Chris Christie: It’s Not Time For Republicans To Drop Opposition to Gay Marriage


Gay marriage is legal in New Jersey, and Governor Chris Christie believes that the matter is for now "settled" in his home state. But Governor Christie does not think it's time for the Republican party to drop gay marriage as an issue.

TIME reports that Christie, speaking to reporters over the weekend at the National Governors Association, believes that the U.S. "will resolve this [issue] over a period of time,” and that legal resolutions "should be done state by state."

While the Republican party could feesibly pick up many young voters if it decreased its focus on social issues, including gay marriage, Christie says:

I don’t think that there’s going to be some major referee who’s going to say now it’s time to stop [with the gay marriage debate]…Certainly I’m not going to, because these are opinions that I feel strongly about.

When he was asked whether the U.S. might end up gravitating back toward "traditional" marriage despite the current trend in legal proceedings, Christie said: “I don’t know, I don’t have a crystal ball.”


  1. Brick says

    When he was asked whether the U.S. might end up gravitating back toward “traditional” marriage despite the current trend in legal proceedings, Christie said: “I don’t know, I don’t have a crystal ball.”

    If he feels so strongly about the issue, why can’t he envision a future where everyone finally “wakes up” to his way?

    I’ll tell you why: deep down inside he knows he’s wrong.

  2. northalabama says

    he’s right – please don’t drop opposition to gay marriage, republicans. it’s one of the ways the rest of the country can watch hate filled bigots spew their oppressive, discriminatory policies.

    why not step up the debate? and please add more details about dogs and relatives. it’s best we all know how you really feel before the fall elections.

  3. Another Steve says

    He also thinks this is just a disagreement and that you have to respect people who “disagree” on same-sex marriage. That this is about people’s lives is incomprehensible to him and his ilk.

  4. Jere says

    It’s interesting that he is saying here that it’s not the time for the GOP to drop opposition to marriage equality, when that’s exactly what HE did in his own state. He dropped the case when he could just as easily appealed up to the Supreme Court. It’s a classic “do as I say, not as I do” stance. He thinks that southerners and midwesterners are stupid enough to not realize that and will vote for him in the primaries. Sigh, and maybe he’s right.

  5. Kema Choinach says

    “We need to focus on not stopping our opposition to gay marriage so that we can forget about scandals involving abuse of power for political retribution, incompetent cancellation of job-creating civil infrastructure projects, and misappropriation of transit funds to pay for things the tax increases we swore we’d never pass should have covered. Not that I know anything about these things – its all my staff’s fault. Hey, look – homos kissing!”

  6. says

    How many fat lies can he fit into one statement? (Many!)

    No, Governor, you don’t feel strongly about it; you never have. No, it’s not “at the moment” settled law in NJ, “absent a change in the legislature.” It’s settled law, period, and a change in the legislature wouldn’t change anything. And he knows perfectly well, even without a crystal ball, how this issue is going to go. He’s playing his political cards (the national ones, not the NJ ones), which is his only interest in marriage equality.

    Equally hilarious were Scott Walker’s statements insisting that only “the left” is pushing the marriage issues whereas Republicans “haven’t been talking about this.” Right, the Republicans are only interested in the economy; they’d never be interested in intruding on the rights of gay people or women, never!

    Expect more of this as national marriage equality gets closer and closer to being reality: Republicans pretending that they never cared about the issue, never tried to use it to score points with the homophobic base.

  7. jamal49 says

    OK, then, fine, Gov. Christie. You think you and your wretched Republican reprobates shouldn’t drop your opposition to marriage equality because “these are opinions that [you] feel strongly about”? Well, then, I won’t drop my nearly-implacable opposition to the diseased pestilence that is christianity and will work tirelessly to expose that perfidious religion as the cancer on American society and the American body-politic that I truly believe it is.

  8. says

    @Jere: True, he could have appealed it to the NJ Supreme Court, but he knew he’d lose post-Windsor because NJ (gay) CUs were clearly no longer equal to NJ (straight) marriages, which was mandated by a 2006 NJ Supreme Court decision. But, you’re right, it is ironic (and crafty–Christie’s specialty) that he’s encouraging other Republicans to do what he had sense enough to stop doing.

  9. Tre says

    As a governor, you don’t get to force your ” opinions ” into laws. Your job is to abide by the constitution, which protects all citizens from legalized bigotry and discrimination. Period.

  10. Richard says

    That phony slob will do anything to appeal to vicious social conservatives. As if he had even a prayer of winning the GOP presidential primary.

  11. John Freeman says

    “When he was asked whether the U.S. might end up gravitating back toward “traditional” marriage despite the current trend in legal proceedings”. That’s such a strange statement implying that traditional marriage is on the wane because same sex marriage is legal in some states. I’ve never seen evidence to that effect.

