Colorado Attorney General: Clerks Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Are Doing ‘Irreparable Harm’ to State

In a filing this past Sunday Colorado Attorney General John Suthers called for the Colorado Supreme Court to put a stop to Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall’s issuing of marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

John-william-suthers-fullbodyUSA Today reports:

In an unusual motion filed late Sunday evening, Suthers acknowledged that a federal judge last week declared unconstitutional the state's ban on same-sex marriage, but said the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately needs to decide. The federal judge who struck down that ban last week also said his order wouldn't go into effect for a month, giving higher courts time to review it.

From the Attorney General’s office:

"Each day that one clerk continues to issue same-sex marriage licenses — and publicly declare those licenses' validity, despite the state marriage laws and the attorney general's statements to the contrary — greater social and legal chaos ensues because the public is left confused and uncertain about the legal validity of such marriages and the role of clerks versus the role of the courts or other government officials in determining whether to enforce state law."

Hall has stated that she will continue to issue licenses due to a Boulder County-specific exception has allowed her office to do so despite the state’s Supreme Court orders for the Denver County clerk to desist. Hall has yet to provide a comment on Suthers’s latest attempt to stand in the way of marriage equality.

Watch the Clerk’s Office’s official video announcing their support for same sex marriage AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Alan says

    How much taxpayer money is he going to waste?? Several courts have refused to stop Boulder from issuing Marriage licenses already!! Seems his bullying to stop just doesn’t work on some people and he can’t take it!

  2. JackFknTwist says

    This man is beyond contempt.

    As a lawyer he should understand that, contrary to what he says, each day that “Licences to Marry” are refused is a breach of the Constitutional rights of those applicants…..a fundamental breach.

    That breach of constitutional rights is tops any administrative difficulty he and his office currently has.
    The irreparable harm is caused to those deprived of their rights.

    Now , what law school did you go to, knucklehead ?

  3. Michaelandfred says

    So is he saying that the curcuit courts are obsolete? The vast majority if cases are never heard by the SCOTUS. Although not likely, there us always a chance that the court will refuse to hear the Utah case and just let the country work this out one curcuit at a time. The circuit court ruling is official unless the SCOTUS overrules it, not until they uphold it.

  4. Not My Monkeys! says

    Oh!….he thought you meant Circus Court! With kangaroos and $h¡t!

    I still don’t understand what damage, if any, is being caused, and how this alleged damage would be ‘irreparable’. Worst case: a couple gets a license, then a court later says it’s invalid. Badda-bing! “Damage” repaired.

  5. says

    Well, check out on RawStory how this dumbass just got fooled into going after Planned Parenthood b.c of a right-wing doctored video using a 30-year-old woman as a 15-year-old “plant.”

    Nothing he says should shock us.

  6. TonyJazz says

    Of course, this ridiculous argument just means that he doesn’t have a better run of logic against us….

    That is why we keep winning in the courts.

    The only logic against gay marriage is bigotry.

    Let two single adults marry who they want!!!

  7. Bernie says

    Another Republican AG crying wolf! It is fascinating calling marriage equality “Irreparable Harm.” I wonder what Mr. Suthers would do if there was a real irreparable harm to the state. And, I also wonder if Mr. Suthers puts as much time, energy and money into real cases that really do affect others.

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