25,000 Jamaicans March In Opposition To The ‘Gay Agenda’ – VIDEO

Anti-gay march in jamaica

On June 28, when cities across the world were celebrating Pride, an estimated 25,000 Jamaicans took part in a rally in Kingston to stop the “gay agenda,” according to The Jamaica Observer.

Jamaica has a history of violence against it's LGBTI citizens.

A coalition of church groups organized the rally to address their opposition to “the homosexual agenda” and what they claim is a growing threat to fundamental rights and freedoms.

The umbrella group CAUSE (Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation) was set up following the removal of Professor Brendan Bain as Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network at the University of the West Indies. Bain’s removal came after claims by gay and human rights activists that he had lost the confidence of the community that the programme was established to serve.

According to the Jamaica Observer, rally chairman Alvin Bailey said:

"We will do all that is righteous and godly to accomplish the cause. Our emancipation means standing up for strong families, our emancipation means standing against the homosexuality agenda, emancipation for us means standing up against the repealing of the buggery law.”

Writing anonymously on 76Crimes, a Canadian-based Jamaican activist said:

"I know that in Jamaica, as in other countries that have successfully addressed this issue, love will speak louder than hate. However, as I march in the streets of Toronto with my inclusive church community, I will sadly reflect on the needless pain that blind evangelical religious ideology has inflicted on my “One Love” island. I pray that the voices of tolerant religious leaders will be amplified in my beloved homeland. Until then, I march, and speak, for those who cannot, even though my doing so is often tinged with sadness."

Watch a Jamaican television report about a homophobic gang attack on a gay man last month, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. says

    Translation: 25,000 jamaicans have been successfully tricked into ignoring how their own government has allowed them to remain in abject poverty.

    ever been to Jamaica? lemme tell you – it’s not as if this place is a Utopic heaven “except for all those gays ruining everything” – it’s an island of depressing poverty and crime. and the gov’t doesn’t care about its citizens. so they keep the anti-gay fires going as a distraction.

  2. Peter Hargmier says

    The ‘Gay Agenda’? That language sounds very familiar. Could it be that the phrase has been transplanted there by none other than ‘Porno’ Pete LaBarbera and his cohorts?

  3. Rowan says

    “tinged with sadness”!?

    Oh really? F YOU. I am getting really tired of these gay black apologist activists who try and water down the hate that exists within the black community when it comes to homophobia.

    Why in the h*ll will love conquer all in GD Jamaica?? Since when has Jamaica ever shown love for ANYTHING? It’s consistently been the most aggressive and negative country in the Caribbean to visit. And they are PROUD of it!

    It’s cruel and disingenuous. As he sits there in the comfort of Canadian progression, to write such a patronizing message anonymously is disgusting.

    The only people who can condemn any of this and have ANY effect in the West are black people of power in the said country. White people saying anything will create cries of ‘Imperialism!!’

    If the white blogs don’t report it though, then the black gay and liberal activists decry ‘racism in the gay community!’

    Urgh. Such BS.

  4. Henry Holland says


    What? It’s LGBTQIA!!!!! Why does this person hate the queers or is it questioning? and asexuals? WHY??????

    “Since when has Jamaica ever shown love for ANYTHING?”

    Smokin’ the herb and music. Just sayin’.

  5. ozu says

    I wish the mainstream media would pick up on just how truly awful Jamaica is. The average person in America thinks it as a laid-back paradise when in reality it’s a violent bigot-filled hellhole. Fighting Jamaican backwardness and ignorance should be a high priority for LGBT activist groups.

  6. says

    you should take your anger and fully articulate it, non-anonymously Rowan.

    as in, make a post about how deeply you care about this, and show yourself in the post. to make the point you seem to want to be making.

  7. Henry Holland says

    Classic: Bully Kiwi defends someone being anonymous because he agrees with him, but if he didn’t, it would be the usual “Post your blog URL!!!!!” nonsense. Rowan made his point, *I* had no problem understanding it. There is racism in the gay community, to deny that is flat out stupid, but he makes some good points about the situation in Jamaica.

  8. ok-then says


    “Fighting Jamaican backwardness and ignorance should be a high priority for LGBT activist groups.”

    And exactly how do you suggest they do that?

    I agree that countries like Jamaica and Barbados are extremely backward but they are also extremely resentful of outside influences unless they happen to be American Christians that are spreading their message of hatred and intolerance.

