‘Gay Shame’ Protesters Arrested At Prison-Themed Pride Party In San Francisco

Gay Shame protest

No matter what, everything is offensive to someone, somewhere, and this past Pride the San Francisco activist group 'Gay Shame' took umbrage with Kink.com's prison-themed "Prison of Love" party. Some 150 members of the group collected outside The Armory to protest, and according to Kink.com owner Peter Acworth the protesters were largely peaceful, if unruly, and offended that the organizers of the party would try "to [turn] these genocidal practices [of prison rape] into a cash-making joke."

However, as is often the case, a few people ruined it for everyone. They began harassing people on the sidewalk, punching security guards, smashing phones, and even breaking the collar bone of one bystander. When one Kink.com security guard followed a few of the protesters for the purpose of identifying them for the police, the protesters then threw objects at the guard and made violent threats, both felonies. Once the police arrived to arrest the assailant, two other protesters intervened in the arrest, which just so happens to fall under California's definition of lynching.

Mary Lou Ratchet, a Gay Shame representative, tried to draw a parallel between protesting a Pride party and Stonewall, saying,

Like the Stonewall rebellion 45 years ago, last night's attack reminds us how trans and queer people of color are criminalized and arrested for simply gathering in public space, like the 16th St. BART plaza [where the arrests took place].

The three protesters - Rebecca Ruiz-Lichter, Prisca Carpenter, and Sarai Robles-Mendez – remain in custody, allegedly on "trumped up charges." Ruiz-Lichter and Robles-Mendez's bail is set at $50,000 each; Carpenter's bail is $78,000.


  1. johnny says

    So, they’re both LGBT organizations but one is protesting the other?

    Sounds almost like GOP and the Tea Party.

  2. Carmelo says

    It sounds like Mary Lou Ratchet has been stealing talking points from Daniel Venereal. Incidentally, I noticed he’s, unfortunately, back writing here.

  3. Carmelo says

    It sounds like Mary Lou Ratchet has been stealing talking points from Daniel Venereal. Incidentally, I noticed he’s, unfortunately, back writing here.

  4. Qj201 says

    Yes a bunch of gay men having a fetish party thrown by other gay is EXACTLY the same as the Mafia owning a gay bar and NYC police arresting people for their clothing.

    These people don’t want a dialogue at all. They are the UBER LEFT who will dictate to others what is acceptable and correct. No different from the Tea Baggers.

  5. simon says

    According to Rick’s logic, the protesters are protecting the gay cause and “image”. The prison-themed party makes the gays look bad in the eyes of the hetero majority as if they don’t exist in the larger world. Maybe not exactly but a Roman orgy party may be fun. Never to one. Have seen it in movies of Fellini or the movie caligula.

  6. Zell says

    Well, the protesters sound unbearable, but it really is about time we stopped making light of prison rape (though “genocidal” may be a little much). Dismissing the high incidence of male in prison comes a little too close to “she deserved it” for my comfort level.

    The article IS badly written, TBD’s admonishment to Mike to “get a life” notwithstanding, so I don’t completely understand what was happening in the second paragraph.

  7. MaryM says

    This article fails to mention the trannie component of this pathetic protest.

    They were actually protesting the prison-rape of trannies.

    So this was a group of hysterical trannies protesting a gay party.

    Trannies are hysterical and homophobic and this story is further evidence of why aligning ourselves to this group of hysterical homophobic bigots is not good for the LGB community.

    Drop the T.

  8. anon says

    Well, that was confusing.

    Why would people protesting prison rape become violent? Doesn’t that go against their morals?

  9. MaryM says

    They weren’t protesting prison-rape – if they were then they would be protesting at jails or at a court house.

    This trannie group is called Gay Shame.

    They were engaged in a protest against gay people.

    Gay Shame is a homophobic hate-group, that just happens also to be a trannie group.

  10. Robert says

    Marym/Rick/Arsehol from Arseholvania –

    AH, so nice to see that the right-wing troll is still trying to sew discourse and destruction within the community by introducing Trans-phobia in an environment in which doesn’t exist naturally. Congratulations, moron, your attempted invasive species failed miserably.

  11. Qj201 says

    The trolls have a point. Its seems that trans lesbians have been behind the DIY internet bullying “activism.”

    In the 1970’s cisgender (stupid word) lesbians didn’t like trans lesbians participating in their organization because trans lesbians failed to check their “vestigial male privilege” at the door.

    In other words, now that trans lesbians are their “true selves” they magically have the “balls” or “chutzpah,” “arrogance” and privilege they could not seem to embrace when they were men.

