1. will says

    Good lord. What horrible synthetic background singing after the proposal. Maybe it’s supposed to play the role of the heavenly choir, but it made me bristle.

  2. bicurious says

    I guess I just don’t get the impulse so many people have these days to live their private moments in public. I think it is great that they are in love and are getting married and I don’t mean to be judgmental. I honestly don’t understand this trend.

  3. peterparker says

    Nope. It doesn’t bring me to happy tears. It just makes me wonder why couples are beginning to take what could be one of the most intimate, meaningful moments of their relationship and strip it of intimacy by inviting all their friends and family and coworkers to come along for the ride. And, hey, why stop there? Why not videotape it and share it on the internet with total strangers, too!!

    I wish the couple in this video a long and happy life together full of love. But I don’t understand this trend of crowdsourced marriage proposals. It strikes me as crass and tacky and stripped of all possible romance.

  4. VeeDub says

    Sounds to me like BICURIOUS and PETERPARKER need a little more love in their lives. This is not a new concept – sharing a happy life moment with others. Graduations, engagements, newborns, job promotions, etc are shared with people all over via printed invitations, newspaper announcements, group celebrations, and yes, now in 2014, even via Youtube. Perhaps not everyone in these guys lives were able to attend, so for their benefit and to be able to somehow share in the special moment, these two posted the video for others to see. Don’t hate on them for having their video picked up by blogging sites (whos’ job it is to scour the internet for content) and repost it. I hope that for you two unhappy people, that when something special happens in your lives, others aren’t there to piss all over it with their unhappiness the way you two are.

  5. fanboi says

    The moments are in public because their loved ones are invited to witness. These loved ones are so moved they film it as everyone does with everything.

    I’m just happy I could feel their joy.

  6. stanhope says

    This was the cutest thing. The part where the ring box pops onto the floor was just so wonderful. It goes to show that one doesn’t need to spend a ton of money or produce some over the top event to have something with real meaning. Congratulations to the very very lucky couple.

  7. Ryan (in the video) says

    Once I saw that this video was becoming popular and the comments started rolling in, I began to doubt whether I did the right thing by making this so public. Why did it need to be so grandiose? Then I started to remember one thing: hope.
    Growing up in Ohio, I had no support when I realized I was gay. It was wrong as far as I heard from my church, family and community. I was alone until I found a gay Christian chat group on AOL. That group let me know that I was not alone; it gave me hope. I struggled with my faith versus sexuality for years and many times, I came to the conclusion that I would just end up single, alone. Then I found Clayton and all of a sudden I felt something so different than the years of hopelessness. All of a sudden the lonely future in my mind was erased.
    When June rolls around the question of whether Gay Pride is still needed pops up more and more. What we in many progressive states forget is that there are a lot of people still living in the closet and in fear to be themselves because of where they are or their lack of connection to the community. Like Harvey Milk talked about in his Hope speech, there is a kid somewhere in Des Moines or San Antonio that needs to be given hope. My hope is that our proposal will be seen by those kids and adults and then in return gives them hope.

  8. bicurious says

    To Ryan (in the video) that was a beautiful explanation and now I understand a little better.

  9. Patrick says

    Love it. May you two have many years of joy & happiness. Ryan: exactly. That is one of the reasons you & Clayton have posted your wonderful proposal online. To provide ,among other things, hope. To the alone/lonely/scared glbt members of this community. That they are NOT alone and there ARE people who DO care about them. Just as they are. And to the few naysayers who question Clayton& Ryan and everyone else “going public” with one of the most intimate moments of their lives, enjoy it! And be thankful we live in a country where progress IS being made. Where technology exists(which we take for granted) that allows people to enjoy this beautiful,lovely,special heart felt moment.This would not have happened 10 years ago or so. We ARE pioneers and with that comes criticism ,usually form our ENEMIES. It shouldn’t come from within our community. But there are always Negative Nancy’s in every group. So we choose to ignore those grumpy pusses and focus on the bigger picture of love & happiness and progress. Congrats to Clayton & Ryan.