  9. says

    henry holland – grow a pair

    i proudly marched alongside a number of people this year at pride who were marching because, back home, they’d go to jail or be killed for it. marchers from Uganda, Jamaica, and a brilliant young teen from Russia who’s been beaten by cops since He refuses to not speak up and stand out.

    then some anonymous wimp on the internet condemns “anonymity”, while making an anonymous comment. i merely point out their inconsistency. your obsession with me is pathetic. sack up, wimp. and for once in your life do something to help others.

    the situation in jamaica? that rich white americans have gone to jamaica to stir up anti-gay hatred, just as they’ve gone to russia, uganda, etc.

    and like i pointed out – it’s a political distraction. march against the gays to ignore your country has turned its back on helping your poverty levels and rampant crime.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Oooh we have gay racists AND gay separatists in one thread. What diversity.”

    Using Tyler’s posting name again, huh Rick?

    Rick, your brain is one mass of demonic diversity.

    I have an acquaintance who is familiar with Jamaica (atleast the big urban areas). He’s a lawyer for our city. He always thought the coverage of anti-Gay activity in Jamaica was exaggerated. He goes there twice a year for a couple of weeks to see his Jamaican partner/lover. Well, recently he’s made progress on trying to get his partner/lover here to the United States–which I’m happy about.

    I don’t know what the fvck to think about the Caribbean. I know that there are LGBT Caribbean folks there, and I care about them.

  11. Jay says

    Jamaica is a hellhole that should be boycotted by everyone, but especially glbtq people. I feel sorry for the gay people who cannot leave, but the only way their backward society will be improved is when outsiders tell them how unacceptable their bigotry is.

  12. JackFknTwist says

    I go the Caribb. a few times a year ( well, at least twice)……to US Virgin Islands…..St.Croix specifically.
    They have quite a few gay visitors and the place is safe and very beautiful.
    I’ve never had a problem there; and come to think of it there are many gay residents there as well.
    But I have only heard bad stories about Jamaica………it’s said to be very anti-gay and violent.
    i will not be going there.
    Of course Jamaica is ex- British and St. Croix is ex-Danish.
    And in St. Croix they are very proud of their Danish heritage with many Danes visiting every year.

    The 1861 Offences Against the Person Act was a British statute criminalizing male homosexuality (not female, Queen Victoria didn’t believe it existed)…….now still operative in ex-British Uganda.

    As someone else writes, “just saying”.

  13. JackFknTwist says

    It’s only hearsay, but I too have heard that the evangelicals have been active in Jamaica.

    The evangelicals seem to spawn on poverty by dishing up some delusional mirage that the hereafter will be worth all the suffering of oppression here and now.

    Evangelicals are the ultimate scum.

  14. Henry Holland says

    “sack up, wimp. and for once in your life do something to help others”

    Hahahaha, you’re pathetic, you failed actor. You and your sort are hilarious, thinking that just because you blog about something, you’re actually doing something. I was out of the closet while living on military bases where my Dad was stationed before you were even born, you loser; I got spat on while marching against the Briggs Initiative *in 1978*; I marched in Washington and other places when you were still in diapers; I’ve spent more time outside supermarkets trying to get people to sign petitions and getting yelled at than you’ve had hot dinners; I watched dozens of friends die of a hideous disease and marched and did all the usual ACTUP stuff while you were still in kindergarten.

    So, like, whatever.

  15. Tyler says

    Actually, Derrick, that comment really was me. Rowan is actually Rick, and was saying extremely racist things. Henry Holland was ridiculing the LGBTQIA acronym (hence posting gay separatist sentiments).

    But for a story that has very little to do with race and everything to do with imperialism and religious fanaticism, that the first couple of comments pinning the blame on race and ridiculing the smaller factions of the LGBTQIA community are an ironic portrait at the diversity of ideas that now populate this site.

    Sarcasm is hard to convey in comment form.

  16. apex says

    Who cares what Jamacians think? Or Nigerians? Or Russians? They are all third-world un-evolved apes who just want to thump their chests. As the anti-gay losers in the US get squeezed out, we’ll need a place to send them anyway.

  17. Henry Holland says

    “Henry Holland was ridiculing the LGBTQIA acronym (hence posting gay separatist sentiments)”

    If mocking the increasingly absurd alphabet soup that Professional Gays are pushing is “separatist”, I’m fine with that. It’s funny to see how people that spout that nonsense can’t even agree what the T is for, transexual or transvestive or what the Q is for, queer or questioning.

