Here’s the Full Video of Kyle Kingsbury, the UFC Fighter with the ‘Legalize Gay’ Pink Underwear: VIDEO


Yesterday we posted a set of GIFs of UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury at a weigh-in over the weekend where he revealed a pair of pink "Legalize Gay" underwear in an amazing show of support for the LGBT community.

Now we have the full video.

FYI, Kingsbury unfortunately lost his fight, which was also his last. He retired immediately afterward.



  1. Matt27 says

    Still looking good, delicious and what a wonderful way to show support.
    The funniest were the tv hosts, so hetero normative until they read gay. Ups. What!?

  2. Gigi says

    Hot, yes. Advocate, obviously. My fav part of this is the expression on his opponent’s face. Priceless.

  3. McMike says

    What’s great is we have these hot as hell straight men on our side and fat nelly closet cases opposing us.

    Life would suck if the tables were turned.

  4. Dale says

    Only two days behind every other site posting this. You’re getting a little faster.

  5. parkrunner says

    I’m having breakfast with my mom in law, haven’t been able to stand up for an hour.

  6. Tyler. says

    Styler, the only troll here is you. And by “you,” I mean Rick. I’m just waiting for you to post another one of your comments about the inferiority of women. We all know it’s coming.