1. says

    the strength is must have taken him, and the others who have escaped, to leave the only family they’ve even known into a world they’ve been told, since they were children, was full of nothing but evil and sin and The Devil is profound.

    they have all been severely mentally abused. i tip my hat to him, and the others, on their journey from hate into love and light.


  2. Alberto says

    Just amazing to see this. Polar opposites. God bless him for speaking up and speaking out.

  3. dards says

    It seems to me that the WBC has lost a lot of it’s news drawing power with Fred and Shirley gone and the new nutters in charge. Nobody cares what they do anymore.

  4. anon says

    If you’re going to rant in public you need style and pizazz. Fred actually hadn’t led a protest for several years before he died. It was his daughter Shirley doing all the hard work. She even represented the family before the Supreme Court. The new crowd is faceless and bland.