John Oliver To Antarctica Tourists: Stop. Just Stop. – VIDEO

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John Oliver's Last Week Tonight has a very simple public service announcement to the some 40,000 tourists who choose to visit Antarctica annually: Please stop visiting; you are literally ruining the continent. Various forms of Antarctic tourism ranging from scenic viewing flights to on-foot expedition have steadily picked up in popularity since the 1960s. Given that humans by-and-large do not inhabit Antarctica, the land is as pristine as it is vulnerable.

Antarctica’s tourism board isn’t particularly good about communicating the damaging effects our collective interest in its seal and penguin population is having on the landscape, but thankfully Oliver’s team has put together a TV spot to convey just that message.

Watch the ad here AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Hun says

    Love, love, love John Oliver. He’s even funnier on his own show than he was as Jon Stewart’s stand-in.

  2. Arkansassy says

    I like John Oliver and I like Jon Stewart, but please stop with the ranting. You’re both smart and I agree with you both 99% of the time, but I’m so tired of the rants. It’s getting old. Please explore new ways of communicating your message!

  3. Matthew says

    Funny and intelligent rather than just the usual schtick that Stewart and Colbert too often rely upon these days.

  4. Matthew says

    Is everyone else seeing the Google ad for Antarctic expedition just above the video?

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    Arkansassy – let me see if I have this correct. You’re tired of the ranting, yet you opened the thread and watched the video. That makes absolutely no sense.

  6. Arkansassy says

    Yes, I opened the thread and made the comment so I could express my displeasure with the rants. I did not watch the video.

    And it makes sense that I posted here because a complaint about the incessant rants on another thread would not have made sense.

  7. Zlick says

    Well, then you don’t happen to know that this wasn’t a rant. John Oliver does do rants. This wasn’t one of them.

  8. Arkansassy says

    Yes it was. I watched it after my last post and it was a rant. Maybe not as loud, but in tone and delivery it is still in the same vein.

  9. james street james says

    Hey! What if YOU could help save Antarctica? Just buy ice cubes made from pure pristine Antarctic ice. Ten percent of proceeds to be used to relocate penguins.

    Get some before they are all gone! And never buy the yellow ones.
    Franchises available. Call for details.

  10. echoes says

    Wow… we really are pushing this hack hard, aren’t we? If I want to see a bad British comedian doing a bad British accent, I’ll tune in to his show. No need to showcase him every other day here, is there? Really?

  11. echoes says

    And PS to Mike In The Tundra – I didn’t watch this vid, either. You don’t have to watch to post here, thank God. ‘Cuz I don’t think I could stand another poorly presented, badly written screech by J. Oliver, with a delivery technique that just screams, “aren’t I just too hilarious?”

  12. Dback says

    Let’s not mince words: people need to stop having babies, or at least having more than 2 of them. It is flagrantly irresponsible in this day and age to be pumping out broods of 4, 5, or 6 kids–even if you can afford to care for them, they’re going to need more resources from the planet over their lifetimes than it can provide. We need to stop venerating idiots like the Duggars and call them what they are: selfish and entitled. If people really want to have children and save the planet, here’s an idea: adopt.