  12. bambinoitaliano says

    That tells you what an asswipe he is. Pandering to the extreme right for the vote tells you he’s not a man of principal. Well, thats a nice way of saying he’s a scumbag that cannot be trusted even if he try to sell you a car.

  13. Bill says

    We are well past the tipping point on this issue nationally, and Republicans who can’t let go are just digging their own political graves. (Please insert your own “size of Christie grave” joke here.)

  14. Bill says

    @ Bill ; (Note – I’m a different person with the same name) One would surmise that Christie is planning on running for president and is cozying up the right-wing crazies in the Republican party – the ones who show up in disproportionate numbers during the primaries. He’ll downplay the issue if he gets nominated, but first he has to get nominated.

    There’s a word that describes such people that is also used to describe “sex workers”, but in comparison at least the sex workers can claim that what they do is an honest living in comparison.

  15. Urbane says

    Bill, I think you are calling him a whore, a vote whore to be exact. Its OK to call it what it is. He really really wants all the crazy republicans that vote in primaries to know that he really really does hate gays, women, blacks, hispanics, young people etc. Really.

  16. Brandon H says

    Oh wow, I knew his head was full of fat, but I didn’t realize it was this bad. Wasn’t he supposed to be the “cool” tell-it-like-it-is and not concerned with social issues republican?

  17. JackFknTwist says

    And it’s not about differing opinions Mr. Christie.

    It’s about the constitutional right to equal treatment before the law.

    In other words, it’s not all about you Mr. Christie. Whether you have strongly held opinions or not is not worth a phuck; your opinion on our rights is yesterday’s bigotry.

  18. james street james says

    He says he doesn’t have a crystal ball but he has brass balls. He can stand up and lie like a rug (simultaneously) without breaking a sweat. Good political skills. Would’ve gone far if not for that darn bridge thing.

    That poor woman who used to work for him that he rolled over on, flatter than a pancake now. But there is Act 2 to look forward to.

  19. ToThePoint says

    He is just like 99.99% of the repug leadership. Say whatever works for the moment. Of course, that means at some point, what is said has to be a lie since the only consistent attribue is they LIE.

  20. Bob K says



    AGAIN the Gays ignore the catholic bishops behind the curtain!!!

  21. Bob K says



    AGAIN the Gays ignore the catholic bishops behind the curtain!!!

  22. Bill says

    @Urbane: I posted a reply with a cute story, but Towleroad either dropped it due to a server glitch or it was censored.

    There’s a good reason not to use particular words – you never know which ones will result in a message being deleted.

  23. Gay Guy says

    Being that it’s the law in the state where he’s governor, it is now his job to defend N.J. marriages. That means having them recognized federally and in other states. Failure to do so constitutes grounds for impeachment.

  24. says

    @GayGuy: Christie has no control over it. The marriages already receive federal recognition, and out-of-state recognition depends not on him but on other states and future court decisions. So he’s off the hook in NJ and free to speak out of both sides of his big mouth to falsely woo the zealous base. The issue is completely over in NJ.

  25. Joseph Singer says

    The only reason Christie is going after the “traditional marriage” side is that he’s playing to the conservative base for his prez bid.

  26. Gay Guy says

    Hey Ernie,

    First of all, he had the good sense to drop the appeal.

    However, the governor must defend the laws of his state, even when he doesn’t agree with them. He certainly has no right to undermine the marriages that he agreed to by not appealing!

  27. says

    I agree @GayGuy.

    I was just saying that he can’t undermine them even if he wanted to. Legally married same-sex couples in NJ get federal benefits, just like couples in all the equality states, and he doesn’t have control over that or over out-of-state recognition of the marriages.

    If he tried to prevent married gay couples from receiving the same benefits as married straight couples within NJ, he would indeed be acting in violation of state law–as far as I know he hasn’t done that. He’s just blowing political hot air about how the issue is settled, but maybe not … It’s settled, and he knows that.

  28. Martin says

    Why isn’t he saying for R’s to change, because he is the ONLY real candidate the “other” party has to defeat Hillary Clinton and he;s already in trouble with his own party about being “hand in hand” with President Obama on Super Storm Sandy…if it looks like he’s anywhere near the “MIDDLE GROUND”..he loses all 50 states because Conservatives don’t give a Rat’s Butt about Middle America !!

  29. Rob says

    Without abortion, marriage equality, and gun control, how else are they going to make working class voters vote for the interests of the rich? And ignore his stunning level of corruption?

    Doesn’t look like his weight loss surgery worked real well.

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