1. ben in oakland says

    “Only six of them, six out of those 17, six out of 50 states, [legalized same-sex marriage] by referendum or by state legislature,” he said.

    Washington, New York, Illinois, Hawaii, Minnesota, Maryland, Rhode Island, Maine,New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware.

    Ralph, it’s not nice to lie.

  2. simon says

    Still bitching about it. That’s is how the system works. Dred Scott or no Dred Scott. If he doesn’t like it, just take a reverse journey on the Mayflower. Wait. The old kingdom has evolved already. It is better to take a detour to Russia.

  3. Bill says

    Let me get this straight. Ralph Reed is bringing up the Dread Scott decision, which denied a class of people their rights as American citizens, in order to argue for denying another class of people equal rights as American citizens?

    Earth to Reed: don’t bring up Dred Scott – it’s poor salesmanship.

  4. northalabama says

    the curtain is pulled back and the reasons for his frequent appearances on cnn and nbc are now revealed – media connections through comcast. is this enough transparency to prevent him from promoting his hate agenda?

  5. james street james says

    Cultural evolution is a process that does not work evenly across society. The religionists arguing here really should be worried that they are trying to set legal precedents which will be used against them when a majority of voters have abandoned religion for reason.

    Earlier religions have ended up as mythology. Guess who’s next.

  6. SoLeftImRight says

    A) The majority of the country now does agree with gay marriage, and

    2) A is totally irrelevant because civil rights are not to be decided by majority rule.

    Ralph Reed is one of the most disgustingly hypocritical figures in our nation.

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