1. Smartypants says

    This is lovely news. Look how happy the boy and his family are. When more traditionally conservative places like Alberta and taking such progressive steps, it gives me tremendous hope.

  2. Alain says

    At 12, is it really safe to say kids are consciously ready to make this decision? also, altering a birth certificate isn’t like: From now, he was born black (after many tanning sessions)?

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I’m impressed that the crazy anti-trans trolls who think they invented their opinions only this morning and don’t know what science is didn’t show up until the fourth post!

    Is there hope for Trollroad?

    Stay tuned!

  4. Gigi says

    @ALAIN — That didn’t take long. I don’t know about you, but I knew that I was gay when I was 4 years old. I didn’t know what my feelings meant at that young age, but I certainly did before I was 12. Your “black/tanning sessions” is rude and disrespectful. Just what we’d expect from an insensitivite bigot.

  5. mb says

    I’d be curious to see how they actually change the birth certificate in this situation. Is it just an addendum that notes the person identifies their gender as male or female, or do they actually reissue the document as if they were born a different sex? Is there a differentiation between sex and gender on the document? I totally see the value of being recognized as your proper gender and having the documentation to back that up, and I support it, but it just seems that changing the sex a child is born with on paper is just…misinformation? Again, I fully support trans people having their proper gender represented…just curious how the document actually changes.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    I’m so delighted for him.
    He must be the happiest boy in the world today…….
    I don’t give a flying phuck what a birth paper says; you are yourself and know yourself.
    And this boy knows he is a boy.

    @ GIGI :
    I’m with you ; I knew I was gay when I was four , I can remember the exact place, the class I was in, the teachers name…..but not the name of the beautiful boy in the play yard.
    Ok; that’s a different argument.
    I’m happy for this boy and for progressive Canada.

  7. TheDrDonna says

    @Tad: I don’t recall anyone saying that this boy was being given hormones. Did you get that from somewhere? Or was it made up from whole cloth?

  8. Smartypants says

    Tad, there is nothing in this post or the earlier post about Wren that they are giving him hormones. There is also nothing to indicate that adults are “doing this” to Wren, only that the adults in his life love him, respect his identifying as male, and are doing what they are able to support and nurture his health growth to manhood. Frankly, it makes me a bit envious and enormously hopeful.

  9. Zlick says

    I’m very happy for him and his family. BUT – I have two issues with it. One, he is not yet of the legal age of consent, and so changing this legal document should not be done – imo. And after all, what is the purpose of changing one’s birth certificate gender except as a basis for changing other legal documents such as a drivers license. I doubt the 12-year-old can yet obtain any legal documents which rely on the birth certificate for gender information. If it’s just to make him feel good, I don’t think that’s a legitimate reason for changing a document as vital as a birth certificate. So what’s the harm in waiting till he’s of legal consent age?

    Second, I hope this is done by amendment as opposed to replacement. I’m all for transgender rights and, in the end, it’s not all that important if a birth record is changed – but it’s a legal record of birth and I’m just leery of any alteration of that document that’s not in the form of an amendment that leaves the original intact for accurate record keeping.

  10. kipp says

    The acceptance and support this young man is enjoying in his home, school and country is fantastic. I do not believe that Wren is “really” a boy or that it’s even possible to be “born in the wrong body – but I am happy to treat Wren as the gender he desires.

    That said, the birth certificate change is a bit odd. Wren was, in fact, born female and he will continue to have the genetics and biology of a female even if he eventually chooses hormone therapy and/or surgery.

    That a transgender boy in such a supportive environment – seeming complete acceptance by his family, friends and community – is still “stressed” by the factual information on his birth certificate is not a good sign for this child’s future mental health.

    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Wren wanting the change for practical reasons around interacting with institutions and agencies that review birth certificates – having to explain your transgender status in contexts where, except for needing a birth certificate, gender is irrelevant is no fun, I’m sure (though coming out to those around you is the best way to advance social acceptance).

    But if the desire for the birth certificate change is more an emotional need for a factual document not to remind you of the facts of your birth and the truth of your biology, I don’t think that’s a good sign.

    I would not deny the change merely because I am suspicious of the motivation – even in Canada I believe people should have the right to define their own pursuit of happiness. I am more concerned about long term consequences of letting your happiness be determined by something like this.