  18. Merv says

    It’s patronizing to blame the bigotry in Jamaica on the corrupt government and “rich white Americans.” Bigoted Jamaicans are responsible for their own bigotry just as much as governments and churches that encourage and take advantage of it. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of political science knows that political and “leaders” very rarely lead public opinion. They simply take advantage of existing bigotries. The lion’s share of the blame for the situation in Jamaica should go where it belongs: The bigoted Jamaican people.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    @ TYLER,

    thanks for the explanation. Sometimes I can’t tell who is who.

    Lord, I hope Rick hasn’t infiltrated my mind–you now, like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” Next thing know I’ll using a crucifix as a dildo.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    See it’s getting serious. I got “now” and “know” in the wrong spots.

    it should be– you KNOW, like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” And NOW, the next thing I’ll be using a crucifix as a dildo.

    It’s painful for me when I’m trying to make a cute joke and I fvck it all up.

  21. Henry Holland says

    Whatever, Bully Kiwi, I don’t give a damn what you think, I just have fun occasionally mocking you and your “Post the URL!!!!!!” nonsense.

    [Old Man yelling “You kids get off my lawn!!” voice]You and your ilk have your rights because of me and all the other people who are in their 50’s and older (I’ll be 55 in December) that did the boring, dull work of activism before you were even born or were still in kindergarten, just as I had the rights I had back in the day because of the Mattachine Society and Harry Hay and Frank Kameny and all those people. Just because you march in some corporate “Pride” parade or post your picture on some uber-obscure blog doesn’t mean squat. [/Old Man yelling]

    “Next thing know I’ll using a crucifix as a dildo”

    Ewwwwwww. :-)

  22. REALLY says

    I agree with MERV. This isn’t about race. These people are not the victim. They choose their bigoted lifestyle. Jamaica should be known as the island of hate.

  23. Jake says

    Little Kiwi, it sounds like Uganda, Jamaica, and Russia need you more than Toronto and New York. Send us a progress report as you march alongside your bothers and sisters with pride and battle those rich white Americans.

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    Um…before we condemn an entire nation could we TRY to remember that there are progressive Jamaicans, Russians, Mississipians…New Yorkers.

    Harry Belatfonte and Grace Jones have been supportive of civil rights for Gay people, and they are Jamaicans.

    Yes, this is a Derrick from Philly “Cum Ba Ya” momment, and I gonna’ keep given them.

  25. Rick says

    Thank you, Rowan.

    The homophobia one witnesses among blacks all over the world exceeds in viciousness and severity anything one sees among any of the other races. And it is entirely of their own making, not a result of “poverty” or manipulation by white Evangelicals or colonialism or any other factor.

    And only black gays themselves can change that, because blacks will not listen to white gays or even to white liberals (unless some kind of “deal” is involved politically that will benefit them) and, indeed, hate them even more than they hate black gays.

    But instead of facing up to that, like you just did, the Derricks of the world instead choose to make excuses for these homophobes and blame white people for all their problems……and white liberals encourage them to do so….

    A really tragic situation that will only result in the continuation of the status quo…

    And this comment was from me, the “real” Rick

  26. Anon says

    Thank you for making it EXPLICITLY CLEAR to the audience that you are NOTHING MORE than a common troll, – “I don’t give a damn what you think, I just have fun occasionally mocking you…”
    NOBODY will give you credence here.

    @DERRICK FROM PHILLY “…before we condemn an entire nation could we TRY to remember that there are progressive Jamaicans, Russians, Mississipians.” –
    When they manage to make themselves visible and make their voices heard not just to gays but particularly to their fellow homophobes, I’ll make a special point to remember them. Until then…

  27. simon says

    This Kenneth troll is on the lunatic fringe of the Republican party. To discount a person based on their race is out of the mainstream even in the GOP. There have been governors, senators, cabinet members etc of every race in both parties.

  28. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “And this comment was from me, the “real” Rick”

    Well, 3:30pm east coast time, and the medication wore off and now you’re wide awake and ready to post comments.

    What a joy!

