1. Gombold says

    Yeah, yeah the Benham boys are idiots. But, not for nothing here, a lot of your readers are anti-abortion, and (I’ll go out on limb) most of us are anti-muslim extremists. Please be careful how you toss that B-word around. It pays to be smarter than your adversaries…

  2. JackFknTwist says

    Has this pair of Alice in Wonderland Central Casting dummies ever been to Omaha Beach or Utah Beach ?
    Have they ever seen the thousands of graves they so manipulate and exploit for some twisted comparison ?
    As for Braveheart the Movie….ha ha ha, Boys, William Wallace was a real person, and as pointed out in the post above, a gentleman of a noble house,……these two have seen the movie and that is the extent of their knowledge…..a roaring Mel Gibson…..with a catchphrase.
    The history of Scotland is both complex and detailed and long.

    It really is amazing that this kind of stupidity, of these two, gets the light of day.
    Are these two the new heroes of Normandy or the new William Wallaces ?
    The forced comparison is risible.
    So to use a phrase with which they might identify:
    “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

  3. Hun says

    Right, because the right way to take a beach is to get shot as soon as you can by running TOWARDS the bullets.

    With military strategists like that, no wonder the Americans are losing the Iraqi war.

  4. Deth says

    Every time I read what these twins have to say, I think to myself “This is incitement to violence.” Are they really looking for a gun-fight?

  5. McMike says

    Give me a break. I’m not sure which one is which technically but I can tell you exactly which one is David, the anti-gay one, because he’s the gay one.

    It’s a safe bet that’s David on the left.

  6. Bill says

    @Hun : if “taking a beach”, running towards the bullets probably makes sense because its most likely the only way of getting to something you can hide behind. If you just stand there, you’ll be shot for sure, and if you try to swim out, you’ll either drown or have to come back to shore eventually, so you’ll be a prime target even longer, and won’t be able to run as fast due to being tired and waterlogged.

    Until you get inland a bit, beaches tend to be kind of flat with nothing to hide behind.

  7. e.c. says

    Wait, didn’t they claim to love everyone and complain about being misrepresented as haters? Oh, guess that was just when they were trying to salvage their relationship with HGTV and their viewers. Now that that ship has sailed they are back to shill the faithful and make a buck with their bigotry.


  8. Isaak says

    Gombold: What the F are you talking about??? Maybe that’s just you.
    And to the rest who are posting about their looks, you really need to get a grip and leave the shallow pool.

  9. UFFDA says

    Dear brothers, any actual grownup knows perfectly well that no one ever arrived on earth through a virgin birth and somehow managed to atone for the sins of all mankind. It doesn’t make any sense, it’s completely unecessary, and it can’t be done. Doesn’t mean there isn’t some kind of a primal conciousness behind All That Is (I think there is) but it has almost nothing to do with the world’s conventional religions. Just grow up boys, you’re still on pablum.

  10. Jere says

    “and what I see before me right now are a bunch of people with some blue face paint on – so let’s go get it.”

    That’s called makeup sweetie!

  11. anon says

    They seem to think they deserve a TV show and the success that would entail. Where did they get such a sense of entitlement? From being rich pretty boys of the good breeding brought by an arranged marriage? Can anyone break through the attitude and whisper in their ear that life doesn’t grant you such privileges even though you might have been born on third base.

  12. kyle says

    They think Mel Gibson’s movie was a documentary, and probably laughed like crazy when Longchamps killed his son’s lover.

    If they feel so strongly about military right and might, why aren’t they in the Army or Marines? We’ve still got a conflict going in Afghanistan, and may have one coming soon in the Middle East.

  13. Bill says

    @CC : the twin studies showed that if one twin was gay, the chances that the other would also be gay is around 50% when they are identical twins and about half that for fraternal twins.

    So, if one of these two gets caught in a “Larry Craig” moment, you can make a pretty good guess as to the sexual orientation of the other.

  14. Bill says

    @UFFDA : the virgin birth, “Son of God”, and the “Star of Bethlehem” makes more sense if you look at the historical context. There was an NPR program recently discussing it (but only the “son of God” part).

    After Julius Caesar was assassinated, the Romans deified him, making his adopted son Octavian (subsequently known as Augustus Caesar, the Roman emperor at the time Jesus was supposed to be born) the son of a god, and that was one of Augustus’ titles. Latin does not have definite and indefinite articles, so “son of a god” and “son of god” are identical. Furthermore, there were some games in Caesar’s honor shortly after his deification and coincidentally, a very bright comet (negative magnitude and bright enough to be seen during the day) was visible for 7 days and during the games. The Romans took this as confirmation of Caesar’s divinity, and the comet was called Sidus Julium or Caesaris astrum – basically the star of Caesar.

    Since the emperor was called the son of a god, making Jesus the son of the god that created the universe gave Jesus a higher status than the emperor. And Jesus had his star to match Caesar’s.
    In that context, the virgin birth is just “Merely corroborative detail, intended to give artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative.” (to quote one of Pooh-Bah lines in The Mikado, and probably to add another 100,000 years to my sentence for being a wise guy, given a deity with no sense of humor as some Christians imagine).

    Remember, the target audience were a people oppressed by the Roman occupation, and something that seemed to put them on top would sell like hotcakes.

  15. Robert says
    I am surprised they have real estate licenses and they have the equal housing logo on their websites.
    Someone should call and complain and have their licenses revoked.

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