1. northalabama says

    “Dude on the left in the dark suit and blue shirt seems to know all about Grindr.”

    @jay – his reaction was too funny! 😉 and judy knew exactly what was up with the app, too! gotta lover her.

  2. Larry says

    Dude wanted his Bills payed and legally there’s nothing wrong with that, the other guy should have known better instead of constantly giving him the cash, that is why Judge Judy threw this case out!

  3. GregV says

    I don’t understand Judge’s Judy’s comment on the one hand that if he really wanted to make friends he would look for one of his contemporaries, like other college students his own age, and then use the example that if she wanted to make friends she would NOT look on a website for old Jewish ladies but would be expanding her horizons. (It would have made sense to me for consistency if she’d said that “I WOULD focus my search on old Jewish ladies who are my contemporaries and would NOT expand my horizons so dramatically.”)
    Did her attempt to support her assertion about making appropriate friends not instead contradict it, or did I not understand?

  4. GregM says

    Ken – Not exactly. If you win your case, the show pays the judgement and the loser may get some compensation. If your case is dismissed no one gets anything (except a trip to LA and all expenses paid while you are traveling).

  5. Bill says

    Guess Sterns should have gotten the loan agreement in writing. Then “Judge Judy” would not have been able to base a decision on speculation regarding who expected what.

  6. Bill says

    @Larry @Gregm: another possibility is that the two are still boyfriends and wanted a low cost vacation to the Los Angeles area (maybe centered around West Hollywood), and figured a grindr case would get them on the show due to sounding risque.

    Seriously, though, while I’ve no idea about these two guys in particular, I kind of wonder if some sort of game-playing is behind most of the cases that appear on such TV shows.

  7. Bill says

    @gr8guyca : most of what I know about reality TV is from reading about it, due to having given up on television years ago. I’ve only seen “Judge Judy” while visiting someone who had the program on, so my exposure to it is rather limited.

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