LGBT Activist Group Queer Nation Targets Jared Polis on ENDA


The LGBTQ activist group Queer Nation, founded by one-time ACT UP members, is targeting Democratic House Representative Jared Polis, according to their website.

Polis, who is a gay man, recently introduced two resolutions to the House floor as a first step towards triggering a discharge petition to pass a modified version of ENDA.

“Jared Polis and the Democrats are desperately trying to salvage a worthless bill, but a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig,” said Andrew Miller, a member of Queer Nation in a press release. “No version of ENDA will make LGBT people equal under the law. Only a comprehensive civil rights law will do that."


  1. John P. says

    ENDA needs to be scrapped and re-written to exclude all religious exemptions… not that it would pass. Bone-head would make sure it never gets a vote.

  2. saywhat says


    wouldn’t attacking someone who is not an ally be better

    wouldn’t going after repubs who want to take away our rights be better time, energy, and money spent

  3. says

    Welp, make sure you-all check out Gay USA tomorrow night. I’m sure Ann will be saying something about this, since she pretty much runs QN NY.

    (Thing is, what they’re missing is that this is a PERFECT way to trap the right-wingers in the House into getting them on the record as to voting against us. I know that Ann and Andy have been saying that the wingers could vote this thing up, but I doubt so if Polis forces it through.)

  4. Randy says

    Polis is a fool (or a tool). It will be near impossible to roll back religious supremacy.

    It’s a reasonable goal, and should be achievable, to simply add sexual orientation and gender expression to the existing civil rights act protections in employment, credit, housing, public accommodations, and so forth.

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