1. shanestud says

    While Texas is planning reparative therapy and governors are fighting same-sex marriage in many states here’s an example of what can be done when people live in an inclusive society like Ontario where there are strong anti-discrimination laws, children are taught equality in classrooms and there are no rightwingnuts running around demanding “religious rights and freedoms” (a license to be bigoted to fellow citizens). Congratulations to Premier Kathleen and her wife!!

  2. Jackster says


    Mike Michaud is favored to win in Maine in November, so the first openly-gay-when-elected governor is in the same year as this election, it’s just a matter of scheduling, not a homophobia comparison.

  3. Rafael says

    Andy, I’m glad you covered this worthwhile story, though surprised that you quoted from the Toronto Sun, a right-wing rag equivalent to the New York Post…

  4. Hue-Man says

    Ontario has 10 times Maine’s population, between Illinois and Florida.

    This wasn’t a coat-tails election – she was the face of the campaign and overcame the disastrous policies of her predecessor to grab an unexpected majority in HER election.

    In her own constituency (Don Valley West) she got 57% of the votes.

  5. says

    It was a brilliant night to be an Ontarian.

    the NDP, pathetically, swung right to get votes. The Liberal party, under the leadership of the incredible Kathleen Wynne, did the opposite – and really swung Left. And WON.

    Horwath calling this election was rank opportunism – and it came back to bite her in the @ss. Hudak? WHOOO DAT?? Bye bye. You won’t be missed.

    This was a great moment in Ontario – showing that we have no room for American tea-party style nonsense in our politics.

    And with this election win last night, Wynne cements herself, *again*, in Canadian history. Well met!

    Cheers to a liberal majority, let’s get to work.

  6. tinkerbelle says

    What are these comments about Ontario going bankrupt, belly-up? Based on what? Some idea that women are not capable of handing money?
    Just stupid. I also say cheers to Ms. Wynne (Win!—clever) and wife, once again Canada shows its moral superiority, in the the good sense.

  7. Gary says

    For the benefit of American readers, we should clarify that premiers aren’t elected in a Westminster system like Canada’s. Wynne was first elected as an MPP in 2003 and was appointed as the Premier of Ontario after winning the leadership of the governing Liberal Party in 2013. This was her first general election as leader. Winning a majority in a general election is typically seen as renewing the mandate of existing premiers like Wynne.

    Wynne was preceded as the first lesbian head of government in the Commonwealth by Lynne Brown, the Premier of the Western Cape in South Africa from 2008 to 2009.

  8. Will says

    @tinkerbelle, the liberal government has made ontario a have not province and under their leadership is driving out small business and most manufacturing jobs. Ontario has more debt than the state of California and we have no where near the population of California. The liberal party will keep spending money we don’t have and increase that debt. No one is saying because of a woman or a lesbian. The entire liberal party is a joke at this point.

  9. mcgscooter says

    @Will The joke was Tim Hudak saying he would create 1 million jobs in 8 years while cutting 100,000 government jobs in his 1st. His math didn’t add up and he scared the crap out of most Ontario voters. That along with corporate tax cuts that he promised that would add up to 3 billion, that would have to be cut from somewhere (public services) meant that even conservative economists said he was fudging the numbers. His argument was that he “believed in his heart that the cuts would lead to jobs”. Kathleen Wynne inherited a huge number of scandals (some of which she may have been involved in) and still overcame them to win a MAJORITY government. Stop with the sour grapes already. This was Hudak’s election to loose and the CONservatives foud a way to do it.

  10. Will says

    @mcgscooter, yes you are right. However the liberals cannot continue spending like this. The gas plant scandals, the 20 year contract with samsung. I just hope we don’t continue down that path. I didn’t like any of the party platforms so I voted green. Jack would have had my vote but god rest his soul.

  11. Will says

    @mcgscooter, yes you are right. However the liberals cannot continue spending like this. The gas plant scandals, the 20 year contract with samsung. I just hope we don’t continue down that path. I didn’t like any of the party platforms so I voted green. Jack would have had my vote but god rest his soul.

  12. 604Brian says

    Well, I don’t think we will see an elected to office female prime minister. But it is sure a great thing that we have so many women premiers rising to the top this past few years. Not saying they are any better or worse than some of their counterparts, just that they are now gaining equal footing in what used to be a boys only club. Good on you Ms Wynne! Proud once again to be Canadian.

  13. LORDSIMCOE says

    @Will: did the PC’s and NDP not call for the cancellation of those gas plants too? For our American friends: Liberals in Canada are more centre, not far left liberals that you like to paint the Democrats as. The “Progressive” Conservatives are more right of centre, although had been drifting into a harder Tea Party right direction but this election may see some soul searching on that front. The NDP are on the left and would be considered “liberal” by your standards.

  14. Marc says

    First off the power production contract is not with Samsung, but wiht Pattern – secondly, power production revenue comes from the ratepayers and not the provincial treasury. Renewables has only contributed 5% to the overall increase in electricity rates in the Province.

    Futhermore, comparing Ontario to California is non-sense. A majority of our funds are spent on healthcare, which is not an American tradition. We spend the least per capita compared to all other Canadian provinces.

    The OLP bought votes this year, but they will go head-to-head with the unions over the next three years. The Education unions are already prep-ing to strike.

    You may disagree with a Liberal government, but we had no other alternatives – cutting services, but also cutting taxes under a PC government had no guarantee to balance our books.

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