1. John says

    again “Is it clear yet to everyone that this admin’s ‘evolution’ is merely the assigned distraction to the current company man in the front office’? If SCOTUS didn’t convince you today that you’re being given crumbs while they steal your bread nothing will. And if it isn’t clear, by ‘crumbs’, I mean social appeasement and by ‘bread’, I mean your country.”

  2. j says

    looks like a sea of white middle aged men – in the audience – such a terrific cross sample of the lgbt population –
    these folks – chummy w/ the power elite of which they are a part are slaves to access and part of the problem –

  3. stranded says

    This would have been unimaginable when I was in high school in the seventies. And would still have been so if this were Romney. People who can’t find the good in the world can join the Fox grumblers. I live in a country that has never reached it’s true ideals, but if this is a bread crumb I’ll take it over an ideology that poisons even the slightest efforts to be inclusive. I am grateful for this event and I will continue to do my part to voice my disagreements with the President on other matters where I believe he can do better.

  4. Leo says


    The Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was the impetus for today’s ruling was signed under Clinton, or don’t you remember.

    Put things in perspective, can your empty rhetoric, and focus on Hilary getting elected in 2016 so no more conservative justices are put on the bench.

    No, the house isn’t going to the Democrat’s for a long time and no, Elizabeth Warren isn’t running.

    Yes, Hilary is far from perfect, and yes, not much is changing until the next census due to gerrymandering.

    Stop wasting time and energy preaching to the choir, we all know all of the above.

    It’s politics. We have to work with the lesser of two evils. It’s far from perfect. It sucks.

    Fix what you can change right now instead of screaming in circles.

  5. Josh says

    @LEO The Republicans do not have a lock on the House. A blow-out for Hillary could swing enough districts to sweep them out. As much talk as there has been about gerrymandering and geographic distribution of Dem votes, suburban ticket-splitters are also contributing to the House Republican majority. At some point they’ll be exhausted by the gridlock they helped create.

  6. Leo says


    “She makes Thatcher look human”

    I’m not a fervent supporter by any means, but um…how?

    @ Josh

    Hillary’s not getting a blow-out, IMO. Suburban ticket splitters are also less of a factor than gerrymandering and geo-distribution, IMO.

    The only way the suburban splitters will ever be “exhausted” enough to change is with the horrors of another Bush-styled scenario like two wars (one based on a lie) that put our country into debt to wake them up enough to care.

  7. Red says

    Let’s see if Hillary will do HALF as much as President Obama has for advancing LGBT rights if she becomes president. She has a lot to live up to.

  8. EchtKultig says

    Not a very presidential or classy joke, and it’s going to be the story of the day in the political blogosphere, and not just the craven right-wing ones. There are already articles at The Hill & CNN.

    BTW anyone who knows my history of tussles with republican morons, especially around the 2012 elections, knows that I supported Obama 100%. That doesn’t mean I can’t criticize him for making a foolish joke. (unlike Bush supporters, who can’t criticize him for almost destroying the country’s economy and wasting trillions in Iraq.)

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