Bryan Singer Teases ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Movie Treatment


Bryan Singer posted his very first Instagram photo to Twitter yesterday; suffice it to say that the picture was rather apocalyptic.

It would seem as if development of X-Men: Apocalypse, the sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past, is well under way. The photo confirms 20th Century Fox President of Production Emma Watts’s recent assertion that Singer is definitely slated to be a very large part of the project. Singer’s involvement in Fox’s future installments of the X-Men franchise came under question after he dropped out of all press engagements for Days of Future Past in the wake of sexual abuse allegations earlier this year.


  1. johnny says

    Remember back when movies were made without first being comic books or didn’t have super heros? You know, like, when they made really good movies that had a solid story from great literature or even (gasp) just from scratch with no pre-existing concept or book?

    Wow… that must have been a great time.

  2. Nat says


    Remember back when people had differences in taste and opinions? You know, how gay men liked men. Straight men liked women. Some people enjoyed sweets. Others enjoyed savory foods. Or some people even (gasp) enjoyed BOTH!

    Oh wait, that still happens.

  3. OddBet says

    So, Johnny, can we assume that you are in your late 70s? The first Batman movie was in 1943, so you’d have to be at least that old in order to remember a time before superhero movies.

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