New Mexico Mother Physically And Sexually Abused Daughter For Being Gay: VIDEO

Magdo Haro

A 40-year-old Las Cruces, NM mother Magdo Haro was taken into custody on Tuesday for physically and sexually abusing her 17-year-old daughter in response to her daughter being a lesbian.

The daughter's name has been kept secret to protect her. She alleges that her mother refused to let her wear "boy" clothes, forced her to undress in front of her, and then perform sex acts on herself to show "she was a woman, and not a man." The daughter complied out of fear that her mother would sexually assault her, as her mother allegedly said that she would use a plunger to make her feel what it's like to have sex. Her brother allegedly overheard the exchange and saw Haro undress her daughter.

Haro was arrested late Tuesday afternoon on charges of criminal sexual penetration and child abuse. She was transported to the Doña Ana County Detention Center where she was released three hours later on a $25,000 secured bond.

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  1. WOLF says

    What a monster. I don’t even… What mother does that?! You’re not a mother, you’re a baby incubator, you POS animal.

    Angry about sexual “perversion”
    Sexually abuses the “pervert”

    Because that makes any f**king sense

  2. Carmelo says

    This is fine! It’s just Latin culture! You white people have no right to get involved with this! I know white privilege is going to go in full effect here, but it’s just how we Latins are! It’s out culture. You can’t argue with that! If you do you’re racist.

  3. johnny says

    I’m not sure which is more pathetic, this woman’s abuse of her own flesh and blood or Carmelo’s retort in the comments section which has it’s own special brand of crazy circular logic.

    Agreed Wolf, and that was my first thought: Why would you do anything sexual to your daughter who you are claiming is perverted? Sad.

    If this is in ANY way part of standard Latin culture, then the entire culture needs psychological help and medication.

    The argument of “this is just the way things are” is such a huge fail. It’s like saying “Yeah, I beat my kids with a board, but that’s just the way things are here in Appalachia. Can’t be helped.” I mean, the woman threatened to put a plunger inside her daughter? Where, in ANY culture, is that OK???? Sickening.

  4. Gerry says

    Carmelo is full of…it.

    This is no more part of Latin (read “my”) culture than siestas every day. It is either snark or a blatantly racist attack.

  5. Joel says

    If that is your culture, then you have a terrible culture. But I have a feeling that Carmelo is not being serious. At any rate, this is the United States, not some third-rate Hispanic country.

  6. Carmelo says

    Haha Joel! We will take this country back from you gringos stupidos! Your culture will go away and you will suffer at the hands of your new brown masters!

  7. Rowan says

    LOL Carmelo!

    Not shocked-people are evil.

    @ Johnny, that’s awfully naive. How many people kill, cheat or still but think being gay is the most evil thing?? What she has done is very typical of trying to de-gay the child.

    Psychiatrists used to make women masturbate themselves in the 50’s to prevent hysteria.

    Many fathers regardless the class or culture continue to take their sons who are often underage to a prostitute who is nearly twice their age.

    All these are part of the culture that we have in society regarding being a real ‘man or woman’.

  8. says

    to Rowan’s point – a very good friend of mine was repeatedly beaten by his father for years, to “toughen him up” and make sure he “wasn’t a f@g” – my friend is not gay. Not at all. He was, however, not a boorish, misogynistic neanderthalian excuse for a man; and to his father that meant “probably gay.”:

    and despite growing up in a house of misogynistic anti-gay sexism, and faux-macho postured violence, my buddy has grown up to be the most caring, compassionate man – and was the guy who went with me to the gay bars when i was first coming out and didn’t have any gays to go with yet.

    break the cycle.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “…and you will suffer at the hands of your new brown masters!”

    A real Latino wouldn’t write sh1t like that.

    I don’t know who wrote that stupid sentence, but you know who many of us on this blog usually blame.

  10. Carmelo says

    We are already taking over your country! You stupid white people can’t keep up with us! We are breaking down your borders and making babies faster than you. You will all be speaking Spanish soon!

  11. ThunderCloud says

    The ‘mother’ monster should get f***ed by that metal blade dildo from the movie “Seven”.

    Dear Little Kiwi, regarding this quote fragment of yours, “…and was the guy who went with me to the gay bars when i was first coming out and didn’t have any gays to go with yet.” – That’s pretty great. Please don’t ever take it for granted. Unfortunately even the best straight friend I had would only TALK about going out with me to the bars, but never actually would despite my trying to plan it in different ways. I wasn’t ever really able to ‘click’ enough with the gays I was acquainted to build lasting friendships (think the little girl from the “No Rain” video by Blind Melon looking for a niche), so I never got to a point where I had a social circle including gay friends that I could go to gay venues with. So yeah, just to say don’t take your good fortunes for granted (I’m not saying you are). It’s too late for me but I’m glad that so many gay guys out there are doing well. :-)

  12. Maggie Gallagher! says

    Parents MUST be allowed to choose reparative therapies such as the Plunger Technique to help their children avoid deviant sexual lifestyles. This is a question of religious tolerance as well as respect for relgious-based parental prerogative!

  13. Bernie says

    This article is so hard to read and respond to. I don’t know how a mother could threaten a child with a plunger to “make” her straight-it is on the order of a corrective rape used in some foreign countries…a very barbaric punishment…I don’t know how the daughter could ever forgive this mother or if this is a forgivable act….and this is rhetorical….where/how would a mother even come up with something like this?????? Unfortunately, I know the answer and it is too painful and anger provoking to deal with

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