Matt Barber Compares Progressives To Murderers, Warns Of Christian Revolt

Ever since he stepped onto the scene, Matt Barber has always been "unhinged" in his rantings, putting him in a position that often makes Brian Brown come off more sensible, which is no mean feat. His latest screed, "The Coming Christian Revolt", takes that unhinged-ness and just rips the door out of the frame. In his opening paragraph, he compares liberal progressives to a sniper in a tower murdering random innocent victims:

Matt BarberFrom behind a smoking sniper rifle high atop his ivory tower peers the secular “progressive.” He surveys his many victims, strewn across the American landscape below and mockingly sneers, “War on Christianity? What war on Christianity?”

He then resumes shooting, all the while insisting that those uncooperative Christians who scatter for cover behind the word of God and the U.S. Constitution somehow suffer from a “persecution complex” (the baker, the photographer, the florist, the innkeeper, the Christian school administrator, etc.).

And it just gets nuttier from there. Logical fallacies are rampant, such as this "No True Scotsman" invocation:

Christians, true Christians – regenerate, Bible-believing Christians who strive their level best to maintain fidelity to the word of God and honor His commands – will not, indeed cannot, participate in, approve of, facilitate or encourage certain behaviors deemed by the Holy Scriptures to be immoral or sinful.

As are flat-out lies:

It is not done from hate. It is not done from bigotry. It is done neither from a position of superiority nor a desire to “impose our beliefs” upon others.

There are comparisons drawn between human behavior and physics – which as we've pointed out before is pseudointellectual claptrap; he aligns himself with the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; and even identifies with the civil rights movement as a whole.

Yes, the systemic and institutionalized denigration and oppression of people of color in general, and black men and women in particular, that largely has them relegated to unofficial second class citizen status even to this day is used as a parallel by adherents of the largest religion in Western civilization to being told that they can't enforce their personal beliefs on the populace as a whole.

Then it all ends with the threat of mass resistance from the "persecuted":

While there are those who will give way out of fear, weakness or a desire to conform to the world, there are many others who will not. Christians must peacefully come together, lock arms and redouble our resistance to evil.

Yeah…because religious extremists have done so well protesting peacefully.


  1. says

    Oh please revolt. We’d look forward to shipping you out of America or at least putting you behind bars for the rest of your lives. Treason is the worst offense and any revolt will be seen as that.

  2. Robert M. says

    Religion is the cloak that bigots and extremists us to obtain validity or a veneer of legitimacy. Rip away that veneer, and you have Matt Barber. incitement to violence cannot be proven from written words but. from spoken Television appearances, Mr. Barber should be very careful. I for one believe he has crossed a line and could be prosecuted..

  3. Enchantra says

    It shouldn’t have to come to this. Why is the LGBT community, that so often demands tolerance if not outright acceptance, so intolerant of others with differing opinions on LGBT rights?

    The LGBT communities bullish nature has forced the ultra-right wing christians into a madness.

  4. One of the CA 36,000+ says

    @enchantra: The “LGBT community” is a group of PEOPLE who DEMAND the full equality that the U.S. Constitution PROMISES us. We’re not demanding SPECIAL rights; we’re demanding EQUALITY with straight folk.

    The people fighting against us don’t simply hold “differing opinions on LGBT rights”; they’re trying to DENY US RIGHTS as well as TAKE RIGHTS AWAY FROM US.

    Damn right I’m going to fight that. And too bad if some idiot Xtianists get their widdle fee-fees hurt. Especially some doughy pantsload like Matt Barber.

  5. Bill says

    Barber’s inability to understand Newtonian physics is understandable – if you look at the bottom of his web page, he claims to have been a professional heavyweight boxer (curiously undefeated). That doesn’t mean his head didn’t get quite a few blows to it.

    One might surmise that the idea that he is brain damaged might be literally, not just figuratively, true.

  6. ben~andy says

    And another voter for the Arizona guy.

    Oh, and I guess Enchantra too, so that’s at least three votes he’ll get [unless Matt is arrested and misses out on the voting].

  7. Jere says

    X-tians can revolt all they want. They are still free to practice their religion as they please. They just need to understand that they don’t have the right to force their beliefs onto everyone else.

    Also, they should be more worried about the decline of membership in their cult. The number of Atheists has risen and more than doubled since 2008, from 7% to 15% of the population. Hum. More and more people are turning away from man made religion and total nonsense of believing that some magical being is controlling your puppet strings.

  8. Enchantra says

    Wow, you guys are so tolerant. You guys are displaying so much understanding and respect.

