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Singapore Bans Two Children's Books With Gay Characters


Singapore libraries have withdrawn two children's books with gay characters, reports NPR.

In a Facebook statement, The National Library Board suggests that the subject matter of the banned books is incompatible with a “pro-family” stance:

"Young children are among our libraries’ most frequent visitors. Many of them browse books in our children’s sections on their own. As such, NLB takes a pro-family and cautious approach in identifying titles for our young visitors. In selecting children’s books, we sieve through the contents and exercise our best judgement. Parents can be assured that NLB is sensitive to their concerns and views, and their feedback."

The two banned books are And Tango Makes Three, inspired by two real male penguins who hatched an egg together, and The White Swan Express, about three straight couples and one lesbian couple who travel to China to adopt baby girls.

Homosexuality in Singapore is criminalized with two years in prison

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  1. Silly humans.

    Posted by: SpaceCadet | Jul 13, 2014 10:32:00 AM

  2. Chinks.

    Posted by: ceem | Jul 13, 2014 10:38:22 AM

  3. Chinks.

    Posted by: ceem | Jul 13, 2014 10:38:23 AM

  4. One word: CENSORSHIP.

    Posted by: macmantoo | Jul 13, 2014 2:05:17 PM

  5. Fags

    Posted by: asd | Jul 13, 2014 8:24:14 PM

  6. Fags

    Posted by: asd | Jul 13, 2014 8:24:20 PM

  7. Penguins

    Posted by: Alexander | Jul 14, 2014 3:46:33 AM

  8. Racism
    Ceem - you are sure that no books have ever been banned for gay characters in the USA?

    Posted by: acde | Jul 14, 2014 11:07:57 AM

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