Sweden Resumes Providing Financial Aid To Uganda

Embassy of Sweden in Kampala

Despite having previously rescinded financial aid to Uganda over their reprehensible and inhumane anti-gay laws, Sweden has relented and resumed providing aid to the African country. The Swedish embassy in Kampala says:

Sweden wants to help create better conditions in Uganda for sustainable economic growth and development. This is why Swedish aid to Uganda will remain substantial.

The Swedish embassy also said:

Sweden continues to support human rights and freedom from violence.

This will be an interesting feat to pull off given how Uganda's laws undermine human rights and freedom while encouraging violence.


  1. JackFknTwist says

    i’m really surpised and disappointed in this.

    The last thing Uganda needs is approval and/or support for its bigoted oppressive brutality against gays.
    What was Sweden thinking ?

    Where are the improvements in rights of gays to warrant renewed aid ?
    Where’s the evidence of improvement, Sweden ?
    It’s like rewarding Putin for his behaviour – and look what that has brought.

  2. Martin R says

    While the situation inuganda is deplorable, I believe that there is not and will not be enough international pressure to force Uganda to change its laws. As such, the best way to make society move forward is to continue providing assistance and aid. This will empower younger generations, provide better education and with time enlight them regarding human rights issues such as LGBT rights. Unfortunately it’s a process that takes time.

  3. Anon says

    @MARTIN R Continuing to provide assistance and aid is to maintain the status quo.

    I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here and treating you like you’re not trolling.
    Providing aid will do none of the things you said.
    What it will do instead is provide funding for all the oppression we’ve been seeing; police task forces shutting down HIV clinics that dare to treat men who have sex with men, pogroms that entrap gay people, pogroms that hunt down gay groups, litigating against gays convicted of ‘aggravated homosexuality’ etc.

    What Sweden did is despicable. They’re basically fueling prejudice the spread of HIV by funding anti-LGBT hate protocols.

  4. Rowan says

    The issue here that the Western progressive world fighting against anti-gay is seen as the West butting in.

    No other African countries or leaders are saying much. No African American millionaires/billionaires who take aid from African dictators are saying anything.

    And don’t the Africans say that they don’t want Aid to be cut?

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