Gay Marriage News Watch: Updates From PA, KY, CO, IN, FL, MO, and CA – VIDEO


AFER's Matt Baume continues his road tour with 'Marriage News Watch' for the summer, this week appearing in Pennsylvania to get us up to speed on where the fight for marriage equality stands across the nation.

Attempts to overturn marriage equality in Pennsylvania continue to fail. A federal judge in Kentucky has ruled the state’s gay marriage ban is unconstitutional. The county clerk in Boulder, Colorado continues to issue gay marriage licenses while its Attorney General has asked the 10th Circuit to strike down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Indiana is on the fast track to having a review of its state marriage laws by the 7th circuit with briefings having to conclude by August. Florida had a hearing on a challenge to its ban on same-sex marriage. Jackson County, Missouri said it will not defend that state’s marriage ban. And in California, Terry Stewart, who fought for gay couples in the Golden State from 2004 all the way to the Prop. 8 case, has been named to California’s First Circuit Court of Appeal. 

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