The Most Shocking Thing Bill O’Reilly Can Find at the SF Pride Parade are Drag Queens Who Love Bill O’Reilly: VIDEO


Bill O’Reilly sends his correspondent Jesse Watters to troll the San Francisco Pride parade. Watters tries to get Gavin Newsom to call ‘traditional’ marriage supporters bigots, suggests Mark Leno’s pants are a bit tight, and tries to get a rise out of Nancy Pelosi while showcasing a few of the parade’s more ‘promiscuous’ characters.

But Pride parades have really hit the mainstream, and the most scandalous item that Watters seems to come up with are a pair of drag queens who “love” Bill O’Reilly.



  1. says

    Ugh, what pathetic trolling. You know, the funny thing with the “pride parades make us look bad!” ninnies is that they forget “whom” they “make us look bad” to. The Answer? People who choose to hate, and wouldn’t “like us” even if the parade was a collective of guys in Brooks Brothers suits marching single file.

    My parents attended SF’s pride parade in 1978 – whatever they saw that day only prepared them, happily, to welcome LGBT people into their lives, years before I was even conceived.

    It seems as if some folks think Pride is about “showing people how normal we are”, or some nonsense like that. And it’s usually the very folks whose Quest For Perceived-Normalcy has, thus far, yielded no positive results. At All. GOProud anyone?
    “Look! We’re not like those Pride gays!, so why do you still deny us ou our rights? Oh, it’s because hating Pride Gays is your excuse, not your reason? damn!”

    O’Reilly’s avatar failed to get the responses he was no doubt sent out for. Oh well. Go to some open-carry event next, Watters.

  2. Acronym Jim says

    What’s funny, is Jesse Watters could very well be a drag name.

    Portland has a whole “dynasty” of queens named Waters.

  3. says

    Pride Parades are an elective event, too. to experience what goes on and see a parade, one must attend. unlike Bill O’Reilly, who managed to sexually harass females against their will via his phone call sex-chats 😀

  4. EchtKultig says

    Not that you’d expect me to be a fan of Faux News, but that’s one of the most pathetic attempts at news show levity I’ve ever seen. It’s like…some d0uchey guy who have no charm and no charisma tries to imitate a John Oliver segment from Comedy Central. Producer/editors only interest is stringing together enough material to keep tea partiers just scared enough not to change channels.

  5. StevyD says

    Years ago at the SF Gay Pride Parade there were three different contingents that show the real benefit of SF Pride’s practice of allowing total diversity.

    One was the open car carrying Ruth Brinker. This little-old straight women (a true saint), single handedly began Project Open Hand, when she discovered that her gay neighbor was not eating well because of his HIV. The groundswell of applause, hurrahs, love and thrown kisses proceeded and receded from her appearance by a good half mile.

    Then there was PFLAG, whose contingent also received such a tremendous outpouring of emotion, love, appreciation, envy and peace. It was as if a tsunami of positive energy had engulfed us all.

    The last was NAMBLA, and the boos, hisses and catcalls proceeded and receded from their appearance by the same distance one could smell the off gassings of a hundred skunks.

    Of course, the homophobic right wing and fudy-christo/fascist coverage only showed one of these groups, and without showing the crowds reaction. I bet you know which one it was.

    The people of San Francisco and I, know the true and beautiful meaning of Gay Pride. Ugly hearted bigots never will and it is not in my power to change that. I will live my own true life as I see fit and only move them out of the way if they try to stop me.

  6. Randy says

    Eich didn’t “lose his job” over an opinion. He resigned due to total mismanagement of a PR issue resulting from his funding of an illegal law.

    Gay people can procreate, and all of our kids are wanted (and Australia study says they’re happier too).

    I would love to see a straight pride parade, provided it wasn’t really an anti-gay pride parade. Straight people have a lot to be proud of. Most people are straight. Just don’t be boring.

  7. Mike says

    It is interesting to see that O’Relly had to interspersed old cuts of Mel Brook’s first directorial effort “The Producers” film from OVER FIFTY YEARS AGO with a young and panicked Gene Wilder saying to the late Zero Mostel “Max, he wearing a dress.” when he saw actor Christopher Hewlett playing a WAY OVER THE TOP transvestite preparing to go to a costume party garbed as Marie Antoinette. Zero had hired him to ensure the play, “Springtime for Hitler” was a total flop. Of Zero Mostel, Christopher Hewett and Gene Wilder, only the later is still living at the age of 81. I doubt if the attorneys for MGM or Columbia Pictures will see use of their property as anything other than CLEAR violation of their ownership which they paid top dollar for.

  8. greenfuzz says

    The drag queens should’ve said they get dressed up as loofahs while watching Bill O Reilley.