Anti-Gay Archbishop John Nienstedt, Accused Of Sex Abuse Cover-Up, Refuses To Resign – VIDEO

John Nienstedt, the Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, has refused to resign despite allegations of sexual misconduct and criticism that he concealed allegations of child sex abuse


John Nienstedt, the Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, has refused to resign despite allegations of sexual misconduct and a cover-up of child sex abuse, reports ABC News.

Last week, Minnesota newspaper the Star Tribune called on Nienstedt – who in the past told the mother of a gay son that she must reject him or risk burning in hell and said Satan is behind gay marriage – to resign.

An allegation that he touched a boy inappropriately in a public setting resulted in no criminal charges. Another involves accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior with seminarians and priests. 

Nienstedt, who claims both allegations are untrue, said that although he was shown memos about problem priests, he didn't fully grasp the scope of the troubles until last year, after Jennifer Haselberger, Nienstedt’s top adviser on church law, resigned last year and publicly accused church leaders of mishandling several cases.

Writing in a column published last week in The Catholic Spirit, Nienstedt publicly addressed the numerous recent calls for him to resign:

"In a sense, you could say that I didn't see the forest through the trees. But when everything started coming out in October, whoa, Nelly, I just wasn't aware that there was the kind of breadth to the whole thing — which surprised me and kind of sickened me.

"I am bound to continue in my office as long as the Holy Father has appointed me here. I have acknowledged my responsibility in the current crisis we face, and I also take responsibility for leading our archdiocese to a new and better day.”

In a statement, The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests said that it is "saddened" that Nienstedt won't resign "but distraught that he continues to deceive."

Watch a report on allegations made against Nienstedt last year, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Michael says

    If indeed, as he himself asserts, he was “shown memos about problem priests, [but] he didn’t fully grasp the scope of the troubles until last year”, then his lack of prudence and judgment is reason enough for him to resign his position. If a person one of whose primary responsibilities is overseeing his clergy and protecting the innocent members of his flock can make that serious an error, his incompetence is manifest and needs no further proof.
    Just sayin’.

  2. bobbyjoe says

    Yeah, you can sure sense how seriously he takes sexual abuse when he throws in a cutesy “whoa, Nelly” when discussing it. And as Michael points out above, we’re supposed to believe the guy– after getting reports of abusive priests– just “didn’t grasp the scope” of what’s probably been the # 1 issue and controversy in the Catholic Church for at least the last decade? Even if that were the only thing he did– and it sure doesn’t sound like it– he should be fired for gross incompetence. But Nienstadt doesn’t just need to resign, he needs to be in jail.

  3. says

    He refuses to resign for covering up child sex-abuse (among other things) while gay people, whose jobs aren’t related to church teachings, are fired for having an adult spouse and happy families. Pretty much sums up the perverse dysfunction within the Catholic hierarchy.

  4. Russ says

    When I see these types of things, I LOL @ people thinking/saying that this Pope is “better” than JP II & Benny.

    He needs to be fired for his actions with the priests & jailed for his cover up of abuse.

    And the bling archbishop of Newark NJ needs to go for spending so much $$ on his retirement home, while closing schools.

    The drunk in SF needs to go for among other things, attending a hate rally in DC.

    When Francis deals with these types of issues, along with the firing of people for actions in their private lives which hurt no one, I’ll believe he’s is a better Pope. Actions speak louder than words

  5. Ullrich says

    Henk Heithuis died in 1958 in his early twenties, tormented for years by the sexual abuse of Catholic priests. After he tried to expose his abusers, he was castrated in a Catholic hospital by a Catholic doctor under the advice of a Catholic psychiatrist to”cure him of his perverse sexuality.” Der Spiegel,May 4th, 2012

    In the Netherlands alone it is estimated that since 1945 between 10,000 and 20,000 children have been sexually abused by Catholic priests enabled by their prelates. Der Spiegel, Dec 17, 2011

  6. Bernie says

    This is so sickening to me that Mr. Nienstedt doesn’t resign on his own nor that he is removed by the church and/or charged through the legal system…. Hiding behind religion is a moral offense that is reprehensible……..

  7. Enablers says

    All parishoners who continue to attend mass and donate money are complicit; as well as those who fail to DEMAND his resignation and prosecution.

  8. PaleGreen says

    I suppose this is what it looks like when a psychopath lives above the law.

    If the Church, the police, and courts won’t address this injustice, I wonder how all these pedophile and pedophile enablers with Church titles would react if victims, their families, and supporters decided to start executing these predators.
    These molesters and their enablers should not be free among people in society. If the competent authorities will not put them behind bars where they belong, then the pedophiles and their enablers need to be destroyed.

    I wonder what would happen if these predatory Church authorities started fearing for their own lives, not because of ‘the gays’, but because their own flock – their own victims and their families finally had e.n.o.u.g.h.!

  9. woody says

    This denial was never in doubt.
    He deliberately initiated the investigation himself to clear his name. It was an internal investigation by the archdiocese of st. paul/minneapolis, which he heads. He ran the investigation of himself. Hmm…

  10. woody says

    Yes, that situation in holland was a nightmare. The catholic church telling parents their sons must be castrated if they were gay. And many were. Disgusting.

  11. anon says

    Rather than admit guilt, the Church defensively argues to itself that it is under assault from longtime enemies and needs to defend itself. Cardinals are essentially medieval princes and expected to be treated as such.

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