    And let’s not forget that all these transbian activists are all white.

  12. oncemorefeeling says

    Between the incompetence of the posts and the predictability of the replies, this article on Trollroad is even more boring than usual.

    Does anybody except the few who find the trolls endlessly fascinating actually read what they write after the first five words?

    And why bother ever trying to decipher Villareal, who obviously has some serious blackmail material on Towle.

  13. oncemorefeeling says

    Between the incompetence of the posts and the predictability of the replies, this article on Trollroad is even more boring than usual.

    Does anybody except the few who find the trolls endlessly fascinating actually read what they write after the first five words?

    And why bother ever trying to decipher Villareal, who obviously has some serious blackmail material on Towle.

  14. MaryM says

    Calling me a troll is avoiding my point.

    This ‘Gay Shame’ group is a trannie group, who decided to protest prison-rape at a private, themed party, where there was no glorification of rape. That is no different to the religious fundies protesting.

    If Bryan Fischer formed a group called ‘Gay Shame’ then there would be universal condemnation of his bigotry.

    But because this hate-group is a trannie group, and because we are meant to accept these homophobes are part of our community, we are not even allowed to mention the fact that they are trannies.

  15. pete n sfo says

    Why is this article written with such a slant against the protestors?

    Can no one see that the protestors definitely have a point, regardless of whether things escalated inappropriately?

    It’s like internet-troll-mob-thinking.

    SFO pushes the limits of ppl’s understanding all the time & usually shows itself to be ahead of progressive thinking… are you certain that isn’t what’s happn’d here?

  16. MaryM says

    Actually the protestors have no point at all.

    If they have issues with prison conditions then they should be protesting at a prison or at a court house.

    Protesting a private gay party is an act of homophobia.

    ‘Gay Shame’ is a trannie hate-group made.

    Drop the T.

  17. crispy says

    But you are a troll, you are.

    You only comment about one topic, and rather than engage in civil discourse over a story that has merits on both sides, you simply post to provoke heated reaction. It’s the very definition of trolling.

    And, once and for all, can you clarify whether you’re a gay man (using a common woman’s surname as a handle, hello irony) or a woman? It matters since you constantly presume to speak for the entire gay community. Are you even gay? Prove you’re not a troll by setting the record, ahem, straight.

  18. jjose712 says

    pete n sfo: In fact i don’t see their point at all. It’s a fetish party for god’s sake not a manifesto glorifying prison rape.

    In my opinion this group take themselves too seriously wich makes them a joke to the rest of the world

  19. Keith says

    wait, i’m confused. are the “tranies” in all the replies, trans gender or are they trannies, as in drag queens? what’s a trans lesbian?

  20. Steve says

    (A) guys who go to a prison themed sex party are pathetic;
    (B) people who show up to protest a prison themed sex party are pathetic;
    (C) people who commit acts of violence while protesting a prison themed sex party are felons.

    You’re welcome

  21. says

    Ah, MaryM, you’re always a bucket of sunshine, as clueless and unintentionally comical as the Gay Shame group’s protest, perpetually making your silly leaps of logic to square with your obsessive transphobia.

    Ironically, you’re ripe to join their ranks. From their website: “GAY SHAME participants, when speaking to the press, always identify as ‘Mary’.”

  22. Derrick from Phlly says


    I know that you know that MARYM is RICK. He uses different posting names to comment on different Towleroad news stories.

    I don’t understand his strategy, but I guess it makes some fvcking sense to him.

    As far as the prison rape fantasy party: Gay men and Transwomen are in great danger in jails and prisons. Not only are we in danger from other inmates, the prison guards despise us. You see, beyond their anti-Gay hatred, we are extra work for prison guards. They’re supposed to protect us from being raped. We’re extra work

    Children, “Oz” was a TV show. It wasn’t anything near the real life horror of prison life for Gay men and Transwomen.

  23. jason MacBride says

    Some people appear to have too much time on their hands. I mean you – Gay Shame.

  24. Le_Tigre says

    Protesting against the prison industrial complex at a prison-themed dance party is like drawing attention to animal cruelty by protesting The Muppets!

  25. MaryM says

    I’m not Rick.

    Claiming that the large number of people who are appalled at the way the LGB campaigns have been hijacked by mentally ill homophobic trannies are trolls is avoiding an unpleasant truth – namely that the trannie cause was lumped in with the LGB cause without any discussion.

    And why are these homophobic trannies protesting a gay party?

    Because they are homophobes.

    Drop the T.

