World Net Daily Columnist: Tony Dungy Is Being ‘Crucified’ For His Christian Views On Michael Sam


In a piece over at the loony conservative rag WorldNetDaily, columnist Carl Jackson defended Tony Dungy’s remarks that Michael Sam would be a distraction for an NFL team, saying that Dungy “had the courage to say what everyone else thought about the rookie pick.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 1.21.41 PMWrote Jackson:

“Make no mistake about it: Tony Dungy is being crucified by some of his colleagues in sports media not because they disagree with him, but like Tim Tebow, because of whom and what he represents – Christ, common sense, decency and objective truth. For immoral behavior to be accepted in any culture, moral behavior as well as the source of that moral behavior (Jesus Christ) must be demonized. 

He continued:

Do you realize Tony Dungy has been the only NFL analyst truly “tolerant” of Michael Sam’s lifestyle, despite his Christian worldview? He’s the only national analyst that has publicly treated Michael Sam “fairly and equally.” Why? He’s judged Michael Sam based on his capabilities and not his sexuality. Isn’t this what the LGBT community claims they want – fairness and equality?

Jackson also accused the political left and their “triune gods” (minorities, women and gays) of “emasculating” the NFL as evidenced by the league's use of pink apparel for breast cancer awareness, the exhortation of an openly gay male in “an otherwise super masculine sport” and now the “demonization of a coach that epitomizes what it means to be a real man.”

To find out more on what it means to be a "real man" in Jackson's bizarre, backward world, read his column here.

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  1. GeoffreyPS says

    I really don’t understand the tiresome use of the world “crucified” by the Christianists. Don’t they realize it trivializes a core component of their beliefs.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    The great new strategy :
    Blame the gays for bullying.

    Yeah, and forget the thousands of years of bigotry against them ;
    forget that we don’t want them being protected from discrimination in their jobs;
    forget that they aren’t allowed to marry/ or adopt;
    forget the merry pastime of ‘gaybashing’….are you listening Australia ?
    Oh, oh, oh, we are being crucified because of our deeply held religious beliefs.

    Oh just phuck off with your coordinated talking points.

  3. Rowan says

    Blah. Blah. Blah.

    Why give these meat-heads airtime?

    I’m sure if you polled most lgbtq people they would still think Madonna, Gaga and Beyonce are braver then Sam.

  4. says

    And Dungy should be crucified for his bigoted Christian statements. What is it that the Religious Right don’t understand about bigotry? Tony Dungy should have no voice in today’s NFL – none whatsoever and those who support the Christian attitude should be thrown out of all sports all together (as well as this country). This is America. Land of the free. Equality is the law of the land. Bigoted religious views are not.

  5. northalabama says

    tony dungy is being criticized for his hypocrisy, *not* his beliefs.

    these religianity freaks have found a way to accept wife beaters, adulterers, alcoholics, drug abusers, and countless others arrested for violent crimes into the nfl. but when one man loves another? well, that’s just over the line…it’s a “distraction”. tony dungy’s a hypocrite, and has been rightfully called out for it.

  6. ToThePoint says

    Dungy is actually succeeding in creating the “distraction”. This is EXACTLT what his intentions are – to create havoc in the acceptance of us in mainstream society. After all, his god prevents him from letting everyone live and let live. Cunning peice of work, this one is!

  7. Icebloo says

    I long for the day when it is legal for us to actually crucify all the “Christians” and the Muslims and the Jewish and the Hindus and all the rest of the mentally weak sheep who believe in all of this fairytale religious bs which ends up ruining everyone else’s lives & drags us into endless wars !

  8. Mike says

    Again, it’s a very simple rule: if you act like an @sshole, people will treat you like an @sshole. Dungy said nasty things and now he’s paying the price for it. Had he said the same thing about any other group of people, he would have probably been fired (like when ESPN fired a known racist for making racist comments about a certain Eagles QB). Why are these Christians so shocked by the reaction of everyone when say these things? Everyone sees these comments for what they are, and just because you have the Jesus, it doesn’t make it OK for you to be rude in civil society.

  9. Pandion says

    By reading the rants of these lunatics, one can only conclude that they badly need a psychoanalyst. This one certainly has patent insecurities about his masculinity.

  10. Troy says

    I actually like how pointy Dungy’s head is because it gives evidence Coneheads do exist and don’t have to make sense here on earth; All praises due to the church of Saturday Night Live!

  11. jjose712 says

    Given the criminal record of some NFL players they don’t seem emasculated enough.

    I like what John Amaechi said about Dungy, he only wanted headlines, he said something to catch attention but something that he could easily retract.

    And frankly, i’m not american, but apart from being a critizise a little bit, i didn’t see any crucifying.
    Some people on NFL doesn’t seem to fear that much gays reactions, at least not New York Giants

  12. Just_a_guy says

    dungy: leave Sam alone and let him play. Ditto for the other perpetrators of the media circus around Sam. Stop distracting Sam with this no sensense.

    Also, I’ve not trusted Dungy for years, and these remarks only corroborate that Tony Dungy is immorally antigay. We all knew that already.

    If Dungy thought players couldn’t survive media attention, he would never have been such an advocate for Michael Vick’s return. He can’t now claim the opposite logic should cut against Sam. Hypocrite.

