Vikings Investigation Into Chris Kluwe’s Allegations Of Homophobia Nearing Close


Earlier this year former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe alleged that his contract was not renewed with the team because of his public statements in support of same-sex marriage. The Vikings have stated that their decision to let Kluwe go was due entirely to his performance on the field, a statement that Kluwe claims is false. Kluwe previously stated that were an independent investigation not to corroborate his claims, he would likely sue the Vikings. SB Nation reports that said investigation is nearing completion and the findings are soon to be released.

As The Viking Age points out, journalist Mike Freeman recently tweeted, "I'm hearing Chris Kluwe report could be released very soon and report is favorable to Kluwe":

“Favorable to Kluwe” is vague enough that it could mean a lot of things, but we have to assume that any report generally favorable to Kluwe is going to be generally not-favorable to [Vikings special coordinator, Mike] Priefer. And since Priefer stands to lose more than anyone else if Kluwe’s allegations are found to have merit…well, let’s just say if there’s anyone out there who has reason to be tense, it’s Priefer.

Kluwe made a name for himself in the movement for marriage equality, coming to the defense of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, a fellow advocate for gay marriage. Together Kluwe and Ayanbadejo filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in relation to Hollingsworth v. Perry, as a means to express their shared opposition to California’s Prop 8.


  1. edude says

    The connection between what Kluwe had to say and what then happened to him seems obvious to me.

    I don’t know about his game and I suppose one can never be truly, absolutely, positively SURE that 2 + 2 = 4, but I guess we’ll have to see how the math works out in this case.

    Whatever the findings, I appreciate Kluwe’s efforts, and his eloquence.

  2. Carlie says

    The Vikings organization, and its new head coach, chose to retain special teams coordinator Mike Priefer despite the allegation, which makes their position fairly clear. The only thing at issue is whether there is evidence enough for a civil suit.

    The NFL would like to pretend that because Michael Sam was drafted, they’ve progressed beyond discrimination. The Sam situation shows otherwise: teams violated its nondiscrimination policy in January by asking “targeted questions” about is sexuality.

  3. Henry Holland says

    Edude, I’m a huge NFL fan, “his game” was that he was a mid-level punter making more than the league average salary for his position. Punters and kickers are the most easily replaceable players on a team and when you add in his media whore ways (i.e. he’s a “distraction in the locker room”) it’s a defensible decision for the Vikings to cut him. It’s one thing to be a QB like Johnny Manziel, teams will tolerate *his* media whore ways to a point, with punters and kickers, there’s pretty much zero tolerance.

    Was there anti-gay crap being said in the locker room? Probably. Did the Vikings cut him solely because of his gay activism? No.

  4. northalabama says

    henry, i disagree. he was better than average, his performance was improving (long term), and his pay matched his performance for his position.

    there’s no doubt in my mind that if he’d kept his personal opinions to himself, or if he’d played along with the bigots, he’d still have his job. he received permission in advance for his actions, and followed their direction, until their requests violated his civil rights and cost him his livelihood.

    though he has little to lose, i admire his standing his ground, chasing those hypocrites into a corner, and i hope he carries this all the way and wins.

  5. Henry Holland says

    NorthAlabama, you’re wrong about Kluwe’s numbers. Some quick Googling found this at ProFootballTalk:

    “In 2012, Kluwe ranked 20th in net yards per punt, 24th in gross yards per punt, and 31st in punts inside the 20 yard line. Kluwe’s cap number in 2013 was going to be $1.45 million”

    They got in a guy from UCLA, Jeff Locke, who in 2013 was 18th in net yards, 21st in gross yards, 23rd in punts inside the 20, his salary cap hit was a million less than Kluwe. So, Locke was a bit better on the field, he was cheaper and he kept his mouth shut and just did his job.

    Plus, Kluwe couldn’t even make the Raiders roster, they too got in someone younger, cheaper and with better stats. I agree, if he kept quiet and just did his job, the Vikings probably keep him, but to blame that alone for why he got cut > couldn’t make one of the worst teams in the NFL is myopic.

  6. says

    It is sad that people are still clinging to the idea that Kluwe was cut for reasons other than his performance (that any actually wanting the truth can find out that his performance had reached a peak and was declining). Kluwe’s numbers were NOT improving. They were steadily declining. He was also expensive and old for his position and production. He was replaced by a younger player that cost less. (his numbers were a little bit better than Kluwe’s)

  7. edude says

    As I said, I don’t know about his game, or the other guy, Ayanbadejo’s, myself. However –

    From Towleroad: “Former NFL star and Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo spoke with TMZ yesterday (01/02/2014) and said that former punter Chris Kluwe is ‘100 percent right’ in his claims that he was fired for his gay activism, saying that given his record, stats, and skills there is no way that Kluwe should have been cut for any other reason.”

    From Wikipedia: “In February 2013, Ayanbadejo and Kluwe filed a joint amicus brief with the Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage, particularly in the case dealing with California Proposition 8.”

    “Ayanbadejo was released by the Ravens on April 3, 2013.”

    What’s that they say? Oh yeah: “Timing is everything.”

  8. Richard W says

    To not negotiate to see if he is willing to move to a lower salary suggests something fishy was going on. Whilst he may have got cut anyway it is pretty clear that there was a different agenda that guaranteed he got cut.