    Do you guys now understand why people like Barber are so worked up? If you can’t even be civil to the devil’s advocate, why should you expect patience and tolerance from anyone else?

  9. walter says

    i’m sick of all these bigoted christians using their religion to take right from others and tun claim to be the victims of persecution . these people seem to forget these is religious freedom in this country but that also includes people being free from religion

  10. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Enchantra,

    In your comment, you say, “It shouldn’t have to come to this.” In effect, you are telling us, “We Bible-believing Christians shouldn’t have to stop you, but you are forcing us to stop you.” That is the way most readers would interpret your comment. Now let me pose my own question to you because the question is implied when people engage in armed revolt. Do you think that you and your popguns are a match against the civil authorities (local, state or federal)? Huh? Care to answer that, Sunshine?

  11. woody says

    Matt, you just hate gay people.
    Stop hiding behind that bible you pick and choose from to justify your desire to see bigotry continue in America.
    I know you think ensuring that gays have fewer legal rights makes you superior, but that’s not going to last. On this issue, as on all others, this country will cede to the core American value that all men are created equal. You’d be much more comfortable in Saudi Arabia… just don’t bring your bible. They’ll put you in jail for that. I’m sure you can find a koran to hide behind, and you won’t have to worry about that silly old Constitution.

  12. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Enchantra… again,

    To put it more briefly, I think the first sentence of your comment (“It shouldn’t have to come to this”) is an example of bluffing. To spell it out, b-l-u-f-f-i-n-g.

  13. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Enchantra: Just more *bluffing*. Nobody’s convinced. You wouldn’t win; the civil authorities would win. Give up, Sweetie.

  14. stranded says

    I was taught by the SBC of old that Christians should exist outside of the secular world and not be part of it. They were to be a guiding light toward a nonmaterial salvation that led others to Christ’s grace. It was understood that they would be vilified and ridiculed but God would sort it out in the end. Not that my church lived by that code either, but the entitlement these people feel is not biblically justified. What we have instead is a bunch of people consumed with vengeance and retribution and crucifying themselves in mockery of the “Holy Spirit.” As I’ve said before, they are the pharisees of our time.

  15. John says

    Dear Mr. Barber;

    In response to your letter of July 19, 2014, and in due consideration of the facts mentioned and pertaining to all relevant documentation contained therein

    GET BENT!!

    The people of the Planet Earth

  16. ben~andy says

    Enchantra is a very odd name for a guy like Matt to pick. I see him as more of an Ursula.

    Enchantra/Matt, you have the right to express your opinion, but nobody here is going to listen to you. You have no power here. Begone before someone drops a house on us and hits you by mistake.

    God has such terrible aim you know. Always hitting a trailer park in the mid west.

  17. Bill says

    @Enchantra : Barber deserves to be laughed at for his misuse of Newton’s third law, which was definitely not meant as a metaphor.

    Judging from the pictures of Barber, the dude weighs in at a good 250 lb. That means the (downward) force due to the earth’s gravity is 250 lb on Barber. Newton’s third law implies that there is then a 250 lb upwards force on the earth pointing in Barber’s direction.

    Barber’s problem (metaphorically) is that he seems to believe that while he may be pulling the earth, people with whom he disagrees don’t, so the earth should move in Barber’s direction and drag everyone else along with it (he obviously would not count the force his feet exert in the wrong direction). And since the earth is not moving in his general direction, he feels “persecuted”.

    No surprise – fundamentalist Christians have a problem with the laws of physics, which they think can be suspended whenever it suits them.

  18. Chadd says

    Also, I do wish Towleroad commentators would just ignore Enchantra/Rick/Matt/Brian – whatever he is calling himself these days. Clearly the writer is an attention whore and commentators who respond to the stupidity are just feeding the ego. Enchantrick is probably so lonely that he will even settle for negative attention just to be noticed. Sad.

  19. Chuck Mielke says

    Mr Barber, let me repeat from the story, is not “warning” of a revolt, he is threatening a revolt; he is actually encouraging his supporters and fellow-travelers toward violence. This is a common practice with extreme conservatives: they suggest to their followers that violence is an acceptable action then, when one of their looser cannons goes off, they can tut-tut about “how sad the event!” how “I never meant…!” and how we’d all be safer with house full of bibles and guns and, besides, those sinners sure are annoying. Beware their words in a time when “urban” means “n*****,” “elitist” means “well-educated” and “special interest” means “anything I’m suspicious of or disagree with.”

  20. anon says

    If only he had grown up and had a normal sexual development and life. Instead, after years of unfulfilled lust he puts his resentments on the line in the form we see here.

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