Mills College Becomes First All-Women’s School to Welcome Transgender Students

Yesterday, Mills College in Oakland, California, became the first all-women’s college in the U.S. to openly welcome transgender and gender nonconforming students

Mills hall

Yesterday, Mills College in Oakland, California, became the first all-women’s college in the U.S. to openly welcome transgender and gender nonconforming students, reports Think Progress.

Last December, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill providing unprecedented protections for transgender students in the state.

Mills College is one of 119 single-sex universities across the U.S., 48 of which are women’s colleges.

According to Brian O’Rourke, vice president of enrollment and admissions, about three to five of the college’s 1,000 undergraduates identify as transgender or gender non-conforming every year.

The new policy allows for numerous ways to accommodate transgender students while still maintaining an identity as a women’s college:

  • The college welcome any student who self-identifies as a woman, regardless of what sex she was assigned at birth.

  • Applicants “who do not fit into the gender binary” are welcome provided they were assigned “female” at birth.

  • Female students who enroll but later identify as a man may stay and graduate.

  • The policy does not apply to undergraduate students who were assigned “female” at birth but who already legally identify as a man.

Last month we reported that George Fox University in Oregon and The California Baptist University continue to legally discriminate against transgender students.  Under exemptions, George Fox University can legally discriminate against a transgender student who identifies as a man and was refused permission to reside in housing for male students.  In The California Baptist University case, a scholarship student was expelled by the university on the basis of “fraud” after she appeared on a reality television program to discuss her transgender identity.


  1. MaryM says

    So Synthia China Blast will be welcomed here if she decides to attend.

    She is the pre-op, self-identified trans prisoner that Laverne Cox recently campaigned to have transferred to a female jail. Ms Blast is in jail for the rape and murder of a 13 year old girl and is currently dating the Zodiac Killer while in the men’s penitentiary.

    Towleroad did not report this story.

    Why not?

    Surely with trans agenda of this site the fact that big and studly Laverne Cox is campaigning to free into society a paedo, trans rapist is newsworthy?

  2. Thedrdonna says

    MaryM, of course, distorts and ignores: distorts the fact that Ms. Cox made one video reading a letter from Blast, which hardly qualifies as a “campaign”, and ignores that when Ms. Cox found out about Blast’s crimes, she immediately distanced herself and asked that the video she made be taken down by the SRLP. Also ignored is the fact that Blast will hardly be attending a college while incarcerated, which is unlikely to change in the near future. But hey, truth and accuracy have never been a strong part of MaryM’s diatribes, why should she change now?

  3. MaryM says

    I’m not passionate about trannies Crispy.

    I just find it annoying that a gay website devotes so much time to a community – the T community – which has nothing to do with the LGB community.

    And if burly Laverne Cox is campaigning to have rapists and murderers released from prison I am curious as to why Towleroad is not reporting on it.

  4. MaryM says

    Cox made a video reading a letter by a jailed tranny rapist? That does not amount to a campaign OK. But the very fact that she didn’t bother even checking Blast’s background speaks volumes about Cox’s agenda.

    Even more worrying is the involvement of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project – this trans group WAS fully aware of the dangers that women would be facing if this rapist was transferred to a women’s prison but didn’t care?

    The misogyny of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project is utterly despicable.

  5. says

    Oh, MaryM: You keeping insisting that Towleroad take the T out of LGBT, never mind that you personally seem obsessed by the T, but then you expect Towleroad to put the T back in when you snap your claws … But they aren’t paying attention to you.

    Always amazing that the people who profess to care the least about trans issues (I’m not passionate, I’m not, I tell you I’m not!!!!) are chock full of links to salacious trans stories, as if they spend their days seeking them out.

  6. JMC says

    Mary you are team too much, no ones’s biting today lol

    This seems like a great, fully thought out school policy. I hope more schools follow their lead and create policy text as extensive as this one when they do.

  7. BRUNO says

    A gay revolution is going on in africa, gay africans are coming out to fight and die for their rights, where are the trannies, when all the work is done that’s when they (trannies) will start coming out, pls remove the T from LGBT.

  8. Tyler says

    Bruno/MaryM (AKA Rick): dehumanizing Trans people by bringing up extreme examples of Trans people who do bad things and calling all Trans people “trannies” will not make you any manlier or win you any favors from anyone.

    I get that you hate Trans people, Rick. You hate gay people, minorities and women as well. You’re just a slimy ball of crazy that no person would touch with a 30 foot pole. You’re a sorry excuse for a human being and a big troll.

  9. Phil says

    The real winner in this story is the psychiatrist who works in the Student Health office. Now that transgenders are going to enroll, he will be guaranteed a steady flow of work. Depression, rage issues, impulse control, suicide, substance abuse – it’s all coming to Mills College. Oh, and there will be the women – the real women – who inevitably will be traumatized when they get their first experience with malicious, abusive transgenders. That doc will be working overtime!

