Labor Department Announces It Will Provide ‘Full Protection’ To Trans Workers Against Discrimination

PhotoOn Monday the Department of Labor announced plans to update its enforcement protocols and anti-discrimination guidance, specifically where the rights of transgender workers are concerned, BuzzFeed reports. Under these updates, transgender individuals will now receive explicit protection from discrimination.

Said Labor Secretary Tom Perez of the department's announcement:

These changes reflect current law. In Macy v. Holder, for example, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concluded that discrimination because a person is transgender is sex discrimination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and Civil Rights Center, along with the Employment and Training Administration, will issue guidance to make clear that discrimination on the basis of transgender status is discrimination based on sex. While the department has long protected employees from sex-based discrimination, its guidance to workers and employers will explicitly clarify that this includes workers who identify as transgender. The department will continue to examine its programs to identify additional opportunities to extend the law’s full protection against discrimination to transgender workers.


  1. Rick says

    Laughable–nobody is ever going to hire a man wearing a dress and high heels and pretending to be a woman into a respectable position (nor should they), regardless of what some bureaucrat says they should do ….

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Laughable–nobody is ever going to hire a man wearing a dress and high heels and pretending to be a woman into a respectable position (nor should they”

    They hired J. Edgar Hoover, didn’t they?

  3. Jeremy says

    Wait, what happened to “we’re all in this together” and “don’t throw anyone under the bus” and “unless we’re all free, none of us are free.” What happened to the rule that there should be no rights for any one letter in LGBT unless rights go to all the letters?

    Oh wait, that rule only applies to LGBs. There can be no gay rights in America unless they come packaged with T rights. And gays are morally obligated to oppose any gay rights proposals that don’t cover transsexual pooping venue issues. But when it is the other way round, don’t expect trans activists to write to the Labor Dept. opposing any change that doesn’t include LGBs.

  4. Tyler says

    Rick, Bones, and Enchantra: Rick brought out three usernames and has taken up half the comments space so far in this thread. His pathological hatred of Trans people is all kinds of pathetic. But Kiwi and Derrick beat me to the punch on that point.

  5. Dave says

    The amount of transphobia here is atrocious. I’m a cisgendered gay male but how would you guys feel if people posted similar biggoted comments about us? It’s hypocritical.

  6. Tyler says

    Dave, you don’t seem to understand how Trollroad works. Rick comes here and posts several transphobic comments under dozens of different names. Andy refuses to upgrade the comment system to something that requires a facebook log-in or something of that nature. The transphobic trolling will continue no matter how hard we object.

  7. simon says

    You are confusing yourself with a transgender person. You are not protected if you dress as a woman to a job interview. I am not quite sure about your situation. Unless you have mutilated yourself.

  8. says

    Amen, Tyler. A simple switch to a new system and you’d get a comment section no longer derailed by one closeted homosexual man with no spine, using various screen names. This is officially preposterous. Nearly every reputable site or blog is updating. Towleroad needs to get with it.

  9. Dave says

    @ Tyler: I get it.

    Towleroad should do what Equality On Trial did and require a user to register, as you suggested. The admins over there changed their system largely because of a troll named TLkinSC that posted homophobic posts.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    @ TYLER,

    you know, that’s why Rick better keep his night job as “Madam Enchantra” I wonder what club he works at? He’s probably a street perfoming drag queen (with a cup to collect whatever coins he can). Po’ thaing.

    That’s why I said the other day that some Towleroad visitors feel kinda’ sorry for Rick. I’ve rarely met anybody who just loved being the villain very day. It’s crazy…well, he is crazy, and proud of it.

  11. simon says

    His stage name here is TKINSC. He is everywhere posting some third-grade comments though I guess he is an “adult”. He is most “interested” in gay marriage. I don’t know why.

  12. Bones says


    I’m a little offended that you’d assume my question was some sort of anti-trans insinuation. I’m not RICK or ENCHANTRA.

    It was an honest question. I’m glad that the department of labor did this for trans people by the way. How dare I not make that perfectly clear to the reader, none of whom cared to answer it.

    Maybe I could have made myself clearer, but from where I’m sitting right now based on your attitude towards me, what’s pathetic is that you didn’t care to ask for clarification before you labeled me one of RICK’s pseudonyms.

  13. Bones says

    Dear Tyler,

    Thank you, and I accept your apology :-)

    I personally view the Towleroad comments section as another manifestation of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, and due to the behavior of people like RICK, I myself have adopted the habit of regularly changing names. The UP-side is that trolls can’t impersonate me or discuss me when I’m not present, or target me for arguments; but the DOWN-side is that the good people here don’t recognize me and therefore can’t really give me the benefit of the doubt if I ever post an ambiguous comment. I chose a State of Nature over the Sucker’s Payoff.

  14. Thedrdonna says

    Bones, to respond to your original question, I’d say that in this one way trans people are “ahead” of LGB folks. That said, there are a lot of issues around trans exclusion from healthcare and that sort of thing that LGB folks don’t face, and I would argue that gay marriage is closer than a resolution to those issues. Of course, that’s comparing apples and oranges, but still.

  15. HAHAHA says

    RICK gets his “facts” from sports message boards. Enough said. He has yet to answer questions posed to him in the last Tim Cook story. Ignore the troll, he is a drive-by commenter who dislikes everybody except white, manly men.

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