Gay Males Choose Ellen Degeneres As Favorite Celebrity Product Endorser In New Survey

A new survey conducted by brand expert Jeetendr Sehdev found that gay men between the ages of 18 and 54 favor celebrity endorsers who are smart, female, and mature, all qualities possessed by Ellen DeGeneres, who topped the list. Her Cover Girl ads in particular were chosen as the demographic's favorite of the past year.

EllenDegeneresAround 3,000 participants were polled for the survey, and while Ellen was far and away the top-rated celebrity, other contenders included Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Bullock and, rather surprisingly, Johnny Depp.

Variety reports:

Advertisers are increasingly eager to attract this consumer demographic. In 2013, Witeck Communications and Harris Interactive estimated that LGBT adults are armed with buying power of about $800 billion and would soon exceed 16 million in number.

Widespread popularity is one attribute that doesn’t seem to be a major factor for this demo’s approval, as Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Hillary Clinton, Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum were identified as this group’s least admired celebrities.

The survey entailed asking gay males to name the three celebrities they most and least admired. Results were then assigned an index number and converted to a 100-pt scale, helping illustrate how these chosen celebs stack up against each other.

Respondents were also asked about their admiration for openly gay celebs. The top five were Degeneres, Jane Lynch, Rosie O'Donnell, Tim Gunn, and Cynthia Nixon while the lowest scores went to Ricky Martin, Portia De Rossi, Adam Lambert, Zachary Quinto, and Lance Bass. 

Head over to Variety for more statistical breakdowns and infographics.


  1. Rowan says

    Wow, gay men have chosen a woman as their no inspiration and then out of gay celebs they have chosen 4 women and one really camp asexual gay man….wow.

    I’m not Rick but why do we NEVER address this bizarre issue in the gay world?? WTF? You’re attracted to men but you are not inspired by them or even look up to them?

    Would it may sense that me as a black person ONLY found white people inspirational??

    You guys keep on comparing the black and gay issue…well answer?

    (P.S I say this as a dude who finds many camp/dandy guys more attractive then more ‘meat head’ men.)

  2. TOLD YOU SO says

    This is even more reason to stop with the insane notion that Blacks and Gays have ANYTHING in common! Not one person of color on the list. Gay men only see Black men as sexual items which is why I have little respect for them, if any at all. With all that’s going on in the world today, why are gays so trivial??? Oh yes, that’s right I forgot, because they are self serving narcissistic whiners!

  3. Princess Lardass says

    I would have chosen Mikhail Gorbachev.

    He’s smart, fun and incredibly sexy.

    If he endorsed a brand of dog food, I would buy it. And I don’t even have a dog!

  4. says

    Ellen ROCKS.

    Dear “Rowan”, reading comprehension skills, my dear. this isn’t about “inspiration” it’s about “celebrity product endorser”

    celebrity. endorsers. not “heroes and icons of inspiration”

    so check your pathetic knee-jerk faux-outrage and accept that you got your panties in a twist simply because YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO READ.

    with love, raymond

  5. johnny says

    Told You So: I don’t see black men as sexual items. Most of the black guys I know are either already coupled and middle-aged and overweight or I’m just not attracted to them for one reason or another. I’ve seen a few black guys that I thought “wow” and I also think I’d buy anything from Morgan Freeman because it’s like God telling you to buy it.

    As far as Ellen, I can’t remember any product that she has endorsed that men would buy…?

    My favorite celeb endorser would be Tom Hanks or Paul Rudd if they did that sort of thing. Should I now apologize that they’re white?

  6. emjayay says

    TOLD YOU SO: That’s ridiculous. Exactly which famous gay black people are you thinking of that gay men should rate highly as product endorsers? And since African Americans make up 12.6% of Americans, 12.6% of the group of gay men polled should be black, although I suppose a lower percentage of black gay men may be out. Are gay black men racist about black people?

  7. emjayay says

    Maybe Zachary Quinto rated low because no one knew who he is. He seems like a perfectly nice and intelligent guy. Did he do anything annoying I’m not aware of?

  8. Tyler says

    Speaking of people that don’t exist, here’s “styler” to offer his irrelevant comment about masculinity. Rick, why are you obsessed with masculinity?

  9. David From Canada says

    It would be nice if Ellen would wear something feminine once in awhile, such as even – GASP – a skirt or a dress. Even on Oscar night she looks like she’s doing male drag.
    At her age she needs to start dressing age-appropriate instead of the stereotypical ‘cool’ lesbian look.

  10. St.Eve says

    Hey David from Canada, show us a picture of yourself so other people can tell you how you should dress or if your ‘look’ is age appropriate – dumbass!

  11. Mark says

    Great study. I follow Jeetendr Sehdev closely. He told us about Jay Z’s downfall last year before it happened. He goes to my gym… Never spoken to him but I think he’s Australian or English :)

  12. Lymis says

    I love Ellen. But I have to be confused about a poll that found that gay men found ads for women’s cosmetics to be their favorites, and that somehow everyone is excited about reaching “this demographic.”

