Video of Cop Allegedly Violently Assaulting Woman at Gay Pride Emerges on Facebook: VIDEO


A video posted by Jenna Renee Kenny on Facebook shared more than 5,600 times shows what appears to be a police officer violently assaulting a woman at a Pittsburgh's Pride in the Street festival which took place on Saturday..

Wrote Kenny: "EVERYONE WATCH THIS!! This happened right in front of me at pride today. & please share he's a prick & shouldn't get away with it. He was smiling the whole time after he got her in cuffs."

The alleged assault occurs after a voice is heard over a loudspeaker saying "Well now she is getting arrested."

It's unclear what happened before or after the video was shot. We'll post more details if they become available.

There is a duplicate YouTube video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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UPDATE: The mayor's office is launching a full investigation. WTAE has posted transcripts of the criminal complaint and statements by the arresting officer.