‘Zankie’ Confesses Their Love As ‘Big Brother’ Bromance Heats Up: VIDEO


Is the bromance becoming a showmance? Whatever we call it, the relationship between Big Brother 16 contestants Frankie and Zach (aka ‘Zankie’) continues to heat up with the two almost locking lips and confessing that they are in love with each other. 

BigBrotherDish has the transcript of how things went down on the live feed:

July 25, 12:55pm, Camera 2. HoH Room. Frankie and Zach.

Zach: What up, Frankie?

Frankie jumps into bed to spoon Zach.

Frankie: I'm like falling in love with you a little bit.

Zach: Are you?  I'm in love with you.

Frankie: A little bit.

Zach: I'm in love with you, without a doubt. 

Check out a GIF play-by play of Zankie’s love confession and, as a bonus, watch Frankie give Cody’s butt a deep tissue massage, AFTER THE JUMP…

(GIFs via AllBBUpdates and Zankie)




  1. northalabama says

    frankie is hoh, and since he and zach are so close, i suspect zach will be sleeping in the hoh room. there will be a lot of quality alone time for those two this week. 😉

  2. Puddleglum30@yahoo.com says

    Maybe it’s just the game . . . I don’t know, but Frankie is the last person i would want to fall in love with. I think love is, at most, a one long proposition for Frankie.

  3. Puddleglum30@yahoo.com says

    A one month lobg proposition is what I intended to say of Frankie’s staying power as a lover.

    Also, Zach is unemployed . . . which must be the top ten turn-offs for a gay man . . . someone who does not bring plenty of money to the table.

  4. Mo says

    Zach is everything I love and hate in a straight guy. On the one hand he is confident enough in his sexuality to flirt, kiss and hug Frankie almost every hour of every day. On the other hand I’ve had experience with such boys and usually they are using this flirting to stroke their own egos with a guy because it is “safer” for them than flirting with girls. They don’t fully understand the implications of leading the gay guy on for months and months.

    Having siad that Frankie is 31 (!) so he should know this game by now and overall both guys seem to have the others number. Frankie isn’t as into Zach as he pretends sometimes and Zach has a final 3 deal with two other guys in the house.

  5. scam says

    so i wonder how much more they are getting paid for this little lovefest.. its all for rating…

  6. James in Halifax says

    Meanwhile, in reality, wars are killing innocent people and Ebola is knocking on our door but keep watching this fluff.

  7. SteveInDE says

    I’ve been wondering if Zach knows who Frankie is and is buttering him up to get some showbiz connections.

    On the other hand, Zach is just crazy enough that I don’t think I could see him hatching such a plan.

  8. L G. says

    nothing REAL in reality TV shows any more
    pure fiction for ratings
    find the most unusual “contestants” who are willing to do and make outrageous comments about one another
    Cooking competitions have become bogus … notice that the in between comments often they are not dressed as during the competition and would not know, unless scripted, what will happen DURING the actual so-called competition
    WHEN nothing really is “bad” the moderators will stir controversary

  9. Klien says

    I LOVE these two. Seriously, many are saying they are the best thing of the season

  10. Junior says

    It’s amazing to see how much support their showmance is getting on social media. Everyone genuinely likes them together

  11. Sheero says

    I think they are both adorable, and together it’s really cute to see them flirt, even if Zach is straight

  12. Lyons says

    Frankie is kicking butt in this game. He’s sweeped so many competitions, and always comes out in the top 3 in every competition. His social game is also on point

  13. MICHELLE Atlanta says

    Frankie’s one of only 3 houseguests to not have been put on the block. He also won HOH and is making many alliances. I’m almost thinking we’re going to have two back to back gay Big Brother winners.

  14. ALLURE505 says

    Yeah, it’s shocking to me how much in love younger hetero fans of this show LOVE these two, and are like seriously wanting to see them kiss. My twitter feeds the other night was all about them. I do think both are entertaining and playing decent games

  15. Grover Underwood says

    showmance is a perfect way to describe this; it would be really nice if they were truly falling for each other but I doubt it’s going to happen

  16. KM says

    The level of affection all of the straight guys in the house show Frankie is pretty amazing. Especially since a few of them come from pretty conservative backgrounds. It just really shows that young people from all walks of life are getting more and more comfortable about gay people.

    But the Zankie relationship is adorable. Sure it is a game and things could go horribly wrong. But for now I am enjoying the Zankie show.

  17. Galvestonian says

    You know…it might be real …maybe just ‘maybe’ these guys have staying power and what we’re seeing is something that will last. It might not be just ratings.