Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Pledges To Stand Up To Gays, Immigrants: VIDEO


Arizona gubernatorial candidate Andrew Thomas just released his first campaign ad. It states, “he’s the only candidate who has stopped illegal immigration, stood up to the gay lobby, and opposed liberal judges.”

Thomas helped write Arizona’s infamous “show me your papers” law requiring police to racially profile anyone they suspect of looking like an undocumented immigrant.

In 2010, he resigned as Maricopa County Attorney to run for attorney general of his state and lost. In 2013, he was stripped of his legal license and disbarred as an attorney. AZ Central explains why:

Among the most serious findings were that he and his former prosecutors pressed unwarranted criminal charges, obtained indictments, filed a federal racketeering lawsuit and initiated investigations against his political enemies and those of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio from 2006 to 2010.

On the “Push Back against Liberal Bullies” section of Thomas' issues page, it reads:

Liberal professors and other zealots in higher education, subsidized by federal tax dollars, indoctrinate young people and stifle free political expression by conservatives and others at our colleges and universities.

Gay-rights activists assail anyone who believes in marriage between a man and a woman.

Unelected activist judges, appointed and egged on by Obama, rule by decree, gutting or throwing out our laws against illegal immigration.

Thomas ignores the fact that the judge who blocked key provisions of his “show me your papers” law was in fact appointed by former President Bill Clinton. And he has 

Not that it matters. Current polling has Thomas far behind Arizona’s other GOP gubernatorial candidates Ken Bennett and Doug Ducey — neither of whose websites even mention LGBT rights.

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  1. craig says

    Fortunately Andrew Thomas is an idiot and has no chance of being governor. He was a complete failure as Maricopa County prosecutor, was removed from office for abusing his power to go after political appointments, and was disbarred for what he did.

    This guy is lower than low, this is not surprising.

  2. gregor says

    The first definition of “assail” ( is “to attack vigorously or violently; assault.” I don’t think Edie Windsor or any of the plaintiffs in these marriage cases have ever done that. The second definition deals with verbal attacks — but that’s exactly what has been launched at us by Bryan Fischer, the FRC, et al. So it’s O.K. when THEY do it to us, but not for us to respond in kind? Hypocrite!

  3. jamal49 says

    You know, the whiny-con, Tea Batty, schtick just doesn’t work anymore…. “liberal judges… blah blah blah… stand up to the gay lobby… blah blah blah… liberals in higher education blah blah blah… liberal agenda… gay agenda… activist judges…. blah blah blah. My message to Andrew Thomas is: I stand up to Tea Batty extremist, phony-baloney whiny-con gubernatorial candidates. Usually I smack them square in the jaw. With gusto. Wanna try me out?

  4. TheOtherOne says

    Could his campaign graphic be any more openly racist and xenophobic? “No Mexicans in Arizona.”

    A shame that a state which enjoys such natural beauty endures such unnatural ugliness in the form of its ever-hateful residents.

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