UFC Fighter Weighs In, Reveals Surprise ‘Legalize Gay’ Underwear: VIDEO


Kyle "Kingsbu" Kingsbury had a surprise for everyone during his weigh-in before his retirement fight with Patrick Cummins in San Jose last Friday. As the clothes came off, Kingsbury bent over when he dropped trou and mooned the cameras and all in attendance with a pair of pale pink "Legalize Gay" briefs. That's a show of support one can get behind. *rimshot*

You can begin stalking Kingsbury on Twitter under the handle @Kingsbu.


(via buzzfeed – gifs via 827.tumblr.com)






  1. Rick says

    re: Unhappy woman. She’s upset because he’s drawing attention away from her knockers.

    And you think women are our friends? Women, bad, blah, evil, feminine, yada, etc., so on.

  2. 604brian says

    A new gay ally comes out of the shadows. And he will definitely find a ton of support in whatever he intends to do after retirement.
    Nice to see his (also hot) opponent smiling in approval.

  3. antisaint says

    No, really, does that hand gesture mean something besides ‘The Shocker,’ because otherwise I’m not understanding. Is that his way of saying he’s a straight ally and not into ‘legalize gay’ for personal benefit?

  4. Matt27 says

    Oh my my. I don’t think I have seen this statement in a better place than this hot man’s delicious butt. What a man, I mean alpha male and what a statement! I am sure many people there were not happy, but I am happy. Thanks, Kingsbu.

  5. Rick says

    The comment above was not from me, the “real” Rick, but, yeah, the woman’s displeasure is just another example of women feeling deeply threatened by the demise of a homophobic male culture.

    Men who are independent of women in every way pretty soon decide that they don’t really care what women think and no longer have to live by their rules……and it is obvious what will happen to the little missies when that does come about completely.

    With no way of manipulating men to their ends, they will be up a creek without a paddle.

  6. Tyler says

    Wow Rick (fake Rick?)/Styler is really out in full force today to double down on his anti-women, anti-effeminacy rants. I think he just found out he was left out of his daddy’s will.

    His daddy never loved him. But it had nothing to do with him being gay. It was because he’s a pathetic wimp with a teeny weenie and no social life.

  7. poppovovo says

    hey nasty bitter faggot queens. find something better to do than post negative whiny troll-like comments. it just shows how pathetic you are. it’s really embarrassing.

  8. Cr8chaos says

    “The woman in the bottom picture is NOT HAPPY with his underwear”

    She’s just pissed she didn’t think of it first. I have no idea who this guy is but 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink plus the briefs, this guy is bi ;P

  9. ewe says

    Excuse me but calling attention to the ass when referring to male he omosexuality which is what this implies is not helping equality. It is no different than the objectification of women who by themselves advertise such things as “juicy” and “cute” for example all over their back hinds. I am gonna pass on thanking this guy for contributing to negative stereotypes. Whether he is aware of it or not I don’t know.

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