Homoerotic Showmance Blooms On Big Brother: VIDEO


Does Big Brother 16 already have its first showmance? House guests Frankie (who is pop singer Ariana Grande's brother) and Zach (a golf enthusiast from Florida) have formed quite the bond. Says Zach of his closeness to Frankie, "I like gay people. I'm straight and I only date women but Frankie is just one of the greatest people I've ever met."

Watch an official clip from CBS on the pair's PDA along with a fan-created montage of some of their most intimate moments, set to (what else?) "The Way" by Ariana Grande, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. GregV says

    I saw this on last night’s episode and am so glad that the stigma around both gay people and around male-male friends’ affection, has been in the gradual process of fading away.
    Around the same point this was shown in the episode, Caleb the young, Southern good-ole boy said in a heart-to-heart talk that he missed cuddling up and being held by someone and feeling loved, and Devin the hunky, handsome Alpha male of the house responded that he would “curl up with you anytime.” Caleb thanked him and pointed out tears in his own eyes.

    This is in contrast to a few years ago on the Real World when a straight guy who enjoyed the comfort of cuddling up with a male friend elicited laughter and whispers from the straight roommates… likewise on an episode of (the fictional) Friends when Joey and Ross started taking cuddled-up naps together.
    It takes a lot of guts and confidence to ignore the snide comments and do what you want to do.
    I suddenly admire Zach a lot more.

  2. Alexander says

    I don’t care what this is those too are so adorable. straight and gay bromance or new found lovers…maybe dude is really just that comfortable I’ve had straight male friends like this but i can’t help admitting some of those guys did cross the line into gay world with me more than once. Still love whether this is just a super strong friendship or these two are getting married next month,. I love it. ^_^

  3. IWorkItSoGood says

    Great to see. If the straight friends I used to know were a little friendlier, maybe I would still be friends with them. Glad that things are relaxing and getting better for some of us.

  4. wheelie81 says

    Hate to break it to you all, but this is all for show. Zack is playing Frankie like a violin. As soon as they get into the final 2, Zack is going to turn on Frankie like a wolf attacking its prey. He is a smart dude and knows how to play off the gay guy’s emotions. Remember, this is a show about last man/woman standing….not the Dating Game.

  5. Kevin says

    Actually just the opposite has happened. Frankie has turned on Zach but Zach isn’t aware of it. Apparently Frankie is the smart dude knowing how to play off the straight guy’s emotions. In fact Zach may be going home on Thursday night.

  6. GregV says

    @Wheelie81: Housemates in manipulative fake friendships and showmances often tell the audience-targeted asides what the strategy is. Zach told the camera he really does adore Frankie.
    In any case, that’s beside the bigger point. Whether a male housemate cuddles up to another male housemate because he loves him or because he just wants to get warm or because he wants to manipulate the guy’s feelings, regardless of the motivation we can see that we’re coming a long way since young guys would recoil in homophobic horror at any hint of affectionate proximity to another male.
    When Devin told Caleb he would “always curl up” with him anytime, Caleb said, “I would cuddle up in a heartbeat if no one was scared to cuddle. Just the thought of holding somebody, you know.”

  7. jeff says

    It is very cool how far we have come, thanks to our younger men who are letting go of the homophobia that our fathers instilled in us. In leaving hatred and bigotry behind, our sons, straight and gay will discover the freedom and joy of true brotherly love.

  8. BlahBlahBlah says

    I had a straight friend in college MANY years ago and we used to sleep together almost every night without anything sexual happening. I tried a couple of times and he said no but it didnt stop the cuddling. He is married with kids now.

  9. RR says

    Apparently, this is happening all over the country (around the world for years)with younger guys now.

    Younger str8 guys sleeping together, cuddling, actaully allowing themselves to be more affectioniate with their male friends.


  10. Samuel says

    If you don’t watch Big Brother, why don’t you skip the Big Brother related posts and spare everyone the comments about how the show is trash? Maybe the show is fine and you are trash?

  11. duane says

    This isn’t a romance. It’s a showmance. Not genuine at all. Frankie’s a show business phony who’s spent the past couple of days trying to get Zach evicted. And Zach is just playing for camera time.

  12. says

    Frankie has grown on me. He is more than a flamboyant personality and he seems to be a smart player so far. I actually like this season of BB a lot, but, of course, it’s still early in the game.

  13. Lisa says

    This just goes to show that sexual “preferences” is more of a spectrum than a discrete thing. To say anyone is completely straight or completely gay is a little naive. Let’s all just love.

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