Australian MP Books Room In Parliament To Host Anti-Gay Marriage Conference


Australian Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews has booked out the main room of the country’s parliament house so that the anti-gay Australian Families Association (AFA), an organization closely linked to the World Congress of Families (WCF), can hold a conference on “strengthening the family” that “[commemorates] the tenth anniversary of the redefining of marriage as ‘between a man and a woman’ in the 2004 amendment of the Marriage Act,” according to The Guardian:

In past years the organisation has held public events at parliament house. This year’s affair is a private event with all MPs invited to attend. The committee room must be booked by a sitting member. Andrews booked the room for the organisation, but is not attending, a spokeswoman told Guardian Australia.

The AFA conference on Wednesday will hear from a number of speakers on “relationship literacy for youth, strengthening marriages, family-based taxation and the economics of the family”.

The organisation will call for the government to “renew a culture of strong and lasting marriages by educating young people about the benefits of marriage and getting government taxation and support structures right,” the AFA’s national president Terri Kelleher said in a statement 

The affiliated WCF has been struggling to find a venue for its annual conference in Australia having been turned down by four venues in Melbourne


  1. Troye says

    Typical that the more liberal commenters on this sure have no respect for the opposition. And people wonder why the LGBT movement has historically so helpless.

  2. Rick says

    Typical that the more liberal commenters on this sure have no respect for the opposition. And people wonder why the LGBT movement has historically so helpless.

  3. petey says

    Australia is homophobic. Both the conservative and labor parties are anti-gay. Gay people in Australia are really bad activists. They have poor organizational skills.

  4. Johnnybegood says

    Yes, his petticoat but not his intellect. What does his last sentence even mean? Jesus, if there’s one thing I do “hate”, it’s stupid.

  5. ToThePoint says

    They should concern themselves with strengthening their own failing families and let us concern ouselves with our own families -yes, our’s are families, too.

  6. Petey says

    Can you guys tell it’s me Rick when I post hateful things under this name rather than my own? Oh….you can? Shoot. Well, I guess I’ll keep at it.

    I know a thing or two about bad activists. Because I’m a closet case with no pride. I’m the worst kind of activist – a big sissy coward.

  7. Bob says

    Actually, Australia is pretty good for gay people. All the laws have been amended for equality except for marriage. You are protected in housing, on the job, in hospitals etc. We have full access to the family courts and are treated the same as defacto or common-law heterosexuals. A large majority of the population supports same sex marriage, it is just the politicians who are behind really. Our U.S. brothers would be lucky to be where we sit for the most part.

  8. Bob says

    That said, I think its disgusting that my taxes will support this idiot mob by providing a locatio for their meeting. This is an issue the current government is wayout of touch on, one of many really

  9. Jeremy says

    Australians do not vote for the Prime Minister. The political party itself is what is voted on. The party in power votes on who will be the Prime Minister. This is how Kevin Rudd took the position of PM from Julia Gillard (after she ousted him previously). Shortly after this, the Labor Party lost the federal election. The members of the winning party are the ones who appointed Abbot as PM.

  10. David Jarretrt says

    Mike Ryan hits it right on the head. Australian taxpayers, including gays, built the Parliament house. Now they have to foot the bill to host this nut-case, christian. anti-gay group of a#sholes, which no one else in Australia agreed to host. Isn’t government, the State, wonderful?

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