. The rights or wrongs are for other people and time to judge. For example, Julius Caesar who was too remote in the past that we can pass a more “objective” judgement.
    You may say he was on the “right side” simply because he made it. Or you can say he was on the “wrong side” because he subdued the Senate and established dictatorship.
    With the former criterion, we can say NOM is on the “wrong side” for its total failure.

  20. Anon says

    Dear Simon,

    A historian trying to write objectively about history is not the same thing as non-historians passing value judgments about what has and is taking place (sometimes to their own communities).

    It appears you are suggesting that generations can only objectively judge things that happened so far in the past that they are no longer relevant. I disagree. I don’t, and nobody else needs to suspend judgment on anti-gay anything, and defer to generations hundreds of years from now to judge ‘objectively’. We know what anti-gays are doing is wrong right now.

    Also, it appears you are suggesting that NOM would only be on the wrong side if it fails. In other words, if NOM wins, you think they are on the ‘right’ side? No. Regardless whether the anti-gays win or not, they’re wrong.

  21. simon says

    Right side or wrong side, Brian Brown admitted that he is on the losing side while claiming moral high ground. The same argument seems to be mirrored by Anon who also claimed moral high ground.
    Brian Brown may be just drawing an analogy to their “Church Fathers” who were supposed to have martyred under the early Roman Empire. A few centuries later, they became the masters of the Empire.
    What he missed is the part US is not an empire in the strict sense. Once marriage equality is enshrined in Federal laws, no president or Congress can take it away. You may chip away at the Civil Rights Acts. To completely overturn them is not even a remote possibility.

  22. says

    Savor the moment while it lasts, Bri-bri. The money is drying up real quick, and there’s not enough bigoted idiots filling up NOM’s coffers to keep you in the lifestyle you’re accustomed to. Better sell those BMWs, fire the maids, and learn to live on a smaller budget before your little bubble bursts. At least Manatee Maggie had the sense to be a gracious loser and accept defeat.

  23. Sinbad says

    The problem with Bryan Brown is that he actually believes that 100 years from now people will say “He was so correct”,instead of “What a meat head!”.

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