David Letterman Walks Out on Joan Rivers: VIDEO


After discussing her combative interview with Fredricka Whitfield on CNN over the weekend, David Letterman takes a page from Joan Rivers' book when she starts talking about losing a Depends endorsement on The Late Show and storms out.

Unfazed, Rivers continued to interview herself: "How's your sex life, you old bitch?"

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. acorlando says

    The difference is that Letterman realizes he has jumped the shark and is bowing out gracefully.

  2. Phil says

    What was that all about?! I am scratching my head as to why he stormed off. Dave seems a tad out of it, I must say. Very odd.

  3. Cd in Dc says

    she finally got her own show on CBS, closest thing she had to that before was her talk show taped at CBS Studios.

  4. Kenneth says

    Say what you will, I still think she’s hilarious. She doesn’t bow to political correctness and nothing is off limits for her, including herself.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I was put off by the Michelle Obama flap and her diva fit on CNN, but I really enjoy her “In Bed with Joan” youtube videos. The Tabatha Coffey one is the best.

  6. mike/ says

    as i’ve said before, “i can’t wait to be 81 so i can say whatever i want & get away with it!’

  7. says

    You may not like her style but the woman is a comedic pro. I found that whole bit very funny. There is a truth in much of what she says altho we ourselves would never say it (Michelle a transvestite? Come on – she’s a BIG woman and could be mistaken but as First Lady we would only say something like that to our intimates.) For an old Jewish lady she still has that comedic gift.

  8. That's why the lady is a tramp says

    She’s an entertainer. I was entertained.

    Her shtick is to ACT like an unladylike embarrassment, whereas so many younger wannabes ARE an unladylike embarrassment.

  9. says

    @LJC – I KNOW! I was rolling with laughter at that line! Only Joan could say it and get away with it. So funny – and a great response by Dave to ‘walk out’.

  10. TonyJazz says

    Her comments to insult the First Lady were clearly done to get her name in the news.

    I used to like her….

    Sorry, Joan, that was a pretty pathetic move…

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    I wonder if Joan Rivers and Don Rickles have ever appeared on a comedy show– or “roast”– together.

    My, Lord. It would have been like Redd Foxx and Luanda Page. Oh, my.