    To put it another way, I think it’s entirely psychologically healthy to want to live and be treated as a gender different than one assigned to you at birth because of your biology. I think it is unhealthy, however, to need to deny the historical/biological facts of your life.

  11. JackFknTwist says

    @ TAD :
    I don’y think you should give the original birth cert. the infallibility which you see to do.
    And as for changing the document ‘to make him feel good’… about ‘ changing the document to reflect what he is by gender’- a boy.
    Now why should he have to wait for that truth ?

  12. kipp says


    I would go further to ask are we sure it isn’t the child’s own internalized sexism that has caused him to believe he is “really” a boy merely because he is gender nonconforming…

  13. TheDrDonna says

    It’s funny how people seem to think that this child couldn’t possibly be trans, because of internalized sexism or homophobia. It’s kind of like, “We’re okay with gender nonconformity UP TO THIS POINT AND NO FURTHER.”

    Guessing at a prepubescent child’s sexuality is weird, no matter the context.

  14. SAYTHETRUTH says

    The problem with body dysphoria is mainly a cultural one. Some –like racial, are discouraged- others (like gender, the one in the article) are becoming more accepted, others like beauty surgeries never were that much questioned to begin with. And others are completely unadvised, like those who transcend any human reality (like those who identify with other species). In all cases is a psychological condition (that is, the person do not agree with their body, even when there is no underlying health issue) so the question would be what the psychological approaches are in each and where to establish the limits (culturally speaking, that is, culture is not a fixed thing).

  15. SAYTHETRUTH says

    The problem with body dysphoria is mainly a cultural one. Some –like racial, are discouraged- others (like gender, the one in the article) are becoming more accepted, others like beauty surgeries never were that much questioned to begin with. And others are completely unadvised, like those who transcend any human reality (like those who identify with other species). In all cases is a psychological condition (that is, the person do not agree with their body, even when there is no underlying health issue) so the question would be what the psychological approaches are in each case and where to establish the limits (culturally speaking, that is, culture is not a fixed thing).

  16. TheDrDonna says

    @SayTheTruth: I don’t think you can easily lump things like transracialism and body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria all together like that. The research that has been done up to this point shows that the first two do respond to psychiatric treatment, and as a result that is the preferred treatment path. Severe gender dysphoria, however, does not respond to psychiatric treatment alone, and as a result the recommended treatment path is through medical transition, which has been found to be the only known treatment that does work.

  17. Vince says

    It’s great to see gay guys talking just like straight bigots talk about gays. How can you idiots not see this?

    As for not giving teens hormones, learn something about biology and how doctors treat trans kids. Doctors often give trans kids treatments to delay puberty. After a period time, the teens start hormone treatments.

    Hormone treatments allow their bodies to match their inner selves. Instead of forcing a transwoman to undergo costly and lengthy surgery to transform her male features to female, she can can develop them naturally. Why should a transgirl be forced to develop man-hands? Why should a transboy be forced to develop breasts or womanly hips?

    The need for some of you to force trans people to conform to meet your expectations is pathetically hypocritical.

  18. Zlick says

    I have transgender friends. They know they were born a different gender than they later desired to express, and they know the record of their birth was true at the time that record was made. That’s what records are. They do not get CHANGED when the situation changes; they get AMENDED. That’s the proper legal course, and it’s what I support. An amended birth certificate is totally legitimate and can be used as the basis for other documents.

  19. Wader says

    Thanks VINCE, you said it better than I could have. It’s saddening and disappointing to see so many people on here air their ignorance and transphobic opinions; especially as members of a sexual minority community space. Educate yourselves a little bit before spouting off.

    Here’s the story on Wren that was done last year, it’s worth a read/watch. It should clear up some of the misconceptions many of you have felt free to share.

  20. kipp says

    @TheDrDonna (*love* the username, btw) – I’m not sure the need to change one’s birth certificate is integral to gender nonconformity, although it may be both reasonable and practical to want it done – and to the extent that birth certificate sex is equated with gender, I understand the motivation. And although the transgender people I know are basically awesome, I don’t think they are, uniquely among humans, devoid of the influences of societal and internalized homophobia and sexism – this goes doubly so for children and teenagers.