  13. SoLeftImRight says

    Dungy is an extremist religious wack job and anti-gay bigot. His son (rumored to have possibly been gay, but that is obviously totally unsubstantiated) committee suicide. I’m sure the religious madness caused no pressure in leading to that tragic end.

  14. Matt says

    The hypocrisy leaves me breathless. Tebow and Sam stand out for different reasons (overt Christianity and openly gay). When Tebow is called a distraction, they cry foul; when Sam is called a distraction, they defend it as bravery and standing on Christian principle.

  15. dommyluc says

    Well, I’d hate to see the WND proven wrong, so if need be I have a few 2x4s and some good long nails in the shed they can borrow. And I’ll nail his ass to the boards myself if they don’t have the time.

  16. Bernie says

    Yes, they are playing the victim card and the religion card! It is the last paragraph that tells the real story; gay men are not real men and gay men are feminizing football! This has nothing to do with religion…that is pure homophobia and bigotry….so the religion card does NOT fly with this story…..

  17. Constitutional Convention 2016 says

    I don’t think Christians should be crucified. But I do think that they should be licensed. If a person has to have a license to cut your hair, or do your nails, or groom your chihuahua, then SURELY they should have to be licensed to offer objective truths about eternal life. Am I right?

    American Christians are the worst and foremost abusers of religious freedom in the United States, pushing the envelope to transform ‘liberty’ into ‘privilege’. The Far Right Fundamentalist Evangelical extremists are giving Christianity a bad name. We really need to sit down and re-think our nation’s constitution, and update it to reflect that with rights come responsibilities. If they want to remain free from taxes, then they should have to follow the laws in terms of respecting employment law and insurance mandates, and NOT preaching hate, intolerance and violence against women, racial minorities, religious minorities and LGBTs.

  18. simon says

    Constitutional Convention 2016:
    Probably not a good idea. Who will sit at the license board? It sounds like the Inquisition’s office of the Catholic Church.

  19. Bill says

    Well Jackson probably has one slightly valid point when he complained (assuming it is true) that Keith Olbermann called Dungy “the worst person in the sports world.” Olbermann should have reworded that by calling Dungy “the worst person caught so far in the sports world.” After all, there could be far worse who simply haven’t spewed in public.

  20. Bill says

    @Randy : maybe ISIS, but not Isis (the ancient Egyptian goddess of health, marriage, and love).

    BTW, there are a couple of translations of the name, and an alternative is ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), which might be preferable so that people don’t get bad associations when Isis is mentioned in Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute.

  21. SteveInDE says

    So this is what being crucified looks like? Wow, all these years, I thought it was really painful and ended in death. I guess we need to rethink making a big deal out of Jesus, if this is all he went through.

  22. Bill says

    @SteveInDE : ending in death depended on who you talked to. See for some eyebrow raisers. One group, the Basilideans believed that Jesus had no physical body and thus could not really be crucified: “Basilides is perhaps best known for his interpretation of the crucifixion. Christ, being incorporeal, could not die. On the way to the crucifixion site at Golgotha, he performed a switch—he turned Simon of Cyrene, who was helping to carry the cross, into a likeness of himself, and vice versa. The Romans, completely fooled, proceeded to crucify the poor Simon. All the while, Jesus stood aside, laughing at the trick.”

    And you thought our Christians are wacky!

  23. STOP WHINNING!!!! says

    Michael Sam said he wants to be judged as an athlete right? Well guess what, you will never be seen as simply an athlete again and you knew this when you decided to announce being gay to the world. Gays seem to think that they are the only one who can voice an opinion. Mr. Dungy should not be criticized for his views anymore than Gay publications should for always putting the “perfect male” image out and sexualizing it. If Michael Sam truly wanted to be “just and athlete” he would have kept his mind on athletics and not Hollywood.

  24. Junior says

    See this is why we gotta combat those who attempt to perpetuate machismo culture and thinking. Even within our own community, there’s members that hail from hyper masculine cultures and attempt to project their fem bashing, anti gay rhetoric on members of our LGBT community. It’s all cut from the same ignorant cloth

  25. Chris T. says

    I love how these creepy bible thumpers like Dungy in one breath complain about the distraction Michael Sam causes, yet Sam is out practicing and living his life, and the creepy Christians are the ones discussing him in the media. Christians are truly delusional!

  26. Jerr says

    Animal abusers and wife beaters are perfectly acceptable by these same guys, but a gay athlete is where they draw the line. Hypocritical BIGOTS

  27. simon says

    Talking about bizarre Jesus sects, the current Christianity also originated from one of the many bizarre Jesus cults. Only after they won the Empire they burned all the books deemed heretic and also a few heretics. The sect you mentioned of course will be dismissed by the Church as heretic. The fact that Jesus never existed is more difficult to dismiss if the evidence came from their Church Father “St. Paul”. Some scholars noticed that in Paul’s letter to the Philippians, there is the Kenosis Hymn which says God gave the Savior the name of “Jesus” only after his death. They pointed out : “That alone is fatal to the historicity of Jesus.”
    According to Paul, Jesus was some one wandering in heaven. He never existed on Earth.

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