  26. MaryM says

    I’m not Rick, at least not right now. When I put on lipstick and frizzy wig, I become MaryM. And when I add a sexy low-cut ensable to that, I’m Enchantra. I’m the Victor/Victoria of transphobic, misogynist, racist trolls. It’s somehow the trannies fault that I’m completely and utterly insane and hateful.

    I’m Rick! I’m MaryM! I’m Rick! I’m MaryM! I’m Rick AND MaryM!!!

  27. Thedrdonna says

    FWIW: Gay Shame, as an organization, appears to be nominally focused on a sort of “keep LGBT weird” kind of mentality; fighting off the commercialization and corporate associations that seem commonplace now at Pride parades. If that kind of sentiment seems familiar, it’s because just yesterday Andrew Miller wrote a piece over at HuffPo decrying those same issues. There’s always been a tension between the more out-there elements of the LGBT community and the ones who can generally pass for straight in their day-to-day lives, and this group is just another iteration of that same dynamic.

  28. crispy says

    And MaryM evades the question.

    I actually don’t believe you’re Rick. There’s more than enough crazy to go around. I do, however, believe that you’re a straight woman who has no evidence to prove your claim that “a large number of people” oppose lumping trans issues in with LGB and that you have no right to speak for any of us.

    Drop the charade.

  29. says

    MaryM: Have you ever stepped out of the cobwebs to go to San Francisco? (TheDrDonna sums this situation up nicely.)

    It has a long history and is full of queer/leftist/radical groups protesting myriad things, some of them meaningful, some of them ludicrous depending on one’s POV. Reactionary groups like Gay Shame are a dime a dozen in SF and aren’t exclusively about T or trans rights at all.

    You’re just applying your pet issue (taking the T out of LGBT) to any and every situation where the terrible T-word gets mentioned. It’s the Sarah Palin/zoo animal approach to issues–tossing together inflammatory word salads and throwing them at the walls of your intellectual cage to score imaginary points.

  30. MaryM says

    Ernie, I don’t tollerate tranny propaganda. Why should I have any sympathy for a group of individuals that are inherently homophobic? The Ts weigh gay men down socially and legally. It’s time to cut the dead weight and leave these angry loons behind. There is nothing to be gained by aligning with these violent, mentally ill misfits.

  31. Rick says

    MaryM is right. The “trangenders” are inherently homophobic. This incident is just the most recent in a string of violent, homophobic behavior that trannies have displayed against gay men. Perhaps they resent the stature of gay men or our increasing influence in society. But the unconventional freakish sects of the Queer movement do nothing for us except scare away current and potential allies.

    And before the Canadian bully insinuates something terrible about my family or me personally, let me just say that the thought police that are “trans” activists are eroding the LGB rights movement. As MaryM suggests, for the rest of the LGB individuals to thrive in this nation we have to distance ourselves from the tranny fascists.

  32. Tyler says

    Rick, you agreeing with MaryM is literally you agreeing with yourself. If you’re trying to prove you’re sane, having bigoted conversations with your other aliases is not the way you want to do it. But whatever, troll.

  33. Hunter says

    I’m shocked at how transphobic some of the comments are on here. Very divisive and ignorant.

    These protestors seem at fault. But who knows exactly what happened. That doesn’t mean we should call them “trannies” and “transbians.” Very immature. Tranny, fag, dyke: these are words rooted in fear and misinformation. Don’t use them if you have any respect for the movement.

  34. Derrick from Phlly says

    @ CRISPY,

    if you don’t believe that MARYM is RICk check the last few comments on the thread titled “SAME LOVE”.

    He called me an “old black tranny-lover”–now, who writes stuff like that on this blog? LOL

  35. Derrick from Phlly says

    I’m sorry. The thread is titled “SAME DIFFERENCE” and also the title of the documentary. Andy (or his staff) posted it today.

  36. says

    Oh, MaryM, I wasn’t disputing your right to be intolerant or lacking sympathy. Make yourself miserable doing so, it’s none of our business.

    I was saying your comments are consistently so simplistic and comically bombastic as to be meaningless. (Unless, like Ann Coulter or Sarah Palin or what’s his name Bryan Fischer, your intention isn’t to make valid or rational points but rather to provoke and entertain through absurdity.) Gay Shame is no more representative of the movement for trans rights than Go Proud is/was representative of the movement for gay equality.

    The T has always been part of LGB–it just wasn’t always labeled as such. Saying that issues of gender identity and presentation must be severed from gay issues is far more homophobic than anything Gay Shame was up to in their misguided attempt to police sexual fetish.

