1. Mastik8 says

    Zac is just a struggling “entrepreneur” seeking a generous “venture capitalist” a la Lindsey Lohan. Maybe Ms. Rodriguez is the same. In any event they’ve at least generated free publicity for all involved.

  2. Wilberforce says

    The mindless celebrity worship of the gay mainstream is boring.
    Could we find someone who’s truly special to admire, someone kind or smart or competent? No, because that would make us feel inferior. Better to get moist over an ignorant brain and buffed, commonplace body.

  3. Profe Sancho Panza says

    “Older businessman hosting hot young couple on a boat in the Mediterranean” seems like the first reel of a film that does not end well for anyone concerned.

  4. monty says

    This Gianluca guy is giving off bad rich Eurotrash vibes in a major way. He’s been posting clips of his rich, famous young American friends on the web, basking in their glory for some weird, creepy “Day of the Locust” reason..Act your age, signor creepster.

  5. Rick says

    I don’t lust after anyone. I’m too anti-gay to be into other gay men. The only man who ever did it for me was my grandfather, but my selfish shrew of a mother wouldn’t let me perform oral sex on him while he slept. That’s why I hate women.

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