Gay Director Xavier Dolan Releases Trailer For Prize-Winning ‘Mommy': Video

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At only 25, French-Canadian director Xavier Dolan has a whopping 5 films under his belt, not to mention various awards and accolades. For example, his newest work, Mommy was awarded the Cannes festival's Jury Prize this year. Dolan is also known for his previous works, which include I Killed My Mother, Heartbeats, and Laurence Anyways.

Check out the international trailer for Mommy, which was just released Thursday. The film stars Anne Dorval, who is a regular in Dolan's films.




  1. says


    This dude is the real deal – legit wunderkind. “Tom at the Farm” was incredible – an intense, psychologically disturbing and insanely Hitchcockian film – old school in its use of film theory, new school in its approach to character shadings. Brilliant.

    I’m so crushingly in love with this guy, its insane. He’s brilliant brilliant brilliant.

    cannot wait to see this one. #marryme

  2. Rowan says

    Urgh, I hate the theme music. Really ruins the clip. And isn’t French canadian crazy to hear!!??

    I understand French but I can’t understand them! It evens sometime sounds Czech!

  3. ratbastard says

    Yes Rowan, they do speak a very odd ‘French’ in la belle province. I can well remember as child watching American TV shows dubbed into ‘French’ on Montreal TV stations and saying WTF to myself.

    Is this guy supposed to be avante garde or something? Because, sorry to rain on anyone’s parade but he’s off by, oh I don’t know, 40 years or more.

  4. says

    He’s 25 ratbastard. And a brilliant and acclaimed filmmaker. You’re an internet troll with a fake-dead dad and nothing of worth to offer, at any time ever. sorry to rain on your parade, but he’s already done more in his life than you’ll ever accomplish in yours. and, he’s freaking gorgeous. how’s your crappy life going? still pretending your dad was killed by “blacks”? how nice!

  5. says

    I’m not the wimp who uses internet anonymity to spew his B.S.

    unlike you, i have balls.
    i love how you use my name, as if it would scare me.

    see? unlike you, i’m not a wimpy lil’coward. :) have a great day, alone! #forever

  6. MrRoboto says

    Tom at the Farm just played Outfest in LA last night and I loved it. It’s sad that it still doesn’t have an American distribution deal. Looking forward to Mommy now.

  7. Rick says

    Is this like the first time in history that anybody outside of Canada has ever paid any attention to a Canadian film (or a Canadian painting or sculpture or a Canadian novel or play or a Canadian musical composition)? (LOL)

    In any case, a film by a gay male entitled “Mommy” does not souund too promising to me……but maybe I will rent it if it makes it to Netflix just so that I can say that my mind remains eternally open….

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