Propecia Causing Irreversible Sexual Damage To Some Users: VIDEO


A study in this year’s Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has found a fairly damning link between a sudden loss of the ability to maintain sexual arousal and even casual use of finasteride, more commonly known as Propecia.

Propecia-imageUsed to treat male pattern baldness, Propecia blocks the steroid responsible for converting testosterone into a hormone that effectively shuts hair follicles down. Similar to Viagra, which was originally developed as a blood pressure medication, finasteride was initially used in drugs meant to treat enlarged prostate glands.

As is often the case with drugs that are repurposed for their accidental, if beneficial, side effects, Propecia was warned to carry significant risks that were overlooked in the rush to market. Cases of decreased erectile function and loss of sexual sensation, two of Propecia’s more drastic side effects, are being reported in increasing numbers, according to AlterNet, even after patients stop taking the drug.

"I have spoken to several young men in my clinic in Kildare who continue to suffer from sexual anaesthesia and for whom all sexual pleasure and feelings have been obliterated for all time.” Said Dr. Andrew Rynne, former head of the Irish Family Planning Association. “I have felt their suffering and shared their devastation.”

Watch two news reports on the study from ABC News and NBC News, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Mike says

    “As is often the case with drugs that are repurposed for their accidental, if beneficial, side effects, Propecia was warned to carry significant risks that were overlooked in the rush to market.”

    As a former medical researcher, that’s a hell of an accusation. Towleroad becomes more and more like a cheap British tabloid every day.

  2. jamal49 says

    Great! So now we have a solution for serial rapists and pedophiles. Give them Propecia. They’ll have fabulous hair and they’ll lose their rampant sexual desire.

    Oh, Mike, Towleroad was quoting news reports that appeared in multiple media sources and seems to have significant veracity. Maybe you should stick with reading cheap British tabloids.

  3. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    In 1999, I bought a package of the generic form of the medicine at a Walgreen’s in my hometown. After sitting and reading the package, and the side effects it could cause, I took it back to the store on my way to work the following morning. When asked “why,” I said “it has too many potential side effects.”. They understood, and refunded the purchase price. In reading this now, fifteen years later, I am glad I listened to my instincts saying ” don’t bother. It’s not worth it.” Of course, seeing the health problems the other men are now having is truly sad, and I’d be devastated, as well.

  4. throwslikeagirl says

    I take finasteride for my enlarged prostate. I also have prostate cancer and am on active surveillance, as it isn’t pronounced.I still have sexual desire, but it’s very difficult for me to achieve and maintain an erection. I’m 65 and am on other medications that cause lack of desire and poor erections, so I can’t say this is a direct result of finasteride. I can say I function sexually, with a bit of difficulty, on a daily basis. There’s recent research that shows finasteride may diminish cancer cells in the prostate. Indeed, my Gleason score has gone down since taking it, and at my biopsy before last, there were no discernible cancer cells. My last biopsy showed very few.

  5. Steve says

    Rabastard, I don’t see how this could explain Little Kiwi’s attitude. If you have seen pics or vids of him, you can see that he clearly does not use Propecia. That hair is rapidly going down the drain, just like his career.

  6. JT says

    Wait…millions of men use Propecia each year, yet this study only included 54 males? Are you kidding me? This is why we should all believe, without question, that the drug causes permanent sexual dysfunction?

  7. RichB in PS says

    How old is this ‘report’? I googled to find current reporting details including when NBC and ABC would air their findings — found nothing that was current while most postings were dated during the year 2012.

  8. JEFF YORK says

    Duh, it lowers testosterone. If you use a testosterone supplement, it causes thinning hair on your head. A person with high or even normal high T levels will quite often have thinning hair or be bald. Didn’t doctors or lay people notice this without a study?

  9. americandreamer says

    I’ve been using propecia for years and it hasn’t stopped me from being a nasty top who can pound ass all night long

    I know a lot of guys who use it doesn’t prevent any of us from tag teaming willing bottoms here in Chelsea and out in the Pines

    If anything I’m a nastier top now than I was ten years ago

  10. steve talbert says

    They should take viagra or cialis

    Taking a med to counteract a natural body process for cosmetic purposes to increase the possibility of getting laid, results in not being able to follow through.

    Wasn’t that the point if the Gift of the Magi? Except with a negative twist.

  11. radioredrafts says

    This is why I so often adopt a “you first” attitude about this sort of thing.

    An repurposed blood pressure med as anti-baldness drug with unknown side effects? You first.

    A stop-smoking drug that can lead to thoughts of suicide? You first.

    GMO crops that hit store shelves after only the most basic testing with no long-term results known? You first.

    Why should I experiment with my own health when I have the rest of humanity to experiment with theirs first?

  12. emjayay says

    What Rod Roddy bought at Walgreen’s is not Propecia (finesteride). It is a prescription pill. You are probably thinking of Rogaine, which has cheaper non-name brand substitutes and is topical.

  13. Jim says

    I, like THROWSLIKEAGIRL, take finasteride for an enlarged prostate and have been since about 1995. Fortunately, I have not been diagnosed with prostate cancer and the medication may be the cause of it. I did notice some change in libido early on and lessening of sperm. But now I have some additional problems but age and other medication may be a factor.

  14. Me says

    I’m 31 and started taking Finasteride for some early hair loss. Before the drug I was always ready for sex. My boyfriend only had to touch me and I was jumping out of my undies. But, I noticed after a week and a half that my libido was low. On any normal day before taking the drug I would awake at full attention, but after taking the drug, I wasn’t aroused in the mornings. Even trying to get an erection watching porn felt like an exercise in futility. While topping my boyfriend I found that my erections weren’t as firm. I stopped taking the drug and after several days my libido a firm erections returned. Maybe I’m one of the 2% that reacts negatively, but I’d much rather have a healthy, robust sex life than a full head of hair.

  15. Robert says

    I love all the “well it didn’t happen to me, soooo…” comments. How scientific!!

    This is actually old news. People have been talking about finasteride’s sexual side effect for years. So glad I never stopped taking it. I’m 32 and sex is still getting better and better.

  16. Danny says

    PEOPLE! be warned this drug is too lethal only took a couple pills and still got the side effects after a couple weeks. I hope I havent ruined my chances of having a family. Balding sure sucks but have sexual issues just makes it far worse. Better to come to terms with this unfair hand balding has given us

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