Colbert Rips Absurd Vessyl ‘Digital Cup’ Kickstarter Apart: VIDEO

Colbert Report on Vessyl

The Potato Salad Kickstarter project enjoyed its brief moment in the sun, wonderfully mocking the silly projects that sometimes wind up on the crowdfunding site. However, it was not so rare a project as one might think, and a great many are just as pointless but much more serious.

Steven Colbert, who is making the most out of his remaining time on The Colbert Report, spent time on his show utterly ripping one such project to pieces. The lucky project was Vessyl, a mug that can analyze the liquid poured in it and send nutritional info to the requisite iPhone companion app.

Snarked Colbert:

Wait…a digital cup that can tell me what's in the cup AND how many calories AND allow me to drink it?! That level of information was previously available only on the can you just poured it out of.

You can watch the video on Vessyl, and Colbert's companion project Toylyt, AFTER THE JUMP…