The Most Liberal and Conservative Towns in Each State: MAP


Business Insider pulled data from Clarity Campaign Labs to create the map above (click to enlarge) showing the most liberal and conservative towns in each state. You can also use an online tool to find the cities that most reflect your values.


  1. JKM says

    This is a helpful tool in that I’m planning my retirement and considering a move. However, it would be nice if the tool could also search by zip code to see what your current zip code looked like or one where you are considering a move.

  2. dupontred says

    The quality of this data is tenuous at best. I think I took this survey on Facebook, giving it as much scientific accuracy as a Buzzfeed quiz.

    That being said, I’m not surprised at all the Houghton is the most conservative town in NY. Major conservative college there.

  3. MIke says

    Miami Gardens more liberal than Wilton Manors, Key West or Miami Beach? I suspect that, in many of these cities in the South, African American voting patterns being solidly Democratic are being confused for being liberal.

  4. Chadd says

    No surprise that the blue cities are mostly major metro areas and the red ones are mostly drive thru, back water places most people outside the state haven’t heard of. I fear the rural parts of the US.

  5. tim S says

    I live in Florida,and Miami Beach Gardens is not the most liberal city.

    Fort Lauderdale is much much more liberal.

    Miami Beach Gardens is barely moderate, leaning towards conservative.

  6. Chas says

    This is a joke, right?
    I’ve lived in SC my whole life and have never heard of Gifford (pop.350–I looked it up). Pinopolis has a population of less than 1000. How are they considered representative of anything? I’m not feeling a lot of confidence in these findings.

  7. Rick says

    The reason for the confusion of some of you is no doubt because the blackest and brownest places are most likely to vote Deomcrat and therefore be considered “liberal” even though the brown and black inhabitants are anything but social liberals, particularly when it comes to attitudes towards gays. In fact, those places are considerably less “liberal” than towns with more whites who tend to vote Republican and are therefore considered “conservative”

    Look at Mississipp, for example. The three college towns recently passed gay rights ordinances–and have mostly white populations…..but Jackson, which is 80% black and full of black gangs who are the most homophobic thugs on the planet…is regarded as the most “liberal” place.


  8. BIlly says

    Thrilled my hometown and current place-of-residence Alexandria, VA is the most liberal city in my state :-) Not surprised… we’ve had at least two openly gay City Council members, and our State Senator, Adam Ebbin, is the first LGBT member of the VA State Senate.

  9. NY2.0 says

    It’s not surprising the the most liberal cities are the economic engines of America. They’re also the most attractive destinations.

  10. Derrick from Philly says


    even though you say you live in New York City, you seem to be originally from the deep South. I believe you suffer from the condition that the poster CRISPY spoke of the other day –on the news story about the US Soccer team being half naked to greet Vice President Joe Biden.

    SWAMP ASS!!!

    Rick, you have “swamp ass”. It affects your very being as a human being. See if they (medical professionals) can do anything about it. Or try just sticking an ice cube up your ass.

    There must be something to help!! It can’t be bourbon–in your case that’ll just make it worse.

  11. ratbastard says

    Yeah, Cambridge is the east coast Berkeley. I know it well. I will also say it’s not the friendliest place,either. My life experiences in uber ‘progressive’ locales is they tend to have a lot of difficult people. And they also excel at a fair amount if hypocrisy.

  12. Edgar Carpenter says

    This is comedy, not fact. The two towns in Texas are tiny – a few hundred people each.

  13. PlaidCat says

    Just to confirm the general BS of this map, it is laughable that Greensboro NC turned out to be “more liberal” than Chapel Hill/Carrboro, Durham, or Asheville.

  14. Tarc says

    I don’t think this is terribly accurate. for Michigan, Ann Arbor is very much the most liberal, but I doubt that a tiny town of just aa handful of people could beast Zeeland for most conservative. They don’t have alcohol within the borders and you can’t dance there. It’s a bit of Hell right in my very own state.