    You could make the most exciting, admirable, witty, captivating, and riveting ad imaginable with whatever celebrity you want – say, a naked Joe Manganiello – and I’ll watch the ad, but no way I’ll be buying the product. Which will mean, regardless of how entertained I am, that the ad failed.

    What’s wrong with these people.

  13. Rick says

    No surprises here–the findings just confirm what I have pointed out repeatedly.

    The vast majority of gay men–and virtually all effeminate gay men–hate men, including other gay men, at the same time that they idolize and worship women, even lesbians.

    This is precisely why they rarely manage to form or maintain any kind of successful relationship with another man–you cannot love a man if you hate men–and instead go from one empty sexual encounter to another, living lives of social dysfunction, replete with drug and alcohol addiction, high suicide rates, depression levels off the charts, and general unhappiness.

    And most pathetically, living their lives vicariously through women that are oblivious to them and often even hostile to them, out of a deep pathology of gender confusion and emotional damage–which almost always includes hostile relationships with their fathers.

    A truly sick bunch of people, sick and emotionally damaged like no other group in society–and until the underlying causes of culture of effeminacy are addressed, it is all likely to continue.

  14. garryo says

    What I find so interesting about this study is the implications for its target group: marketers. What actual products (including services), can Ellen, Oprah, Angie, Sandy and Johnny endorse that will sell and make big profits for their clients? What do gay men between 18 and 54 “need” that the members of this group can sell them? Covergirl makeup? House plans for a u-build in Montecito? A safari suit for those long humanitarian flights to hot countries? Maybe a space suit? Day wear in a pirate-drag theme?

    And what a coincidence that Towleroad posts this story on the same day that we’re given one linked to Neil Patrick Harris shilling Heineken Light beer. Whatever the respondents to Sehdev’s survey may have said about who they “trust,” there are some smart marketers out there who already figured out who can actually sell to us. Fascinating.

  15. Rick says

    “replete with drug and alcohol addiction, high suicide rates, depression levels off the charts, and general unhappiness”

    …..and, of course, rates of sexually-transmitted diseases, including the most fatal, that are also off the charts compared to any other group. Sorry for the omission.

  16. Bernie says

    Rick, you sound like a bitter, unhappy “ex-gay”, but regardless, your analysis is so off the mark and follows the right wing ex-gay talking points that make no sense.. and certainly are not what the mainstream scientific, medical and mental health professional community state…I hope you find happiness

  17. Rick says

    I don’t care about right-wing talking points, Bernie, and I think the whole ex-gay pheonomenon is a joke.

    But I cannot fail to see the truth about the gay men I have had personal experience of over the decades.

    Bitter or not, not a word of my comment was inaccurate–and you know it.

    And we can win all the political battles we want, but it will not change the underlying causes of the core self-hatred and unhappiness that remains rampant among gay men……whose greatest enemy continues to be their own souls…….

  18. Bill says

    No one seems to notice that Gaga was the least admired celebrity! Oh how the high and mighty have fallen. This brings me hope that she will soon be a cultural blip similar to the spice girls.

  19. Derrick from Philly says


    Lord, I’ve been laughing all the way through these comments. And, of course, finally Rick showed up…with the same ol’ jive sh1t.

    I think they should have a J. Edgar Hoover lookalike to sell high heeled pumps in an ad for transvestites.

    Wouldn’t that be grand (he said in his best Ruby Keeler impersonation).

  20. FakeOutrage says

    I think RICK is a rathe vile person, but in this case I think he might be right. I have personally encountered a surprising number of gay men who have incredible disdain for men…and yet, they are sexually attracted to them. Its like the straight guy who hates women but is attracted to them at the same time. Again, Rick’s comments are usually hate filled, but in this one instance I do see what he is talking about. It’s weird and ultimately never ends well

  21. Jerry 6 says

    What a bunch of confused and confusing comments. LITTLE KIWI, RICK, and the rest of the “Regular” commenters appear to not know what the primary story is all about. Well, welcome to the club! I have no idea what the writer was trying to achieve, either.

  22. garryo says

    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry… nobody gave you the crib sheets for how-to-read-Towleroad-comments? No worries! Something like 80% of them consist of: bait from lonely trollers; diatribes; non- sequiturs; irrelevant anecdotes (“My aunt had a dachshund and went to a PFLAG meeting in Poughkeepsie once…”)and completely irrelevant musings about me, me, me…. The other 20% are thoughtful, incisive, curious and if you’re really in luck, funny too.

    Your ‘sort’ time to figure out which are worth your reading time will increase quickly; don’t give up. One tip, though: if you’re going to sip something while passing this time, be sure it’s something really neutral, like red wine, with no bent elbows. The bellini-vs-beer gay police take these things oh-so-seriously. Enjoy!

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