  10. Davis says

    I’m not a big MaryM fan. Her posts attacking Israel were truly offensive. But on the LGBT thing, she is spot on. LGBT is a false construct. I think it is has really harmed LGB youth to be told that by virtue of being gay they are not really boys and girls. I have nothing against transgenders but I won’t support lies or harm LGB youth just to satisfy some ideological fiction.

    We need to end LGBT and that means not just commenting on blogs. It means we need to let the transjacked organizations know that they will get no support from us unless and until the affirm their LGB identity. In the meantime, we can support those groups that are expressly LGB or which in practice focus on LGB issues.

  11. says

    @Davis: You may think the T in LGBT harms youths, but LGB youths and allies feel otherwise. They not only don’t object to it, they expect and demand the inclusion. Of course you’re free to support or not support any org’s you wish, but don’t expect youths to drop the T or share narrow gender views. It’s not going to happen.

  12. Sharon says

    Can’t wait for the new tranny students to start lecturing the women of Mills College that they are not allowed to say “vagina” anymore. Didn’t you guys hear? New trans activist rule is that “vagina” is a transphobic word. We have to say “front hole” now.

    Hopefully, the very first time the tranny tries to talk to them about their vaginas, the women will give it a slap across the face and sue it for sexual harassment.

  13. Tyler says

    Phil, I already established you’re Rick on a different thread today. So I’m not even going to bother doing it again. You’re obviously the same troll and are pathetic.

    Notice that Rick and his aliases are the only people ever calling for an LGB secession from the T’s in our movement? It’s so painfully obvious he hates trans people and he’s pretending there is an army of willing LGB bigots to give this stance credibility. Except hatred and bigotry are never credible.

  14. Tyler says

    Sharon, Phil, Davis, Bruno, MaryM

    That’s 5 aliases Rick is using to post essentially the same comment over and over in this thread.

    Talk about mentally deranged. Rick is a psycho.

  15. Davis says


    Sorry but you are wrong. I work with young people every day. About 45% of the youth with whom I work are LGB and about 15% are trans. They do not identify as LGBT. All of these youth need to be affirmed in their identity as it actually exists, not as certain activists would like it to be.

    BTW, this is not just about the LGB youth. The T youth also express frustration that they are seen as not really trans but as a kind of gender nonconforming homosexual. For example, a heterosexual-identified trans girl recently shared how hard it is to be constantly thought of as an effeminate gay male. LGBT contributes to that, linking that transgirl at the level of identity to homosexuality and suggesting that she is not quite a girl who likes boys, but really at some level a gay boy who is girlish.

    LGBT harms youth. It is up to you whether you want to hear their voices or whether you want to spout your slogans and stick to your ideological guns regardless of the consequences.

  16. says

    I call your bluff, “Davis” – now’s the part where you show us all who you are and what work you do, so you can prove you’re not the figment of this site’s worthless troll’s imagination. which you actually are.
    i do actual outreach with LGBT youth. so i can attest that way you say is the delusional ramblings of a closeted-adult who exists to Anonymously Hate online. I dare you to prove me wrong – show us all what you do, specifically, and who you are.

    won’t happen. we know who you are. and you’re pathetic.

    kudos to Mills College for being the right side of history.

  17. MaryM says

    Tyler – stop trolling. Many LGB people are upset by ‘LGBT’. The T community has a different (and usually homophobic and misogynistic) agenda to the LGB agenda.

  18. says

    @Davis: I’ve heard youth voices; they’re not saying what you’re saying. (A young person would certainly never use the term “gender nonconforming homosexual.”) And no one says anyone has to identify as LGBT to support LGBT rights and commonalities. It’s also hard to imagine that someone who uses terms like “transgenders” and “transjacked” and wants to strip funding from org’s that are trans-inclusive would be the best person to work with transgender youths.

  19. TheOtherOne says

    “Notice that Rick and his aliases are the only people ever calling for an LGB secession from the T’s in our movement?”

    By no means do I want to feed the transphobic troll, but in all honesty, I do have gay friends including so called radical faeries who feel that the T’s are “stepping on our dress,” and make the point that our struggles and experiences are simply not all the same. I’ve seen some of what they protest but I’ve also seen the opposite. I suppose it’s a matter of scope of focus, ultimately, and issues proximate to one’s personal sense of identity. We should all be able to agree at least that oppression and bigotry are the real enemies.

    Oh, and trolls. Trolls suck, and not it a good way.

  20. Randy says

    The sexism and anti-trans hate continues: “The policy does not apply to undergraduate students who were assigned “female” at birth but who already legally identify as a man.”

    So, choose: education or transition.

    Why is sex-segregated education even legal?
    It’s disgraceful.

  21. JMC says

    Randy, how is it anti-trans to bar trans men from a womens college? If anything it’s transphobic to suggest trans men should be allowed to attend such an institution.

    Also, who in this situation is choosing between education and transition? Trans men who enroll before they transition are welcome to stay at the school and graduate and last time I checked there are plenty of colleges that accept men lol

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