    @Little Kiwi – I do have transgender friends. Not everyone who disagrees with you is merely too ignorant to know better. My views on transgenderism are a reflection of my deeper metaphysical views on gender, biological sex and sexuality. In brief, I think only biological sex is “real” – and even then, it is not a simple binary as a minority of people are biologically intersex.

    As for gender and sexuality, I think neither of these things are “real” – which is to say they are socially and personally constructed. I don’t believe in “gay genes” or “gender genes” – even as I acknowledge that biology does influence our ideas about personal identity. That makes me a self-identified “gay guy” who thinks I could have ended up a self-identified “straight gal” had things been even a little different.

    Whatever personal identity I choose to construct (and we *all* construct our identities), I will remain biologically male. Biological sex does not determine personal identity when it comes to gender or sexuality, personal opinion does. And personal opinion is both mutable and influenced by our social/cultural context and the contingencies of each of our lives.

    In a world where people didn’t equate certain genital configurations with the social roles and respect people are allowed to have, I think there would be fewer transgender people only because there would be fewer people who thought their biological sex and their social gender were incompatible. In much the same way, I think that in a world where people don’t equate a desire for physical or romantic intimacy with an immutable sexual orientation, there would be fewer “gay” and “straight” people.

  21. Derrick from Philly says

    @ KIPP,

    I’m stunned that you posted your personal email address on a blog. Even though I disagree with you on the issue of when parents can decide whether to give their very young Transgender children the option of transitioning early ( and I admire those parents who do)–I’m impressed that you want to continue the discussion with THEDRDONNA.

    Well, that’s internet blogs at their best–when they educate and result in informative discussions.

    Now, back to the Soccer players’ locker room!

  22. Tyler says

    Some of you fail to realize that the anti-Trans troll(s) could care less about truth or logic. They hate Trans people, and won’t let anything get in the way of expressing their misguided hatred and bigotry.

  23. Kipp says

    @Tyler – You might want to consider that not everyone with opinions different from yours are hateful/deceitful. Some people posting here clearly are… and some others are merely insensitive and/or ignorant about trans issues. And there might even be a few people who disagree with you (depending on the proposition) who are neither hateful nor ignorant. Nobody says it’s your duty to try and tease them apart, of course – but maybe you can lay off suggesting we all hate trans people before you confirm that we actually do…

  24. GregV says

    “@ 12 are they sure it isn’t the parents’ homophobia insisting their child is a male instead of a butch lesbian”

    @Moz’s: I don’t see anything in the story that suggests that he is particularly butch OR that suggests that what his sexual orientation is.

  25. Enchantra says

    Little Kiwi – I have worked with drag queens longer than you have been alive. There is a name for people who claim to be nonconforming while being as conformist as possible: juveniles. We don’t change birth certificates to match their whims, or because they decide to spell Judy with an i and a heart dotting it.

  26. Zeta says

    I feel Oglala today. I demand that the tribe recognize me as Oglala, and I want all paperwork changed to reflect that.

    Why, no, I’ve never been to the rez, I don’t observe Oglala customs beyond wearing turquoise, and I have zero blood quantum, but I FEEL Oglala therefore I am Oglala.

  27. MaryM says

    Does this boy identify as G or B?

    If not then why on earth is this of any interest to your readership.

    Tranny issues are separate from LGB issues. LGBT was foisted on us without consent or debate.

    Drop the T – trannies need to fight their own battles.

  28. Liam says

    Just wow! Someone poked the troll farm today!
    Birth certificates are altered all the time. When an adoption takes place a new birth certificate is issued with the new name of the child and the new parents names.
    Birth certificates are used for all kinds of reasons by children. Having Wrens sex agree with who he says he is will cause a lot less stress for him as he moves through the educational system and applies for a drivers license passport etc.
    He will be treated like everyone else instead of being an object of curiosity. He shouldn’t have to answer questions about why his sex is different on his birth ceritificate when going to a new school, or at the DMV. It is none of those peoples business. They do not need that information to register him for school.
    That is why it needs to be changed and not just amended or other sorts of notations that indicate a change has been made.

  29. Knock says

    Sorry Kipp, you’re clearly a troll because you’ve dared to question/disagree with the Gospel According to Kiwi. Brace yourself; you’re about to find out you’re self-hating, have insufficient genitals, and need to die.

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