  37. Moz's says

    Protesting against the prison industrial complex at a prison-themed dance party is like drawing attention to animal cruelty by protesting The Muppets!

    Posted by: Le_Tigre | Jul 3, 2014 11:12:11 AM

    best comment and most accurate

  38. Bill says

    From the Wikipedia page on “gay shame”: ‘They wrote that the “origins of the LGBTQ movement are revolutionary…Now, some of the same people who participated in those fabulous outpourings of anti-establishment rage tripped over each other on the way to City Hall to have their love blessed by Gavin Newsom, successor to Dan White and Dianne Feinstein, darling of the developers, persecutor of the homeless, and cause of Gay Shame getting beaten and busted by the cops on more than one occasion.”‘

    Of course, that nonsense didn’t stop Galvin Newsom from being in this year’s parade and didn’t stop anyone from showing their support of him.

    Meanwhile Scott Lively won the “Pink Brick” award:

  39. Pete says

    TheDrDonna – I agree with your observation about Gay Shame. It is primarily about fighting what they see as mainstreaming of LGB life. And I saw that HuffPo piece. I don’t know the writer, but his piece was consistent with the Gay Shame party line.

    The only thing I would add is that the Gay Shame folks are not so much focused on appearance or gender conformity. They may make a nod to that as a way to broaden appeal, but that’s not really what they care about or why they formed in 1998. If a transwoman is elected to head a group that supports LGB and trans military service, they would not consider that a good thing. If the leather community comes together and holds a high-profile, all-leather fundraiser for marriage equality, Gay Shame isn’t happy. If a gender nonconforming person employed by a federal contractor goes on TV and applauds Pres. Obama’s recent executive order, Gay Shame would be pissed.

    They are basically left-wing ideologues and “sex radicals”. So they care much more that 1) LGB values and institutions remain captive of their brand of leftism and 2) that LGB culture promote sexual expression that conforms to their ideology. With respect to 1), and in the examples above, they would insist that an “authentic” transwoman would oppose the existence of the US military, that the only “authentic” choice for the leathermen is to oppose the idea of marriage, and that the GNC person should not be working for a federal contractor in the first place.

    With respect to 2) Gay Shame’s view is that there is a “correct” form of gay sexual expression, and that is essentially anything that precludes a family – a stable, private sphere of life not subject to ideological critique and control. In practice, this means that they support life-long promiscuity (which involves no ongoing relationships, and thus no family) or communal living.

  40. Alexander says

    Happen to be good friends with a woman and her trans .gf of I believe 8 years one. I’m a gay man and I believe they are a beautiful couple and I admire their love for each other. Then again I have a life and a wonderful man to make love to whenever the mood should strike so….yes prison rape…and any rape is bad… violence unless in self defense…also bad.

  41. tad says

    See what happens when you cowtow to the anti-gay tranny set? They still hate you because you have a penis.

  42. TonyJazz says

    Just like GOProud doesn’t represent any of us (except for an extreme few), these protestors don’t represent the tranny community….

    This was a Pride month fetish party, and it had nothing to do with prison rape.

    Rape is bad, yes, but these protestors just looked like fools…. Too bad they did not spend their energy on something productive instead.

  43. Bill says

    @Perry: meanwhile the kink.com, the BDSM porn company sponsoring the party, got lots of free publicity, and far more people have heard about the party than would have if the protesters simply ignored the spectacle.

    The guys running kink.com are probably laughing their you know what off at their good fortune.

  44. Randy says

    Apparently Gay Shame IS gay shame.

    Shame on them.

    While prison rape is a legitimate issue (particularly for men, for whom it is considered an expected part of the punishment), prison sex is not prison rape, and neither are any of the other forms of play likely to have been associated with the event.

    Let’s hope they buy a clue before their next protest. If there is one thing the LGBT movement has been around, it’s the freedom to play however you want.

  45. iban4yesu says

    Both San Francisco Weekly and San Francisco Examiner are both crap at the end of the day, but quoting exclusively from the crappier coverage is simply malicious.( at least the Examiner’s is an actual news article/cover story, not a hallucinating babbling in a blog):


    the gist: There was no violence at the demonstration, says the Examiner. Only afterwards at the police belated quote unquote crackdown. By the cops, that is.

  46. MaryM says

    When was the national discussion among the LGB population about whether or not the T movement should be part of our movement.

    I seem to have missed it.

    All those people whining about transphobia here are avoiding the fact that a pack of violent trannies attacked a gay party.

    THAT is the trans commnunity.

    They hate us.

    We owe them nothing.

    Drop the T.