Italian Mayor Gianluca Buonanno Wants To Ban Gay Kissing And PDA

Gianluca Buonanno and Putin

Well this is bound to go over well and not incite any sort of backlash: Mayor Gianluca Buonanno of Borgosesia and Italian MP for the Northern League has proposed penalizing any forms of homosexual public displays of affection, such as kissing, with a €500 fine. Said Buonanno (rough translation):

Gay kisses in public? No thanks. Not only. From today in my Mayor and MEP offices there will be a photo of Putin. I don't like that two people of the same-sex exchanges public displays of affection. It's a matter of respect. And I am convinced that is morally harmful for children.

Hiding behind vague conditions of "respect" and protecting children? Sounds Putin-esque, for sure.

Buonanno apparently has a reputation for showboating, such as arriving at the European Parliament in a burqa, using a bass as a prop, blowing soap bubbles, and shredding the European Union flag to use as a handkerchief. In other words, he's not such a deep thinker and is more of a hyperventilating grandstander of the Peter LaBarbera/Todd Starnes/Matt Barber variety.


  1. Rafael says

    What a flawed argument, heterosexuality was all I knew growing up and still I always felt attraction to my same sex. Hiding human expressions of love only help marginalize those who sympathize with such expressions.

  2. Pete says

    People like him need to demonize others in order to camoflage how irrational and harmful their political views are. It’s the same tactic the GOP uses – ignore the fact that we’ve bankrupted the nation while cutting taxes for the wealthy, look at those scary gays/transgendered/muslims etc.

  3. woody says

    the northern league is a right-wing racist organization that doesn’t only hate foreigners, they hate us southern italians.
    they may be worse than the national front in france and the BNP in the uk. i think we can safely write this guy off, most italians will.

  4. Paul B. says

    A quick google search and you’ll find out that this is just another wackjob…the cannoli variety…but nothing new. Mangia!

  5. Alex Parrish says

    I predict a summer full of Italian Kiss-ins in his district. I’d eager he’s going to soon see a lot more GLBT PDS than he could even imagine.

  6. wonderer says

    It blows me away how people like this get elected…I simply can not understand it.

  7. simon says

    Look at the US Republican party. They have Bush, Perry, Bachmann, Palin etc etc. It is because of their base which want to elect someone as stupid if not more stupid than themselves. They are not called “stupid party” for nothing.

  8. Brandon H says

    I would think the conditions of EU membership would prevent this guy from getting away with this sort of thing.

    Europe has it’s crackpots too. Russia too, but apparently they have access to real power sadly.

  9. Wow says

    I think we know what he does with that Putin pic when his office door is closed and his burqa comes off – grab the EU hanky!

  10. Randy says

    He wants to stop same sex affection? In ITALY? Where all the guys are touching and kissing each other?

    Might as well take away pasta. It will have the same effect.

  11. Johnnybegood says

    This ravioli was left out in the sun to long and her filling dried up. Sad for Italy really.

  12. TheSmokingMirror says

    Homophobes being allowed to speak publicly? No thanks. I don’t like that homophobes share their anti-gay propaganda with anyone at all. It’s a matter of respect. And I am convinced that anti-gay propaganda is morally harmful for children.

  13. Sean says

    Benito Mussolini would be so proud of that fascist savage. Why doesn’t he just round them and imprison them on island like Mussolini did. He clearly has the same barbarian “values” as Mussolini, does he want to hang like him too?

  14. Bill says

    @ Brandon H @ wonderer : keep in mind that this character is the mayor of a town with slightly over 13,000 residents. The E.U. will look at national policy, not the ramblings of some inconsequential character.

    With merely 13,000 residents, it is possible that this guy ended up being the mayor because nobody else wanted the job.

  15. bendskier says

    He looks like a closet case.

    He’ll have his George Michael gay public bathroom sex scandal in 3.2.1…..