  29. Rick says

    Kenneth’s point, obviously, was that Obama and the Democrat Party in general are doing everything they can to invite dark-skinned people from the Third World–virtually all of them intensely homophobic–into the United States–and doing nothing to enfore the immigration laws or protect the border–so that it can become an overwhelmingly non-white country and ensure them electoral success…..and that will ultimately destroy not only the viability and affluences of the country in the world economy, but will wreak havoc on the very gay white male liberals who defend such policies……

  30. simon says

    Wrong again. Bush did the same thing. Not just the Democrats. Your kind is a dying breed. There is a shift in American demographic. Even GOP needs “dark skinned” votes. Even the “dark skinned” Jindel and “not too dark” Rubio are forces to be reckoned with in the GOP. There is nothing you can do except whining or jump off the window.

  31. ratbastard says

    Jamaicans in general have MAJOR attitude problems. They essentially hate everybody. They probably hate American black people more than whites. Ditto some of the other islands.

    A while back I watched a documentary about the descendants of the white slaves in Barbados. Most were Irish, but also some Scottish, Welsh, even English. They’ve been given the nickname red legs which is similar in meaning to redneck. Most are poor outcasts and they are treated badly. These islands have a lot of growing up to do.

  32. Todd says

    Since reading past posts of courts ruling it’s legal for homeless LGBTQ to reside in the sewers,I can’t consciously see Jamaica as any more kinder than Uganda or any other African nation. Any sentiment of it being a nice place stops at the resorts door as you head away from the resort. I have talked to many people from Jamaica and as much as they try to seem nice I can tell they have a lot of hatred in them. Like many places it’s been years of religious indoctrinating, belief in male dominance and a desire to resort to whats necessary to preserve old ways. Sounds a bit like Haiti too.

  33. Alexander says

    I have to agree with merv. Uganda Russia Jamaica middle east…ok a lot of people wish we were dead and a lot of these same people are convinced that gay people are evil spawned from Satan and sign up their children…in short…most poor people are not very bright and are quicker to hatred and anger rather than to love and accept people bbecause life sucks and they need a scapegoat plus religious fervor it’s a bit of an issue but hey what can we do. When is our gay army going to come together and trash those who hate us. When will we be considered worth defending. So many days I would be alone defending my right to exist and nobody would stand up for me. I had to toughen up and defend myself. We have to work together love together and also fight together or continue to be disrespect…or worse…tolerated.

  34. says

    First off If Towleroad really cared about the Jamiacans who are LGBTQ and still live there they would post on how we could help them. As far the homophobia goes OH PLEASE some of your family members feel the same way as these idiots do. But ahhhhh it’s Towleroad and we all know once they post anything pertaining to being Black and homophobic Rowan his Mom and the rest of the Klan come a running. SIMPLY SAD! Don’t forget the hateful whites here in America you know the ones in Congress! Ya heard Towleroad?

  35. Justbeingreal says

    First off If CHOCOLATEBEARCUB really cared about the Jamiacans who are LGBTQ and still live there HE would post on how we could help them. As far the homophobia goes OH PLEASE his family members feel the same way as these idiots do. But ahhhhh it’s CHOCOLATEBEARCUB and we all know once he post anything pertaining to being Black and homophobic his Mom and the rest of the Black Panthers come a running. SIMPLY SAD! Don’t forget the hateful blacks here in America you know the ones in Churches! Ya heard CHOCOLATEBEARCUB?

  36. says

    Ummmm no you’re Justbeingreal dumb f@ggot posting under an assume name girl bye go slap your mother for having you. She should have aborted your dumb Azz! YA HEARD THAT! F@gs like you should be annihilated!

  37. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Rick, or rather the “real” Rick,

    Here is a previous thread that has comments with the name “Rick” attached to it, in which the commenter says that the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision was great:


    Later in the thread, you say that all those comments are not you. If so, then my replies on that thread don’t apply to you. On this thread, there is a more coherent comment from the “real” Rick about homophobia in Jamaica. This is getting very confusing. How can we tell if you are posting or someone using your name?

  38. Derrick from Phlly says

    @ “Don’t forget the hateful blacks here in America you know the ones in Churches! Ya heard CHOCOLATEBEARCUB?”

    Well, atleast those hateful Blacks in the churches vote for politicians who support Gay people’s struggle for civil rights and marriage equality. How do your fellow Klansmen feel about civil rights for Gay folks? Can you let them know that you’re Gay and remain a welcomed member?

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