Gay Marriage News Watch: Updates from CA, VA, CO, PA, WI, IN, FL, ID and LA — VIDEO


AFER's Matt Baume reports on the two Colorado marriage rulings this week, a victory in Pennsylvania from the U.S. Supreme Court, Wisconsin and Indiana's fast-track to a marriage decision, and a ruling expected any day now from a judge in Florida.  There is a marriage-related lawsuit in Idaho, and new numbers from Louisiana.

Check it all out, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Hrm says

    It it possible to ever post one of these update stories and not use a photo of this guy with his mouth hanging open? It’s the same every week. Smile or something!

  2. ben~andy says

    Styler/Rick/MaryM, would you like to open a shelter? Or maybe donate to one? The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center’s Youth Homeless shelter is two blocks from my house [about a football field away, in fact] and I’ve raised money for it, donated items that they’ve stated are needed by the kids and the staff, provided service and spread the word.

    You can carp all you want, but actually DOING something is what gets things done. That is a masculine viewpoint, of course. I know people who’d want to “talk about it” first, but heck, there’s a need and people doing the work so I give them as much help as I can.

  3. ben~andy says

    Oh, and I’m coming out as an absolute Matt Baum fan. He walked by the booth I was in at Christopher Street West for Pride in WeHo and I chased after him and was a gibbering idiot, but managed to speak.

    I look forward to his report every week. If I’m not keeping up, it catches me up of what to go and look for. If I’m caught up, I just like hearing about it all in one place.

    As is said on, Matt’s “Adorkable”. I can relate. I certainly was when I was his age and quite probably still am.

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