Watch What a Pilot on Your Next 787 Dreamliner Flight Could Do (But Probably Won’t): VIDEO


Boeing showed off its longer, energy-efficient 787-9 Dreamliner at the Farnborough International Airshow in England this week, CNET reports.

The flight is an important moment for Boeing, which is introducing the energy-efficient 280-passenger jet to prospective buyers from around the world and to thousands of spectators. Boeing has customer orders for 409 of the 787-9 jets, but only delivered its first on Friday to Air New Zealand.

The plane is a crucial player in Boeing's competition with its French rival, Airbus Group. The two companies have been one-upping each other in recent years in the competitive "twin-aisle" segment for larger craft. Airbus began selling its gigantic double-decker A380 as Boeing was introducing its energy-efficient but much smaller Dreamliner, and now Airbus is countering with an energy-efficient craft of its own, the A350 XWB (Extra-Wide Body).

Check out some of its maneuvers, which we wish they had done with people and cameras inside, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Nat says

    I absolutely LOVE the wing swoop of the 787. So pretty! Don’t know if it was the camera angle of the drone they were using to film the 787 but that takeoff had me weak in the knees–so steep! Was sort of expecting a stall but apparently the 787 can have a high angle of attack.

  2. Andy says

    And if you want to fly on this wonderful aircraft, the shortest and cheapest route to do so is United’s Houston to Denver, $489 FIRST CLASS, 2 1/2 hour flight. (i.e., flight #1126 on August 12; search the schedule for different days)

  3. Thedrdonna says

    It’s a very pretty plane, but their ongoing problems with the batteries catching fire and the still relatively unproven nature of carbon composites worries me. I’ll stick to other planes for now.

  4. BRAINS says

    Hopefully, all the battery and associated excessive heat and fire issues have been worked-out and solved!

    Otherwise a beautiful aircraft, and a major step-forward in aircraft design and engineering.

  5. Steven says

    I am a pilot for United Airlines and I fly the 787. It is the coolest jet I have ever flown. I am having a blast flying this new jet. It is fuel efficient, and the passengers love the bigger windows, and the 787 is pressurized to a lower altitude, so even after a longer flight, you don’t feel as bad! The humidifiers help the air to be less dry. Yes, if you want a quick flight on the 787, fly on the flight from Houston to Denver or Denver to Houston. Have fun!

  6. BobN says

    Not sure what the FAA would have to say about it, but if an airline offered 787 flights where the plane did so some of the things it’s capable of, like in the video, I bet they’d be sold out.

    Of course, they’d have to modify the cabin so it could be easily hosed out for cleaning.

  7. BoeingBoeing says

    Gorgeous aircraft and stunning performance demonstration. Interesting how internationally sourced it is – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Sweden, UK – and domestically, from about 17 different states. What an impressive joint accomplishment – hope it’s a great success for all concerned.

  8. JSB says

    Very impressive, that 30 degree climb after takeoff took my breath away. I wish there was video of the inside during those manuevers so we could see what the passengers would see and feel. WOW! Good job Boeing. Was not surprised by early problems, planes have never been built in this manner before. Have you ever seen a completely new automobile design that didn’t have early problems? Planes are way more complicated!

  9. Manuel Atréide says

    Just a few words from France to tell you that Airbus is not a french comapny but rather a european group.

    Our A380 is truly stunning but your B787 is really beautiful. I hope to fly aboard one, someday.

    Cheers from Paris, boys !


  10. Vegas Dave says

    The take-off looked like the ultimate “E” ticket ride. For those of you who remember the “E” ticket. I want to ride with that crew.

  11. Bill says

    @ Nat : a 30 degree angle does not necessarily mean that high an angle of attack: you can have a high angle of attack if the plane is flying completely level. The angle of attack is the angle the airflow makes with the wing. If that is too high, the plane will stall, but a stall can happen at any airspeed with the plane pointing in any direction.

    For the demo, they probably had a relatively low amount of fuel and, of course, no passengers and cargo, which allows a higher rate of climb than normal.

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