Waveland, Mississippi Mayor is First in State to Declare Support for Marriage Equality

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David Garcia, the mayor of the small Mississippi Gulf Coast city of Waveland, has become the first mayor in the state to publicly support marriage equality.

Said Garcia in a Freedom to Marry press release:

“We know many people in loving and committed same-sex relationships who are active participants in improving our communities and we’ve seen how important marriage has been for them and their families. Because I believe in fairness for all American families, I support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples willing to take on that commitment.”

In May, Garcia helped get the city to pass a LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.  


  1. Rick says

    So long as he does not impose his beliefs on his constituency, I’ll allow it. You can’t force people to accept gay marriage. Nor should you. It’s not the kind of normal that society will accept anytime soon and we all need to respect that. Then again, the Liberals that troll this site have no respect for conservative values. Or the will of the people.

  2. Rick says

    The comment above was not made by me, the “real” Rick.

    I will make note of the fact, however, that even though this story has been on the blog for more than an hour, the only comment in the thread was an idiotic one by Woody.

    You would think people would be patting this guy on the back, but they are not. By contrast, if the story had been about the same man in the same place making some kind of homophobic comment, you would immediately have seen 20 comments characterizing him as a typical, bigoted Southern redneck and about Mississippi (or Alabama or Louisiana or whatever state was in question) being a backwards place.

    Which just reinforces what I came to understand long ago–that the gay (and straight) liberals on either coast define themselves by their contempt for the heartland–especially the South–or more particularly, the white people of the South–and will take stands simply because they think it will differentiate them from that group rather than because they really believe in them.

    For example, do I think for a minute that most white gay liberals really want America to become a non-white majority country? Absolutely not–and the degree of racial segregation in the gay community underscores that–but they will favor amnesty for illegal immigrants for no other reason than the Tea Party and the majority of people in the Heartland are against it.

    They don’t want Republicans or people in the Heartland to change their views on gay rights and give up their homophobia–because then they would have the same views on things……and that just would not do if you are a snob in NY or SF whose entire identity is defined by looking down on the rest of the country with contempt.

    Which is really, really pathetic when you think about it……

  3. says

    Actually @Rick gay people have been patting Mayor Garcia on the back. If you look beyond the TR bubble, many all over social media, including myself, have been saying Bravo to him for taking this stand. Allies should be appreciated, wherever they’re from geographically or politically.

    I agree, though, that dismissing the entire South as a redneck backwater (someplace I’ll never go so who cares?) serves no purpose and certainly doesn’t help the gay people who live there.

  4. Merv says

    Rick, the tribalism among liberals, to the extent it exists, is in reaction to tribalism among Southern white conservatives. You can’t seriously try to claim that tribalism isn’t a core value of this group. The evidence: Past support for slavery and segregation, continued use of Confederate battle flag, obsession with religion (the ultimate form of tribalism), support for military adventurism abroad, rejection of science for religious reasons, support for mandatory prayer, etc., etc. There’s only so much nonsense liberals can be expected to tolerate before they respond in kind.

    I hope your comment about “non-white majority” was a joke. Even though I’m white, I have no particular attachment to skin color. The city I live in has gone from almost no minorities when I was a kid to about 40% minority now. It’s also become safer and more affluent. I would be perfectly comfortable if it became 60% or 80% minority, because I don’t associate it with loss, as some conservatives would have us do.

  5. Rick says

    No, Sergio, I have actually spent a lot of time in Latin America–and I don’t mean just Cancun or Buenos Aires.

    Enough time to know that the backwardsness of places like Guatemala and Honduras (and to a lesser extent Mexico) is due to the culture of the people in those places…..a culture that is incompatible with the high-achieving, essentially Northern European culture of the US and Canada.

    And all you have to do is look at the second- and third-generations of these people in Los Angeles and a few other places to see what the consequence of that culture is–as soon as they get citizenship, their laziness and lack of ambition becomes evident….and they are content to live off entitlements. They are NOT like the European immigrants who came to this country 100 years ago, not at all.

    And if that element becomes the majority in this country, we are doomed, because we will not ever be able to compete economically on the world stage with the Japans and the Chinas and the Germanys and the Russias, going forward.

  6. Rick says

    Yeah, I know Merv, the white liberal elite sit in thsir little concaves in Beverly Hills and San Francsico and Manhattan and Greenwich, Connecticut…..living behind walls and gates in their more or less all-white social worlds…..and, for the time being, they are doing just fine…..especially since the slave labor force they utilize provides their enterprises with profits that they otherwise would not enjoy.

    But you would do well to study that tribal white South that you have such contempt for and see what happens when the slaves start to outnumber the “masters”–and then get citizenship…and the kind of tragic history that unfolds in that scenario.

    The day of reckoning is coming and you will have nowhere to hide when it does. There has NEVER been a successful “multi-cultural” country in history and all over the world today, wherever you look, countries with diverse populations are embroiled in (often violent) conflict (of the sort that characterized the South during Reconstruction and after).

    You are kidding yourself if you think your halcyon little life will not be destroyed if the demographic trends in this country continue

  7. Tyler says

    Rick must be fuming that the great White American that he so adores is disappearing. Rick, if you hate minorities, please move to another country. Or just vent at your weekly KKK meeting.

    Equality for women? Equality for gay people? Increased racial diversity? No wonder you’re so mad. The groups you hate are gaining cultural, social and economic power and there’s nothing you can do about. Your impotent rage (thanks for that phrase, Kiwi) is transparent and hysterical.

  8. Merv says

    Rick, I can’t speak to the experience in Beverly Hills or Manhattan, but in my city the minorities don’t constitute a servant class. They are participating in the affluence just as much as the white people. Perhaps the notion that they had a right to treat a class of people as servants is what caused the problems for white Southerners in the first place.

    Of course there have been successful multi-cultural countries. Switzerland is an obvious one. The United Kingdom is another. Since you’re mainly concerned about Latin American immigrants, perhaps it’s worth reminding you that their culture is not so different. They speak a European language, often have European ancestors, and for the most part practice a religion brought over by Europeans.

  9. Nice says

    So one single homophobic, anti-gay Mississippi mayor has his $$$ CHA $$$ CHING $$$ moment and declares that he ‘understands’ cities are healthier when ALL families are protected.


  10. Sergio says

    Rick’s hatred of Hispanics, even to our faces, is simply breathtaking. Why would he feel so driven to slander us for nearly four paragraphs? Sky Fairy, please find this man a new hobby…

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